2010-08: Tweets in Aug 10

WikiLeaks speaker detained on entering US vote no:

It is time the US stopped harassing our MIT supporters

FBI stomps around UK raiding alleged whistleblower's mother VOTE NO:

Military airstrike video leak suspect in solitary confinement VOTE NO:

Secrets of the UK Killing Squad (WL/Sunday Times)

Detained WikiLeaks volunteer speaks on War Diaries

WikiLeaks supporters turn down military bribes

ISI spy chief cancels UK trip after our disclosures

"You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. "

Pakistan's UN Ambassador on Afghan leaks (video)

WikiLeaks and the Media (video)

FBI informant in Manning case interviewed by BBC

Assassinations: New US policy in Afghanistan. Euphemisms: Old policy in New York Times

Independent: Afghanistan is unsustainable

Pakistan is the true enemy | Telegraph

Why the world needs WikiLeaks!

US bribed "independent" Afghan media to covertly air Army content

Iranians report that Iran has blocked WikiLeaks submissions again. This discredits Iran.

The relationship between Whistleblowing and censorship | Guardian

Talibahn using Australian weapons | SMH assist:

Journalism is already dead. How the Times framed WikiLeaks (discussion)

Hilarious WikiLeaks rap gets it right. Is comedy the only honest commentary?

WikiLeaks is still trend#1 on Google. The world has spoken. Afghanistan is important.

At long last, you can Flattr Wikileaks!

US forces must remember than shooting the Taliban is shooting the Afghan people

Dutch become 1st NATO member to quit Afghanistan

Behind the WikiLeaks scoop | Guardian

New data on the Nangar Khel massacre

WikiLeaks and the Brit lies in Ireland | Guardian

Legal bid against UK after Afghan leak | AFP

Afghan defense minister: "It is good now that everyone knows about it." | AFP

The sooner NATO leaves, the better | Toronto Star

The huge scale of Pakistan's complicity | Globe and mail

More on WikiLeaks airport detainment. SAY NO

Free speech isn't free! Keep WikiLeaks strong!

WaPo calls for kidnapping on EU soil to destroy WikiLeaks STOP THEM:

Former Bush speech writer calls for destruction of free speech laws to better destroy WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks as World Asset | Huffpost

Moscow media play up US leaks while ignoring Russian ones | Georgian Voice

RT: @ Will President Obama stop WikiLeaks -- or sit back and do nothing?

Rules to curb civilian casualties lead to fewer attacks on US troops | Tribune

Mass spying on US-250Mil IPs: Project Vigilant | Salon

Should the US kidnap WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? | Time Vote no:

When is it right to leak "national security" secrets?

Theissen is a torture advocate, but in TIME jargon, he's just a "harsh interrogation booster"

"All governments are in a continuum of tyranny" | Indy

Wikileaks in an obedience culture | PowerOfNarrative

Hundreds protest bombing in Kabul | VOA

Intel Congressman calls for Bradley Manning to be executed stop him:

Julian Assange on whitehouse spin, spying | Democracy Now

WikiLeaks in Baghdad | Nation

WikiLeaks *tripled* total war coverage last week. | Pew

Reality vs. perception: US citizens under 50 years approve of disclosing classified war docs | Pew

Should America destroy WikiLeaks like any other national security threat? NO

Now 62% in US say war in Afghanistan going badly or very badly.

Congressman: Execute WikiLeaks leaker disagree?

US senators try to gut shield bill; great! All the more leaks for us and Iceland

Whitehouse claims we did not contact them asking for War Diary vetting. NYTimes says they passed on EXACTLY this message.

We asked Whitehouse to help "on the identification of innocents for this material if it is willing to provide reviewers".

Eric Margolis on the ISI (video) | RNN

Congressman demands execution for Collateral Murder video release

Support for Obama's war policies drops from 48% to 36% | NYDailyNews

Broadcasting Board decides Voice of America can persue WikiLeaks documents afterall | WaPo

Media connect MIT to WikiLeaks probe | MIT

US vetrans say Pentagon spin on WikiLeaks aims to cloud real issues | VetransToday

Rolling Stone writer denied embed permission | MilitaryTimes

US source protection bill amended to exclude WikiLeaks | Journalism

We need to talk to the Taliban | Independent

US$1 trillion wasted on wars | Japan Times

Leaked reports confirm missile launches against ISAF aircraft | Jane's

Defense Fund Established for Bradley Manning

Ibrahim: Don't let anyone fool you that the WikiLeaks affair is not important | Huffpost

New journalistic search interface for Afghan War Diary

It is up to YOU. NYT read less than 1% of War Diary. post findings to

Afghan kids killed by Canadian military

How WikiLeaks is changing the World--but note the photo caption | NYMag

Example report: US drops 500lb bomb on woman and 7 children.

