2010-02: Tweets in Feb 10

@: the Knight News Challenge funding we seek is for local buildout

Journalists unite to save WikiLeaks (Wired)

WikiLeaks closes down (Telegraph) [actually, we'll be back soon hopefully]

Whistleblowers site temp closure (Editor's)

WikiLeaks cierra temporalmente por falta de fondos

Le site Wikileaks menacé de faillite (LeMonde)

Bin dafr dass die Regierung die 2,5 Mio € an spendet anstatt die Steuersnder-CD zu kaufen.

Good interview with Icelandic MP backgrounding the financial collapse and disputes with UK/Netherlands/IMF

WikiLeaks funding drive, list of generous people who care:

Why WikiLeaks is Worth Saving (IT Pro)

Island kan blive et omvendt skattely for information beskyttes af verdens bedste lovgivning om ytrings- og pressefrihed

Our Cimategate source vindicated in the Guardian, no less: and

If you offered development help please stay tuned -- we will contact you once the site is back up and have time to manage offers.

Achieved min. funraising goal. ($200k/600k); we're back fighting for another year, even if we have to eat rice to do it.

Initiative to transform Iceland into world centre for investigative media is proceeding; write to wl-iceland@ljsf.org

Why we should be afraid of the Australia's proposed mass net censorship

should be noted that we are/were on the secret Australian censorship list, and the .au gov said it will prosecute us.

WikiLeaks a besoin de nous (radio)

Quote of the day: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

scaling up our networks to be ready for extraordinary releases and attacks. Speed it up:

UK police need to BACKOFF Climategate NOW. This is sending all the wrong signals.

WikiLeaks segment on BBC revolutions [video, UK only]

Please support our grass-roots-engineering friends in Afghanistan:

Iceland may pass strong laws to become an "world journalism haven" for embargo access contact wl-iceland@ljsf.org

Tor- und WikiLeaks-Verhandlung heute um 13:30 im Zimer 163 am Amtsgericht Dresden, Berliner Str. 13!

FBI won't hand over WikiLeaks FOIA dossier for reasons of 'national security'. Spying on the press again?

ACTA falling appart? (Zeropaid)

US Prof. excited about her book on WikiLeaks. She hasn't spoken to us. Anyone else want to write a book?

Chinese net censorship takes hold on the West (Jones actually gets it right!)

Iceland may become an offshore "journalism & transparency haven"

Iceland aims to become an offshore haven for journalists & whistleblowers (Harvard)

Icelandic MPs propose 'journalism haven' (BBC)

Climategate inquiry member quits after impartiality questioned (Guardian)

Some wags are calling the Iceland Modern Media Initiative we've been advising, 'Sleet Street' :)

Journos referencing the Iceland initiative should be sure to link to and remember that WL is only advising.

Iceland plans future as global haven for freedom of speech (Guardian)

Icelanders hope to host controversial data from around the world (IDG)

Icelandic bank that threatened WL with prison over leak today raided by authorities in Luxembourg

Islandia quiere ser un "refugio del periodismo"

"Island wird Hafen für Pressefreiheit", sehr umfassender Artikel bei Gulli

FAZ: "Investigativer Journalismus: Ein Hafen für die Pressefreiheit" von @

Background: Why Iceland is good place for internet services: (see also the pdf)

Iceland: A Port for Press Freedom (TAZ)

Iceland: NATO base transformed into dataceter using geothermal power (SfGate)

Icelandic 'journalism haven' proposal set to proceed on Tuesday (Icelandic TV)

Embargo now lifted on Icelandic journalism/blogger haven law

WikiLeaks editor: why I'm excited about Iceland's plans for journalism (Guardian)

Iceland to become a model for freedom of communication (La Quadrature du Net)

L’Islanda vuol diventare la patria degli scoop

"What will be the standard of the 21st century?" (WikiLeaks interview, BBC TV)

WikiLeaks: Verrat auf Nummer sicher - Harald Schumann/Tagesspiegel ueber WL

Show your support for Iceland's freedom of expression:

Iceland's fight for press freedom (Guardian)

Islanda, paradiso dei giornalisti

L'Islande pourrait être un "refuge" pour les journalistes

NSA has a database called TRESUREMAP that stores info on millions of IP addrs. Know more? Contact us,

Northrop Grunman job advertisement for NSA TREASUREMAP

Island als Oase der Aufklärung

Could Iceland's Financial Meltdown Create The World's First Free Speech State? (NPR)

Iceland – A free expression led recovery?

