Press Archive

WL Central began coverage of WikiLeaks in mid-November 2010. This leaves four years of WikiLeaks history, in the news and on the web, prior to the inception of WL Central. The WikiLeaks Press Archive is intended to serve as a compendium of important, interesting, or historical WikiLeaks coverage in other publications since 2006.

Coverage is listed on a by-month basis. Because WikiLeaks became subject to intense media scrutiny in April 2010, the Press Archive contains more entries in the months following this date.

Some of the coverage here is on controversial pieces by traditional transparency advocates, and their criticism of WikiLeaks. The collection is to serve as a portal, through which readers can familiarise with the debate about WikiLeaks as it emerged daily. This archive cannot substitute an in-depth reading. Much can be learned from reading the comments on these articles, and following the links there. In many ways, the history of WikiLeaks is written in comment streams and on Twitter, and emblazoned across the web. A comprehensive reconstruction is impossible. Readers are therefore encouraged to construct their own narrative, and to arrive at their own informed conclusion.

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