2010-09: Tweets in Sep 10

WikiLeaks editor, Julian Assange, gets yet another law suit

Swedish chief prosecutor to restart rape investigation into WikiLeaks founder

Attorney for WikiLeaks suspect says he's seen no evidence on documents | CNN

Afghan war an unwinnable quagmire says ex-CIA | SMH

Newspapers try to cut WikiLeaks out of shield law | Slashdot

Peering into the Fog of War: The Geography of the WikiLeaks Afghanistan War Logs 2004-2009

San Diego Woman WikiActivated by 'Collateral Murder' (video)

5 Jaw-Dropping Stories in Wikileaks' Archives Begging for National Attention

Charting the emotions of 9-11 minute by minute | Time

WikiLeaks and Defining 'Journalism' | Consortium News

Pentagon declined to investigate hundreds of cases of child pornography

Frontline Club on the launch of the Afghan War Diaries

US Special Forces Advisors Guide analysis by Prof. David Price

Flying the Flag, Faking the News | John Pilger

Chancellor to Hunt Down Leak of Assange Dossier

US soldiers 'killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies'

ACLU Challenges Laptop Searches & Seizures at the Border.

Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape' | Telegraph

'Knowledge is taking over' WikiLeaks in 2010

Fidel Castro on WikiLeaks

We have no comment as to the claim that our next release is related to the Iraq war.

Pentagon tries to buy up whistleblower book to keep it off shelves | NYT

Obama's 'Putinization' of the United States MUST be stopped

US has a way to shut us down

Half million pager messages from 911, data & analysis

Bradley Manning international protest Sep 16-19!

Chinese state media pals up with US to demand One World Censorship

Rethinking the war in Afghanistan | Inside Story

'CIA should kill Julian Assange'

We withheld 1/5 Afg reports to protect the innocent. No casualties, despite the hype and re-labelable bodies everywhere.

2nd soldier says Tillman commander ordered 360 rotational fire on civilians

Assange "..should be killed to send a message loud enough to convince other people not to publish documents.."

Shield Laws, WikiLeaks and the Public's Right to Know | Prof. Davidson

Russia uses Microsoft to suppress descent | MSNBC

Human rights group details Iraq prisoner abuse | AP

RT @: Free speech group Article 19 issues statement supporting the work of @:

The Pentagon's secret war against WikiLeaks-War Room now 120 strong | DB

The Pentagon needs to go away, read its own Madison quotes, and reform:

??? ? ?????? ???????? ????????? Wikileaks ? ???????? ?????????????? | East West

Iceland commission recommends charges against ex-PM over financial crisis

Best Leak Ever! John Stewart Mocks Media's reaction to Afghan War Diaries

EPIC files lawsuit for NSA-Google relationship docs

Nick Turse speaking on our US Marines 20-country invasion predictions

US Army FOIA labels WikiLeaks an 'extremist' Website

Whitehouse plotted to kill Jack Anderson, the WikiLeaks of Watergate

Former CIA, US Diplomat, Ellsberg, Michael Moore kickoff campaign to free Manning

Leading human rights lawyer condemns handling of Assange case

Bradley Manning case: Why we cannot have a secret trial

REMINDER Free Bradley Manning campaign starts TOMORROW

Some interesting secondary WikiLeaks sites are starting | Stream of WL

Privacy tool for Iranian activists disabled after security holes exposed

Wikileaks denuncia corrupción y abusos sexuales en aeropuerto de Kosovo

Primary sources change the world: a list of 256 books relying on WikiLeaks

Rt: @ Pide MPAA en junta de que en mexico sea posible cortar acceso/pais a sitios "tan dañinos" como wikileaks

ACTA hanging on by a camembert | LQdN

'The Most Dangerous Man in America' full film

Michael Moore campaigns to free Bradley Manning in war logs case | Guardian

Pentagon trying to change Assange with espionage | Guardian

Facebook freezes 10,300 strong Bradley Manning Support Network

Ratigan & Ellsberg on WikiLeaks (video) | MSNBC

War Diary: 'Death to America, Death to Obama!'

