2013-07-23 July 27: Global actions for Bradley Manning as verdict looms

Bradley Manning Support Network

ADVISORY FOR: July 27, 2013

Contact: Emma Cape, emma@bradleymanning.org

July 27: Global actions for Bradley Manning as verdict looms

Activists in more than 30 cities across the United States and the world will demonstrate their support for U.S. Army whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning on July 27, 2013, calling on Convening Authority Major General Buchanan to exercise his right to reduce Manning's sentence if convicted. Events will be held in major U.S. cities, across the UK and as far as Australia. Actions include theater, banner drops, flash mobs and demonstrations in front of U.S. embassies.

The international action, coordinated by the Bradley Manning Support Network, will come a day after a July 26 demonstration from 3-5:30 PM at Ft. McNair ( https://orders.bradleymanning.org/support_events/protest-in-front-of-maj... ) (4th St and P St. SW, near the Waterfront metro, Washington D.C.), where Convening Authority Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan himself is based.

Manning currently faces a potential life sentence for passing hundreds of thousands of documents to the website WikiLeaks in hopes of spurring "debates, discussion and reforms" concerning U.S. foreign policy. Manning's releases through WikiLeaks uncovered thousands of previously uncounted civilian casualties in Iraq, the U.S.'s lobbying against the minimum wage in Haiti, and a directive from U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton to spy on U.N. officials, among hundreds of other revelations.

Closing arguments for the guilt vs. innocence phase of Manning's trial will take place this Thursday, July 25. Judge Col. Denise Lind is expected to take the weekend deliberating on her verdict, with the sentencing phase of the trial expected to begin on July 31st.

Manning took responsibility for the releases in court on February 28, 2013, in a guilty plea to ten lesser offenses that could have put him in prison for up to twenty years. But the military is aggressively persecuting him in order to silence future dissent and sent a message against whistleblowing. Meanwhile, many people worldwide look to Manning as a hero for transparency and democracy; he is the 2013 winner of peace prizes from both the International Peace Bureau and the US Peace Memorial Foundation, and over 20 big name celebrities recently released a video ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwbhanauseesanauewaray/click.php ) that has garnered 500K views on youtube, calling for Bradley Manning's freedom.

Events registered at www.bradleymanning.org:

Los Angeles, CA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwbwagauseesatauewaday/click.php )

Solidarity Rally

Detroit, MI ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwbqavauseesaoauewagay/click.php )

Bradley Manning Solidarity Rally

St. Louis, MI ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwbyazauseesagauewaday/click.php )

Bradley Manning Support Rally

Helena, MT ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhsaoauseesakauewapay/click.php )

Justice for Bradley Manning

Horsham, PA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhuanauseesarauewatay/click.php )

Support gay whistle-blower Bradley Manning

Berkeley, CA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwheaiauseesakauewaiay/click.php )

We Are All Bradley Manning

Tampa Bay, FL ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwbyazauseesagauewaday/click.php )

Flashmobs for Bradley!

Chicago, IL ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhmavauseesacauewacay/click.php )

Free Bradley Manning

Phoenix, AZ ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhjaiauseesarauewatay/click.php )

Phoenix rally to stand with Bradley Manning

New Orleans, LA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhbaoauseesanauewacay/click.php )

Free Bradley Manning (French Market)

Portland, ME ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhhagauseesatauewavay/click.php )

Support Bradley Manning Rally

San Francisco ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhwakauseesarauewatay/click.php )

We Are Bradley Manning Bay Area Benefit Show

San Francisco ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhqaoauseesaxauewanay/click.php )

Free Bradley Manning Flash Mob

Seattle, WA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwhyalauseesapauewaday/click.php )

Take action for Bradley

Fort Leavenworth, KS ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwsavauseesaoauewapay/click.php )

Ft. Leavenworth July 27th Solidarity Rally

New York City, NY ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwuaoauseesarauewagay/click.php )

#FreeBrad Support Event in Central Park

Boston, MA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwweaaauseesacauewatay/click.php )

Solidarity with Bradley Manning Stand Out

Seattle, WA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwmanauseesaxauewaray/click.php )

Take action for Bradley!

The Hague, Netherlands ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwjavauseesaoauewanay/click.php )

March for Bradley Manning

Paris, France ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwbazauseesarauewatay/click.php )

Anti-War Vigil for Bradley Manning

Brussels, Belgium ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwhagauseesavauewacay/click.php )

March for Bradley Manning

Berlin, Germany ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwwacauseesacauewaaay/click.php )

#PRISM #TEMPORA #INDECT Solidarität mit Edward #Snowden Bradley #Manning #freebrad #wikileaks

Minneapolis, MN ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwqatauseesarauewakay/click.php )

July 27th Solidarity Rally for Bradley Manning

Oklahoma City, OK ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwwyaiauseesavauewaxay/click.php )

Rally and Vigil to Honor Truthteller Bradley Manning

Berkeley, CA ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqsadauseesacauewapay/click.php )

Join CODEPINK Women for Peace to say "Free Bradley"

Vancouver, BC ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwquapauseesadauewaray/click.php )

Rally and banner drop. (pdf poster)

Toronto, ON ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqeanauseesaoauewazay/click.php )

Toronto Believes in Bradley Manning and Peace!

London, UK ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqmadauseesakauewafay/click.php )

Peaceful vigil in front of the Amnesty International Secretariat office

London, UK ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqjaaauseesafauewafay/click.php )

International Day of Action for Bradley

London, UK ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqbaiauseesaxauewaiay/click.php )

Vigil at St Martin in the Fields, London

Peterborough, UK ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqhacauseesaaauewaiay/click.php )

Standout in Solidarity

Seoul, South Korea ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqwanauseesakauewazay/click.php )

1 person protest in front of the US Embassy in Seoul

Haverfordwest, UK ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqqadauseesagauewapay/click.php )

Join us in Wales to stand in solidarity with Bradley!

Perth, Australia ( http://t.ymlp270.net/hwqyazauseesanauewacay/click.php )

Education and Awareness-Whistleblowers

The Bradley Manning Support Network is responsible for 100% of Manning's legal fees, as well as international education efforts. Funded by 21,000 individuals, the Support Network has mustered $1.3 million in Manning's defense.

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