Software for the exploring the Afghan War Diary : Help build it. Media companies won't.

An Information War Targeting WikiLeaks | Harpers

US Army missile report copied wholesale from WikiPedia

Charging WikiLeaks Whistleblower with Treason would be Absurb

CBC Afgan War Diary search

Hundreds of hidden protest fatalities in Afghan War Diary

Afghan War Diary: Child amputees

Ellsbwerg: "I have been waiting for this for a long time" | CNN

Local Nationals. zO_od: @ What does the "LNs" stand for?

What we didn't hear from the Pentagon last week: "killing all those innocent people is bad. Sorry. We will stop that"

Obnoxious Pentagon spokesperson issues formal threat against WikiLeaks: Destroy everything, or else

Now is a good time to send WikiLeaks all your money!

Don't be fooled by Pentagon rhetorical tricks ("direct"). Listen carefully. We asked WH for reviewers via agreed intermediary.

Pentagon rhetorical tricks fooling reporters all over. e.g no 'direct' contact.All 4 groups agreed to use NYT as relay.

Pentagon: return our "stolen" docs, or else Support us now:

We are examining the Pentagon's "request" and will issue a statement in due course.

FOX: WikiLeaks v. the Pentagon (video)

NATO acknowledges civilian deaths in Afghan clash | AP

Yes, Afghanistan is Vietnam | Diplomat

WikiLeaks v. the Pentagon: Phony finger pointing | CBS

US Apache slays journalists, rescuers (an example of what the Pentagon demands we destroy)

Afghan War Diary now includes automatic acronym expansion. Help us compile a full list

Extraordinary map interface to Afghan War Diary by Danish Newspaper

"The boot must be kept on the throat of extremism." NYTimes OP ED irony fail.

WikiLeaks comic from Bors

Fidel Castro on WikiLeaks

US military ordered to avoid WikiLeaks

The article currently being spun about WikiLeaks source protection legalities is false.

A few quotes in this article are untrue or misleading: ; it is not endorsed.

WikiLeaks v. Pentagon (video satire)

AP is publishing a correction to misquoted article within the hour.

What to do about WikiLeaks? Not much can be done | AP

We have over 100,000 twitter followers now. Welcome!

US military's ORSA exposed in today's Berlin FAZ. On the web, Monday.

FOX roundtable on WikiLeaks: Tobacco:

And yet more Tobacco:

Pakinstan-India-Afghanistan-WikiLeaks | The Hindu

WikiLeaks Afghan Papers see Obama poll record low | Townhall

Karl Rove wants WikiLeaks editor-in-chief 'Hunted Down and Grabbed' | FOX

Wikipedia: Afghan War Diary

Visualising Afganistan casualties

More visualisations of the Afghan War Diary

WikiLeaks v. Pentagon: the Costly Pursuit of Control

The Ongoing WikiLeaks saga (video) | Listening Post

MIT: WikiLeaks, Ellsberg and military funding | Boston Herald

Need $700k for our next harm-minimization review. Pentagon won't help.Media won't-but happy to profit. What to do?

Pentagon wants to bankrupt us by refusing to assist harm-minimization.Media won't take responsibility either.

Pentagon wants to bankrupt us by refusing to assist review.Media won't take responsibility.Amnesty won't.What to do?

“Defend WikiLeaks – End the Secret Wars"

RT:@:Do everything that you can to minimize risk but also remember that waiting and doing nothing is also a risk.

Example of pentagon playing AFP with rhetortical tricks-NO, they said no 'DIRECT' contact.

War as a video game: the "game sequence" here is telling and brilliant

WikiLeaks: three digital myths | Middle East Online

Afghan schools: Safe havens? | CBC

Operation Empire Challenge. Propaganda: Reality:

A review of WikiLeaks by someone who actually bothered to read it:

No way home, no escape: US abandons Iraqi collaborators to reprisals

How India sees the Afghan War Diary

Kaiser: Expanding the public's wealth and defending the common good wea_b_674351.html

UN: Afghan civilian casualties rise 31 per cent in first six months of 2010

Expanding the public wealth and defending the common good | Huffpost

US has pressured Britain, Germany, Australia, to charge WikiLeaks editor with espionage

Don't be fooled on the "human rights groups".No formal statement. US led. Anon. given to Wall St. Journal. Why?

WikiLeaks War Data Visualizations | Atlantic

Obama's Iran Fantasy | Weekly Standard

Amnesty International spokeswoman Susanna Flood confirms there was no authorized statement on WikiLeaks.

