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WL Central was launched 17 November 2010, coincidentally the day before the first court ruling in Sweden that led to the European Arrest Warrant that still holds WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hostage.

From the beginning, the objective of WL Central has been to 'fight the smear' through accurate factual reporting, always using the 'scientific approach'.

If the Internet and the 'world wide web' are the greatest cultural watersheds in human civilisation since the printing press, then WikiLeaks is their single greatest manifestation. Through WikiLeaks and through social media, people are finally sharing truth and information instead of getting it handed down to them from on high.

The powers that be, whether in governments or private companies or the old mainstream media, are naturally unhappy with this development, and it's already patently clear they will fight this inevitable transformation with everything they have, which includes smearing and distorting the truth.

That's where WL Central comes in. And that's where you come in.

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