2010-07: Tweets in Jul 10

Example attack and counter-attack in the "War on WikiKeaks"

Wired says we are in disrepair.Untrue-upgrading infrastructure to deal with growth.You can help:

Wired's war on WikiLeaks continues. See comment by 'mpineiro'

Busy with upgrades, legal issues, releases, fundraising, etc. Help us with opportunistic critics at this time.

upcoming release needs very large US banner print&drop. experience? contact projectk@sunshinepress.org

Why we need WikiLeaks: 98 to 1 bias in the US media on torture

WikiLeaks smear campaign continues, now 8 wholly fabricated articles in Cryptome

Interestingly, the Cryptome fabrications try to undermine cashflow and leadership. Don't let them

@ actually, reader comments are very important. Only disabled now due to infrastructure upgrades.

WikiLeaks incident shows US needs stronger shield laws | PBS

WikiLeaks vs. Libel Law professor at EU Parliament

(bizarre) Russian agents and WIKILEAKS prefer the ASUS eee 1005HA-P netbook:

Greenwald on NYT torture turnaround

Julian Assange wins 2010 Sam Adams Award

WikiLeaks v. Tony Blair for the Liberty Medal. Who is the real upholder of US founding values?

An often misled, but nonetheless, extremely interesting, view of the Manning case

Private Manning charged with disclosing iraq-slaughter video. Trigger happy Apache crew remain uncharged. More shortly.

Intel analyst to be charged over iraq-slaughter video:

Save Bradley Manning facebook group:

If the charges against Manning are true, he will be the Daniel Ellsberg of our times.

Bradley Manning charges analysis

Well blowout memo haunts Calgary energy firm

Neocon rag Weekly Standard, pens article "Open society and its enemies: WikiLeaks". This is not a joke.

Charging Wikileaks Source: The Nail in the Coffin of Whistleblowers | GAP

Bradley Manning: American Patriot | Antiwar

Disinformation campaign against WL is heating up. Demand full primary sources. Check bias. Riposte.

IMMI support resolution passed this afternoon by EU Parliament; details tomorrow at

WikiLeaks (Schmitt) heute 12:00 bei der Netzwerk Recherche Jahreskonferenz

WikiLeaks editor slams libel law professor over

WikiLeaks will NOT be abandoned. Don't listen to disinfo being spread! We'll issue clarifications soon. Should've done earlier.

'A real free press for the first time in history'

WikiLeaks founder reflects on media failures

World history before our eyes:

Julian Assange & the WikiLeaks agenda

Wir zahlen den Wikileaks-Leuten kein Gehalt | Freitag

Glenn Greenwald explores Manning case

The covert smear campaign against WikiLeaks: what you need to know

FOX news take on the Bradley Manning espionage case

MSNBC take on the Manning case now online

Should newspapers publish full interview transcripts on-line?

WikiLeaks: Journalism should be more like a science

Media morons: a list of some of the people repeating the wholly fabricated "wikileaks insider" junk

WikiLeaks damns modern media: Get Accurate, or Get Out:

Media paper shows Washington Post, NYTimes fell for military lies over Collateral Murder

NSA fabricated records led to Vietnam war | NYT

Q: Iraq, Vietnam other wars were started by craven, inaccurate media. So what is the avg kill count per journalist?

YOU can write to this US political prisoner held in a Kuwaiti jail. Keep their spirits up!

YOU can write to this US political prisoner held in a Kuwaiti jail, 22 year old Bradley Manning

People in Bangkock say that WikiLeaks is still blocked in Thailand.

Save NSA whistleblower, Thomas Drake

RT manop: @ I want to confirm that as of now (16 July 2010 - 1:05 am). Wikileaks is still blocked in Thailand

WikiLeaks surprise talk at Oxford/TED

Julian Assange, Chris Anderson & Bruno Giussani at TED [CC photos]

WikiLeaks editor 58th most powerful person in global media says media guardian

More photos from TED [CC license]

WikiLeaks receiving tons of significant disclosures | CNN

Federal agents swoop on New York conference looking for WikiLeaks editor-in-chief

Listen to New York keynote speech via Radio Statler

Packed crowd in New York waiting for WikiLeaks presentation

Real change begins Monday in the WashPost. By the years end, a reformation. Lights on. Rats out.

Julian gets fictionalized as Good Wife character--facing a murder charge. No. Really.

Standing ovation for WikiLeaks at TED (video)

Censorship: Labor's hidden policy | ABC

Feces, Urine, Blood, Smoke and something indescribable

Homeland Security go after WikiLeaks editor in vain at New York conference.

WikiLeaks & Valerie Plame on SCPR (recording)

US Senate passes 'Libel tourism bill'

TED: The conference of cool | FT

WaPo expose of the US shadow-state smothered. Time to take the gloves off if we want reform.

US soldier speaks out about Iraq slaughter video

Afghan war logs: massive leak of secret files exposes hundreds of abuses

WikiLeaks' "war logs" are online. NYT: nyti.ms/dacIql Guardian: bit.ly/dlNzWx Der Spiegel: bit.ly/bpjIZk

WikiLeaks exposes the unseen war (video)

Let the spin begin: White House offers 'advice' on Wikileaks to reporters

Secret CIA units kill deaf mute and other civilians in Afghanistan

WikiLeaks reveals over 2200 US Afghanistan Escalation of Force incidents

WikiLeaks media bookings (London studios) now +44 7958 175 856

WikiLeaks is tremendously overloaded. Please use

How to leak it: Advice for whistleblowers: Julian Assange (video)

CW: Prof. Askin on War Diary: "transparency should become govts default approach to national security"

FAZ zu Kriegsprotokollen: "Wikileaks als überstaatliches Ministerium der Wahrheit" -

BBC: Afghan War Diaries a treasure trove for historians, showing elusive quality of raw intelligence

HuffPost: "monumental leak of classified Afghan war documents to create deeper doubts about the war"

Afghanistan-Experte Marc Thörner heute mit sehr guter Analyse im Tagesspiegel: "Protokolle eines Krieges"

Britain to launch Afghan war inquiry

WikiLeaks in Baghdad | Nation

Bill O'Reilly-Stratfor on the Afghan War Diary

Afghanistan IED animation map 2004-2010 (video)

WikiLeaks in the clear, legally | Bloomberg

Inaccurate, craven US media. Read the comments carefully.

Gates, who killed thousands in Iraq, Afg and Iran-Contra says we might have 'blood on our hands'.

WikiLeaks and the Whitehouse (interview, ABC)

Washington Post's objective reporting on fine display again

CIA official slams poor Afghan raid intelligence which cost civilian lies

Daniel Ellsberg's WikiLeaks Wish List | WaPo

India loves WikiLeaks | The Hindu

Bradley Manning defense fund needs YOU;

WikiLeaks media analysis (video) | Listening Post

US tries to infiltrate us via bribing supporters at MIT | NYT

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