Research note: AIHRC is primary funded by the occupying forces of Afghanistan.

Remember well those organizations currently rushing to push the Pentagon's agenda without fact checking.

Ex-spies ponder North Koren missile sale to Taliban | WaPo

How to Show "Collateral Murder" Outside in Public | WorldCantWait

Afghan War Interactive Timeline

Why data needs journalism | Guardian

Plugging the Leaks | Washingtonian

Worldbank: is WikiLeaks a new media model for the developing world?

A War on WikiLeaks? | Counterpunch

Raimondo: Smearing Bradley Manning

Frontline Club WikiLeaks debate starts in 8 minutes. Live video:

Reporters Sans Fact-checking Washington has issued some idiot statement, based on a bunch of quotes we never made.

RSF is peeved over reactionary modifications to the proposed Federal source protection bill. We are too, but get your facts right.

Free speech is never free. Keep WikiLeaks strong:

Great WikiLeaks panel in London (top video)

WikiLeaks Frontline talk on Afghan War Dairy (video)

The State of War | NYTimes editorial

Super panel: How WikiLeaks is changing the face of Journalism (video)

RT @: WikiLeaks kills *another* 3 Afghan civilians - Oh wait, it was the US military. Never mind, nothing to see here.

Iraq massacre eye-witness story (video)

Thailand uses emergency powers to block WikiLeaks | AFP

RSF: "We reaffirm our support for Wikileaks, its work and its founding principles. "

Be an Army of One for Bradley Manning

Colombia Uni visualizes the Afghan war

Pentagon: Our Bad, We DID Talk to WikiLeaks

Pentagon wants "total censorship"; doesn't give a damn about Afghans:

Time mentions Abu Laith al-Libi assassination attempt. Neglects to mention killed 7 children.

Iceland aiming to become global free press haven | AFP

WikiLeaks vs. Pentagon: Phony finger pointing | CBS

Why WikiLeaks must be protected | New Statesman

Claims Military Warned to Not Watch/View Wikileaks info or be "Court Marshalled" | Alex Jones

ThaiLeaks announced

Waiting for Wikileaks: Beijing's Seven Secrets | NYB

It is time to open the archives.

Was WikiLeaks right? Interesting BBC interview with NYT, RSF & Heather Brooke

"All we have to do is release the password to that material and it is instantly available," | BBC

DoD's General Counsel is apparently an "incompetent authority" v.

Pentagon: The free press trying to do the right thing are worse than Iran:

Pentagon won't negotiate, but can't count. 15k documents out in PR.

Ray McGovern: How many lives will WikiLeaks save?

Pourquoi il faut protéger Wikileaks

Is the US in danger of drifting into a military dictatorship?

Pat Tillman's death ( ) is an example of an event missing from the War Diary

FOIA end times: DHS diverted hundreds of requests for "political review" | AP

WikiLeaks works around censorship in Thailand | AFP

Secret US assassination squad Task Force 373

Antiwar activists rally around soldier suspected of leaking classified material to WikiLeaks

Julian Assange wins Sam Adams Award for Integrity

Film maker Michael More to contribute to Bradley Manning defense fund - what about you?

Killing the wrong people in Afghanistan | CBS

Our big guns in defeating prior restraint: You. Latest WikiLeaks 'insurance' file now has over 100,000 downloads.

WikiLeaks strikes at DoD on twitter | The Hill

"I was wrong" -- kudos to Sean Kelley

Why won't the Pentagon help WikiLeaks redact documents? | Salon

Loveparade, 24. Juli 2010 in Duisburg, 21 Tote, 511 Verletzte. Profit und Vertuschung sind mehr wert als Menschenleben.

Loveparade, 24. July 2010 Duisburg (DE), 21 dead, 511 wounded. Profits and cover-ups are more valuable than human life.

Newsweek states DoD given access to our files. Untrue. Some limited access has been offered to make suggestions only.

US gov lying on 'contact' issues. More evidence of contact from our lawyers to US gov:

RT: @: Are Pentagon lawyers who believe WikiLeaks acted illegally same ones who were OK with torture of prisoners?

Prosecutors eye WikiLeaks charges | WSJ

We were warned to expect "dirty tricks". Now we have the first one:

Expressen is a tabloid; No one here has been contacted by Swedish police. Needless to say this will prove hugely distracting.

New Yorker's demand Manning's release

Pentagon Lawyers Consider Criminal Charges Against WikiLeaks

Julian Assange: the charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing.

