Support WikiLeaks

1. Please support WikiLeaks

If you can, please consider supporting WikiLeaks financially. As an organization funded entirely via individual donations, WikiLeaks needs your and our help to continue its work, as well as to fend off legal and security threats. Even the smallest amount contributes to the greater good.

WikiLeaks can accept donations in a number of ways today. Please see the official WikiLeaks website for details.

2. Other ways to help

Non-financial support is just as important. If you value the work of WikiLeaks, you can make a difference in many ways:

  • Spread the word! Talk with your friends and family, your community members and representatives. While many people still don't know what WikiLeaks does, there has also been much erroneous (and in many cases ill-intended) information spread about WikiLeaks - you can help correct that.
  • Speak up! From writing your own blog to commenting on media articles, to sharing links and videos you find interesting or writing to your elected representatives, you can find a way to make yourself heard.
  • Organize or participate in a demonstration in support of WikiLeaks! Here is our Events and protests page.
  • Sign petitions and participate in WikiLeaks and free speech campaigns! Please see our Campaigns and petitions page.
  • Show your support! Please see Resources under Events and Protests for artwork, posters, speeches, statements, and rallies to attend, or come up with your own ideas!
  • 3. Follow WikiLeaks on Twitter and Facebook

    Twitter feed: @wikileaks
    Facebook page:

    WL Central on Twitter: @wl_central

    4. Download and share the WikiLeaks insurance file

    BitTorrent download: click here
    You will need a BitTorrent client to download this file, such as µTorrent

    RESOURCES: Are you organizing a rally?

    Protest organizers might find these resources useful:

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