SF Bay events to support Bradley manning Sep 16-19

Live NOW save Bradley Manning stream

Former CIA officer speaking now on Wikileaks/Manning

Col. Ann Wright discusses why the world needs Bradley Manning. Tune in now:

Live NOW, Pentagon papers whistleblower video

Fantastic interview, Ellsberg on WikiLeaks

Damning new OGA report: US Whistleblower Protection Weaknesses (PDF)

WikiLeaks nuclear bunker server-complex interactive tour

WikiLeaks founder free to leave Sweden | AFP

An industry newsletter has the strongest coverage of the Swedish smear against Assange

Pentagon papers Daniels Ellsberg (radio interview) on Copy vs. Steal

13 San Diego groups to demonstrate Sunday for release of WikiLeaks accused Bradley Manning

Retired US Colonel, Diplomat, says Bradley Manning should be praised

Be an 'Army of One' for Bradley Manning

How Leaky is Your Country? (visualization)

Bradley Manning San Francisco rally (video, famous speakers):

Free Bradley Manning song:

What sort of assassination technology does US$58Bil buy? | PopSci

'Bradley Manning: American Hero'

'The Curious Case of Julian Assange' | Georgie BC

US law Prof. hits out at 'Persecution of Bradley Manning' | Eurasia

'WikiLeaks & Hacktivist Culture' | The Nation

Military whistleblower who used internal mechanisms, beaten to a pulp | GAP

Bradley Manning San Diego protest photos & video

MPAA Wants To Know If ACTA Can Be Used To Block Wikileaks | Techdirt

Noam Chomsky joins cause to free alleged WikiLeaks source

CNN suppressed footage of US warcrime | DN

Cuba has a point on HRC bias

Support Free Bradley Manning, add a to your avatar now! -

CIA's covert paramilitary operations in Afghanistan revealed | WaPo

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ranked in top 50 world's most influential people

Media as an Instrument of War panel, New York, Oct 14

Were you fooled by "5 human rights groups including Amnesty condemn WikiLeaks"?

Was WikiLeaks revelation about incident at Iran nuclear plant related to Stuxnet worm?

If DC can leak, why can't WikiLeaks? | FOX

Detained mother sentenced to 86 years by NY judge for gun discharge

Theories mount that Stuxnet worm sabotaged Iranian nuclear facilities

'Manning was a politically motivated genius' | The Land

'Manning was bought up in the Whistleblowing capital of the world' | Land

Panel: Security & Censorship in the age of WikiLeaks, London, Sep 30

Balochistan needs WikiLeaks UN told

'WikiLeaks Aafia Siddiqui’s incriminating purse' | Pakistan Express Tribune

More than 20 cities rally for Bradley Manning

Spiegel report Schmitt resigned which is misleading. Schmitt was suspended a month ago.

We are looking for a copy of Stuxnet for analysis. Please Direct Message us.

Stuxnet situation is extraordinary, sec analysts come to channel

Call for 'Gaza style' inquiry on Afghan deaths | Guardian

The Age investigates the rumors Julian's Swedish scandal | The Age

A humorous look at Assange's Swedish troubles part 1: part 2:

War as a video game. Collateral Murder parody: -- original

Pentagon demands against WL mysteriously pulled from C-Span: and Youtube:

Backup copy found of Pentagon WikiLeaks threat video

FACTOR PETROLERO, la guerra contra el terrorismo está comenzando (documental) | VTV

A delightfully fresh look at the Afghan War Diary by Indian intellectuals | NewsClick

Wikileaks works while 'Pentagon Continues Smear Campaign' | AlterNet

Successfully completed our next three films. Thank you team and supporters.

Qui veut trinquer avec Wikileaks?

Obama argues US citizen assassination list is an unreviewable state secret | Salon

Burn all the books you want, Nazi punks. We already have a copy. | CNN

"China WikiLeaks" is unauthorized and insecure. Avoid! If well intentioned they will contact us.

Great analysis of US Embassy cables in Afghan War Diaries | ToaRP

Pentagon seeks basis to use Espionage Act against Wikileaks | Mathaba

Cryptowars 2 began today in the United States.

WikiLeaks remains strong, financially and in terms of human resources. No resignations have been tendered. One suspension-a month ago.

Pentagon destroys war memoir, censored version released | RT

Afghanstan to probe NATO killings | Reuters

Protection of sources bill introduced into Australia | Editors

Good old FAIR. Some still have a backbone. Note them well. | FAIR

It is time to open the archives [poster]

"We open governments" [poster]

"Nesting lies. Hatching truth" [poster]

"Big Brother is watching. So are we" [poster]

"Anonymous sources. Synonymous with free speech" [poster]

US Congressional Research Service says that publishing War Dairies not criminal | 1AC

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Latest smear attempt: Chinese spy agency gave WikiLeaks $20M

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