2013-08-02 Gena Mason 29 November 1972 - 28 June 2013

Gena Virginia Mason passed away 28 June 2013 in Basildon England. Gena was one of WL Central's most prolific writers and arguably one of the very best on the web. Her work has long since been acknowledged for its oftentimes sheer brilliance.

Staff at WLC share in the sorrow of her passing.

Gena's writing had an intentional cadence brought on by her musical background, always structuring rhythm and metre in her prose. Her due diligence in researching her subjects was unparalleled. Reading her writing was sheer joy, the way reading is supposed to be.

Gena was an impeccable team worker at WLC, always inspiring by good example.

Gena is survived by her parents; by her grandmother Franceda; by her brothers Harold and Eugene; by her nieces Tonica, Teena, and Liliana; by her nephew Harold; and by her myriad admirers and friends, not the least of which are at this site.

Services were held at Crown Hill Funeral Home in Indiana on 20 July.

It's impossible to praise Gena too highly. She was much loved by those who knew her personally and admired by those who partook of her talents.

Gena's masterpiece for WLC is here. Pay special attention to 'A Generation's Manifesto'.

Following is a complete list of Gena's work for WLC.

2011-09-03 New York City Police Department's secret CIA force targeted minorities
2011-09-09 Grifters of 'Al Saud, Inc.': How Saudi royals get their wealth
2011-09-11 Image concerns prompted Bush administration to let terrorists go free
2011-09-16 U.S. PSYOP programs expand on a global scale
2011-09-26 Alleged terrorist financier escaped U.S. sanction
2011-10-02 After high-profile killings, secret U.S. assassination squad emerges from the shadows
2011-10-07 The Occupied Wall Street Journal
2011-10-15 The Economics of Occupy Wall Street, Part I: The Glass-Steagall Act
2011-10-29 The Economics of Occupy Wall Street, Part II: Citizens United v. FEC
2011-11-12 Rendering Assange: Hillary Clinton's revenge?
2011-12-03 The CIA and Mossad: a murderous alliance
2012-01-01 Cultivating coercion: Occupy 2012
2012-02-01 The Assange Extradition Hearing: Day 1
2012-02-03 The Assange Extradition Hearing: Day 2
2012-02-11 Food vs. Fertility, Part I: Bisphenol A (BPA)
2012-03-18 The word as virus: Myth-making in the syndication age
2012-05-21 The U.S. military's post-Manning monitoring: Where does it end?
2012-05-23 "The World Tomorrow": "High quality" pirate programming to fight the rising propaganda wave?
2012-05-28 The fire this time: The martyring of Julian Assange
2012-06-01 The hidden, human cost of the EAW
2012-06-17 A Brief History of Swedish Sex: The rise and fall of "Swedish Sin"
2012-06-28 Correa in the catbird seat
2012-06-29 What #JA41 means to me (GMason)
2012-11-23 Rafael Correa's New South America
2012-11-26 "Cypherpunks", the new title by Julian Assange, published today by OR Books
2012-11-26 Assange to give keynote speech at Hanover Internet conference
2012-12-05 Assange to meet with French Left Party politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon
2012-12-05 WikiLeaks documentary to premiere at Sundance film festival
2012-12-07 Ecuador's President Correa wins freedom of expression award
2012-12-10 Now on DVD: "The WikiLeaks Tapes"
2012-12-10 President Correa of Ecuador says asylum possible for Syria's President Assad
2012-12-12 Assange confirms Senate run, announces formation of WikiLeaks Party
2012-12-14 Julian Assange to give Christmas speech from Ecuador's London embassy
2012-12-19 The people of the Freedom of the Press Foundation: Profiles
2012-12-22 Swedish military reportedly shuts down pro-WikiLeaks transparency websites
2012-12-24 Several WikiLeaks movies in production, more planned
2012-12-26 More pro-WikiLeaks Swedish organizations financially blockaded, shut down
2012-12-28 Assange leads in online vote for Pericles Prize
2012-12-28 Julian Assange essay wins "Russian Pioneer" Magazine's Grand Prix

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