London: Sue capital of the world (Globe&Mail)

Iceland mulling plan to become 'haven' for journalism

Koehler unterschreibt Zensurgesetz: "keine durchgreifenden verfassungsrechtlichen Bedenken"

WikiLeaks is now tax-deductable in the United States. Like to donate? Write to wl-supporters@sunshinepress.org

How can Iceland help journalists/bloggers out of country? It's easier than you think...

Iceland looks to green, innovative income sources

Pressefreiheit: Island und der Rest der Welt

Finally cracked the encryption to US military video in which journalists, among others, are shot. Thanks to all who donated $/CPUs.

For Press Freedom Click Iceland

A Vision of Iceland as a Haven for Journalists (NYTimes)

Heute 13:00 - 16:00 Sitzung des Petitionsausschusses und Anhoerung von @ zur Petition gegen Internetsperren.

IPI: Iceland's example on press freedom worthy of global emulation

heads up: Iceland parliament vote tomorrow on free media proposal ; now is the time to show your support

Our Kenyan PO BOX is no-longer considered secure after a break in. Please use Australia or Cambodia instead.

Iceland's thaw point over press freedom (Guardian)

Island will Pressefreiheit zum Standortvorteil machen (Tagesanzeiger)

First vote on the IMMI has been moved to Thursday

Un paraíso para la libertad de expresión

Shameful bullying should find its nemesis in Iceland [FT]

US journalists worried about press freedoms

South African institute wants shield laws for journalists

WikiLeaks will start releasing time-critical leaks until the site is fully backup. Beginning today.

LEAK: Unterdrueckte IGES/BMWI Studie zum Wettbewerb bei der privaten Krankenversicherung

NPR: All Journalists Go To Heaven (interview & transcript)

Privatized prior restraint? Cryptome disabled after recent threats by Microsoft over MS spy-guide.

We will host Cryptome on our multi-jurisdictional network-outside the US-if required.

Background on outrageous Cryptome take down

CONFIRMED: Cryptome, venerable anti-secrecy site, entirely gagged over Microsoft-spy-manual. Abuse of DMCA to coverup.

Network Solutions also appear to have also seized 's domain name over the Microsoft threats.

LEAK: Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook that brought down Cryptome available now at

Australia abandons case against WikiLeaks for publishing censorship blacklist

AFP abandons legal persuit of blacklist leak

Australian minister for censorship, who tried to prosecute WikiLeaks, censors own site (Register)

Free speech haven debate in the Icelandic parliament starts in 20 mins video stream:

Icelandic Modern Media Initiative passes initial parliamentary vote unopposed

Iceland Media Freedom Bill Advances [Nieman]

Island: Medieninitiative bewältigt erste Hürde [ORF]

Don't forget to contribute to the WikiLeaks defence fund

Why Google needs the IMMI - traditional safe harbours are not enough

Iceland’s desire to create a safe haven for journalists [BBC/World Text/Audio]

We will shortly release the latest Icesave negotiation documents.

Iceland secretly pressured US to defend it against British 'bullying' -note lack of WL attribution.

LEAK: UK/NL "Final offer" over Icesave to Iceland.

LEAK: Confidential Icesave offer made by Iceland yesterday

LEAK: Icesave negotiation documents

NYU Prof. faces Israeli libel suit in France for negative book review published in US

What WikiLeaks means for journalism and whistle-blowers (Poynter) [note, contains some errors]

WikiLeaks bei 3Sat neues, morgen 28. Februar 16:30 Uhr.

IJsland: NL en GB willen winst maken met Icesave-lening

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