2010-01: Tweets in Jan 10

WikiLeaks furture developments talk now on youtube

WikiLeaks video on Climategate leak, more (youtube)

Can journalism be saved with an offshore publication center? (video)

Britain and Freedom of Speech (audio, ABC)

WikiLeaks and the media economy (interview)

Die Ökonomie hinter Wikileaks

Following leaks, protests, Iceland's Icesave bill will go to national referendum.

Toll-Collect scandal: Stern magazine reflects

Keep us fighting for 2010. WikiLeaks funding drive ends TOMORROW

Parts of WikiLeaks will be unavailable from Germany for the next few hours.

@ 's Gerichtstermin wg. Tor und der deutschen WikiLeaks Domain: 8. Feb, 13:30, Raum 163, AG Dresden, Berliner Str. 13

Good FOX news article on WikiLeaks status

WikiLeaks will remain down to concentrate on fundraising until Mon Jan 11. We have $50k, We need $200k, min for the year.

Twitter donation drive starts to work! Thanks! Keep it up!

National referendum in Iceland fuelled by leaks, protests. Iceland decides "debt slavery" to UK?

Have encrypted videos of US bomb strikes on civilians we need super computer time

Help us psychologically/tech test our new submission system (no js version). suggestions to wl-tech@ljsf.org

Is back open for submissions but our new publishing infrastructure is taking a little longer.

Google declares war on Chinese spying, refuses to censor any more,

gossip inside google China is gov hackers found infiltrating google source code repository; gmail attacks an old issue.

Gossip from within google.cn is Shanghai office used as CN gov attack stage in US source code network.

China has been quietly asking for the same access to google logfiles as US intelligence for 2-3 years now.

Should be noted that Google keeps secret how many user's records are disclosed to US intelligence, others.

correction: the time of the Chinese requests/demands are not exactly known and are possibly in the last 12 months.

American activists worried about secret Internet treaty (ACTA)

The problem with Investigative journalism and foundations (ProRev) - keep us out of this mess.

Money bomb: now only $70k short of our $200k minimum needed to cover costs. Please help

JP Morgan's 25k bankers just got more than our yearly budget each as bonuses=$9bn total=2x Iceland's national "debt".

Imagine a world with 25,000 wikileaks

Swiss banker blows whistle on tax evasion (Tribune)

Wikileaks and the Economics of Information Disclosure

(fix) WikiLeaks and the Economics of Information Disclosure

US NSA illegal spying on entire population case lost. Why? Because victim is entire population.

nb. NSA case was initiated by leaks. With no court redress, further leaks may be the only option.

Paypal has again locked our donation account for no obvious reason. We need an alternative to this arbitrary freezing of assets.

We are not the only non-profit with this problem. Why is there no payment system respecting its customers?

Tip our jar. Credit Card donations are even fewer clicks away than with Paypal:

WikiLeaks now accept credit card donations without paypal. thanks!

Paypal has freed up our assets again -- thank you all for your support and solidarity. There is power in a union!

ACLU on wikileaks (short podcast)

We are only US$40K from our minimal US $200 fundraising goal now. Please help.

India wants WikiLeaks back

WikiLeaks on tonight's BBC culture show, 7pm.

We need "refugee hosting" examples -- where publishers/blogs have had to move jurisdictions; let wl-iceland@ljsf.org know

We now accept donations by credit cards, paypal, moneybookers, bank xfer, cheque, ideal, etc. Help us get back to publishing.

WikiLeaks temporarily closes due to lack of funds (Guardian)

Should WikiLeaks accept a "plurality of corporate sponsors?"

Wikileaks heeft hulp nodig (Dutch)

We're in awe of the number of people starting to support us:

Guardian asks everyone to Dig Deep for WikiLeaks ; thanks!

Facebook: Help save WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks BBC special (youtube)

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