Official statement about the latest hot topic @

Sweden clears WikiLeaks editor of rape | Politico

Swedish arrest warrant revoked in Assange case | CNN

"It seems an unusual time to embark on a career of multiple rape". Wry wit from Guardian.

Swedish political party to host new WikiLeaks servers

Reminder: US intelligence planned to destroy WikiLeaks as far back as 2008

Ace voting machine activist, Hari Prasad, imprisoned

Admiral Mike "blood on hands" Mullen having a nice steak dinner with a clear conscience

In the future, human rights will be increasingly a universal criterion for designing ethical systems. -- Mahnaz Afkhami

US prosecutors eye WikiLeaks charges | WSJ

Reminder: Free speech isn't free. Support WikiLeaks!

Pentagon lies about WikiLeaks exposed | Salon

Why did Swedish prosecutors break their own policy in Assange case?

"The charges are made and then withdrawn and the damage is done."

WL: ABC Foreign Correspondent video report on Thailand

Former Swedish chief prosecutor, Sven-Erik Alhem, demands explanations in Assange case

RT @: Al Jazeera grills Swedish prosecutor over "defamation" of Julian Assange

"burn baby burn" neo con nutjobs take aim at WikiLeaks

Hahaha. Pentagon v. Wikileaks - Rap News

Inside story on WikiLeaks (video) | Al Jazeera

Sweden to investigate rape allegations

Fact free observations about WikiLeaks from the Heritage Foundation | Salon

Assange prosecutor cited for secrecy breach | TheLocal

Can the US try WikiLeaks staff for espionage? Sure thing! | Opinio Juris

Critiques en Belgique après la publication du dossier Dutroux sur WikiLeaks | AFP

Jouråklagaren anmäls för brott mot sekretessreglerna

Facing Afghan mistrust, al-Qaeda fighters take limited role in insurgency | WaPo

False Charges Ricochet in the War on WikiLeaks | Harpers

Russian-US talks: Afghan War Diary confirms Russian fears

WikiLeaks to release CIA paper tomorrow.

The possible prosecution of WikiLeaks | Antiwar

Trying to exclude WikiLeaks from shield law stinks | First Amendment Center

US Drone Strike Destroys House Full of Children in Pakistan | Antiwar

Swedish press conference, earlier recorded, with Wikileaks/Assange now live on SVT

CIA killer drone attacks will may radicalize Yemen | Salon

TIME lists WikiLeaks as 20th best website in the world for 2010

LEAK: CIA Red Cell Memorandum on the United States as an "Exporter of Terrorism"

WikiLeaks founder cleared of sex allegations | AP

Improved Afghan War Diary interface from Le Monde & others

CIA has confirmed the validity of the "Exporting Terrorism" paper.

CIA usually does not confirm, so CIA likely wants to use Red Cell leak to push for policy change in US.

CNN baldly lies, stating SECRET//NOFORN is lowest level of classification

Indian, not US press, has the best writeup of the CIA's "Exportation of Terrorism" leak:

Three days of global action to support alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning Sep 16-19!

Congressional committee to vote on US withdrawl from Pakistan following leak

Julian Assange Gets The Bog Standard Smear Technique | Craig Murray

WikiLeaks Stockholm press conference (video 1/5)

WikiLeaks Stockholm press conference (video 2/5)

WikiLeaks Stockholm press conference "different duties to different publics" (video 3/5)

WikiLeaks Stockholm press conference "the hope is.." (video 4/5)

WikiLeaks Stockholm press conference "Sy Hersh couldn't get the story out.." (video 5/5)

Pentagon’s New Global Military Partner: Sweden

Outcry in Belgium Over WikiLeaks publications of Dutroux dossier

Why did the Dutroux debate start, now, 16 months after publication? That is a good question. Any guesses?

CIA warns of violent American Jews | JPost

WikiLeaks builds a legal shield in Sweden | Reuters

It wrong and disturbing for the press to be talking about 'molestation'. Correct translation:

Michael Moore: "Meet our terrorists"

Good old Pravda to the rescue again:

The main sites are unavailable during scheduled maintenance work. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New WikiLeaks servers placed in nuclear bunker

Excellent article: three myths about WikiLeaks | Le Monde Diplomatic

Shameful US news industry willing to sacrifice WikiLeaks to get shield law

Confirm our editor applied for Swedish residency on Aug 18 to obtain prior-restraint protections for WL

(fix) Confirm our editor applied for Swedish residency on Aug 18 to obtain prior-restraint protections

Extraordinary paper based on WikiLeaks 911 release is out

911 attacks did NOT reveal terror, but anger | Psychology Today

The emotional timeline of 911

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