2013-08-16 New WikiLeaks Insurance Files

The WikiLeaks Twitter feed is announcing three new insurance files for a total of 400 GB of storage space. No indication is given as to the files' contents.

2013-08-16 Statements by Snowden, Assange

Edward Snowden has issued a statement to the Huffington Post regarding confusion about his current situation, and Julian Assange has spoken with Australia's The Age in the same vein.

2013-08-14 WikiLeaks Response to Manning Statement

Today Bradley Manning reportedly made a statement of remorse in a sentencing hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland. Manning's statement comes towards the end of a court martial trial pursued with unprecedented prosecutorial zeal.

2013-08-12 Announcing the Snowden Defence Fund

Edward Snowden has been selected as the first source to be aided by the new Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund. The JSPDF is administered by Derek Rothera & Company Charted Accountants of the United Kingdom. Details of how you can donate follow.

2013-08-10 Statement from Julian Assange in response to President Obama's plans to reform America's global surveillance program

On Friday 9 August 2013, US President Barack Obama addressed the world through a live feed at the White House website. Several topics were discussed, but the main topic - the obvious reason for the address - was of course the revelations about illegal NSA surveillance programmes. Today Julian Assange responds.

2013-08-03 Sunday in DC: Cornel West, Chris Hedges to answer questions on WikiLeaks whistleblower verdict

When: Sunday, August 4, 2013 from 3 to 5:30pm
Where: Friends Meeting House of DC, 2111 Florida Ave, NW, Washington DC (Enter via Phelps Street gate)

2013-08-03 Sunday in DC: Cornel West, Chris Hedges to speak out for Manning

When: Sunday, August 4, 2013 from 3 to 5:30pm

Where: Friends Meeting House of DC
2111 Florida Ave, NW, Washington DC

2013-08-02 Gena Mason 29 November 1972 - 28 June 2013

Gena Virginia Mason passed away 28 June 2013 in Basildon England. Gena was one of WL Central's most prolific writers and arguably one of the very best on the web. Her work has long since been acknowledged for its oftentimes sheer brilliance.

Staff at WLC share in the sorrow of her passing.

2013-08-01 WikiLeaks Statement on Snowden's Successful Russian Asylum Bid

1 August 2013, 16:00 UTC

Today, Thursday 1st August at 15:50 MSK, Edward Snowden was granted temporary asylum in Russia. He left Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow with WikiLeaks staffer and legal advisor Sarah Harrison who has accompanied him during his 39 day stay in the transit zone and continues to do so. Ms Harrison has remained with Mr Snowden at all times to protect his safety and security, including during his exit from Hong Kong. They departed from the airport together in a taxi and are headed to a secure, confidential place.

2013-08-01 Snowden leaves airport

MOSCOW - Edward Snowden has left the airport in Moscow, according to the WikiLeaks Twitter feed.

2013-07-30 Tonight: emergency protest for Bradley Manning in DC

Where: Dupont Circle, Washington DC, then march to White House
When: 8:30pm ET

2013-07-30 Manning verdict

FT MEADE - Judge Denise Lind today returned the verdict in the trial of Bradley Manning. Manning is found not guilty of aiding the enemy, but is found guilty on 19 counts, four of which were his lesser included pleas. He still could face more than 100 years in jail.

2013-07-30 European parliamentarians call for Manning's freedom

Seventeen members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have written a letter calling on US President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to free whistleblower Army Pfc Bradley Manning. The MEPs laud Manning for exposing "evidence of human rights abuses and apparent war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan" in accordance with international law.

2013-07-30 Manning judge alters charges to assist govt ahead of verdict

In an ominous sign for Army whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning, military judge Col. Denise Lind altered important charges last week in order to assist prosecutors ahead of her verdict, which is expected tomorrow at 1 PM ET. Defense attorney David Coombs explained, "The Government has pushed this case beyond the bounds of legal propriety. If the Government meant 'information', it should have charged information." Up until last week, Manning was charged with stealing entire databases. The defense has no way to defend Manning against these new charges after the fact.

2013-07-30 Bradley Manning Verdict Today 18:00 UTC

What: Military Judge Col. Denise Lind to read verdicts on 21 charges against US Army WikiLeaks whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning
When: July 30, 2013 at 1 PM ET (credentialed media arrive approx 11 AM)
Where: Ft Meade, Maryland, enter at intersection of Reece Rd and MD 175 (Annapolis Road)

2013-07-30 Jonathan Cook reviews "We Steal Secrets"

Alex Gibney's film "We Steal Secrets" has been derided from the beginning and it met with disastrous results at the box office in the US. Gibney's attempt to market the film to an international audience fared no better.

But criticism of Gibney's film has heretofore concentrated on enumerating the bewildering number of instances of Gibney's sloppy research.

Now Jonathan Cook, the award-winning reporter who once exposed the hidden agenda of the Guardian, writes for Counterpunch, where he takes things a step further and accuses Gibney outright of deliberately misleading the public.

2013-07-28 DC: Protesters demand Buchanan free Manning

On Friday afternoon demonstrators marched and blocked the gates of Ft McNair in Washington DC at the office of Maj Gen Jeffrey S Buchanan, Convening Authority for whistleblower Bradley Manning's trial. They carried a large painted version of the van from the Collateral Murder video, a 60-foot US Constitution bearing a "classified" stamp, and both balloons and a 20-foot banner inscribed with the message "Maj Gen Buchanan, Do the Right Thing, Free Bradley Manning".

2013-07-26 Free Barrett Brown: The right to link

Welcome to the age where copying and pasting a link can land you in jail. In a case that threatens the future of information sharing and journalism, Barrett Brown is facing up to 105 years in prison for sharing a link from one chatroom to another in the course of research he was doing as a journalist.

2013-07-25 July 26: DC rally to confront Bradley Manning's Convening Authority

Bradley Manning Support Network

ADVISORY FOR: July 26, 2013

Contact: Mike McKee, 215-888-1570

July 26: DC rally to confront Bradley Manning's Convening Authority

What: demonstration at Ft. McNair, base of Convening Authority Maj. Gen. Buchanan
When: Friday, July 26, 3-5:30 PM
Where: Event starts at 4th St and P St SW, near the Waterfront metro, Washington DC

2013-07-23 July 27: Global actions for Bradley Manning as verdict looms

Bradley Manning Support Network

ADVISORY FOR: July 27, 2013

Contact: Emma Cape, emma@bradleymanning.org

July 27: Global actions for Bradley Manning as verdict looms

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