2009-12: Tweets in Dec 09

Abmahnanwalt Kornmeier bezieht Stellung in der FTD zu WikiLeaks Veroeffentlichung

Verkehrsressort nennt Veroeffentlichung der Maut Vertraege "strafbaren Verrat", weist Vorwuerfe zurueck

Freitag: Beginn einer wunderbaren Freundschaft des "System WikiLeaks" und dem investigativen Journalismus

US Congress to probe WikiLeaks

Malaysia: Classified report into the causes of the 2006 landslide deaths

US torture docs wanted by WikiLeaks and the ACLU can you help? See

British Airways flight 038 crash video + audio

Das Netzwerk Wikileaks hat die geheimen Toll-Collect-Verträge der rot-grünen Bundes...

WikiLeaks is on facebook

Intercepted SMS messages to former Icelandic bank Kaupthing owner

@: We do not comment on our sources and the way they obtained information. Source protection is paramount.

Deloitte report on London Metro Uni governance, unredacted, 3 Dec 2009

Over 8 million disclosures of US mobile location data last year

Classified Indian Cabinet document on the Constitution of the Unique Identification Authority

Yahoo's secret "menu" of private customer information for law enforcement/intelligence agencies

MySpace Law Enforcement Investigators Guide: howto request and make use of user data

File on Icelandic bank Landsbanki and Russian associations, 1996-2009

Icesave debt negotiation email between Indriði H. Þorláksson and the IMF's Mark Flanagan

was briefly unavailable from at least some areas in Scandinavia. This has been fixed.

Icelandic police witness statements by Þorsteinn Helgi Ingason against KB bank, 2006-2008

UK "Trusted Borders" confidential passenger manifest FAQ for airlines

Iceland related documents on WikiLeaks

inspired a new political history method: "offset realtime". detainee interrogation log:

journalists/lawyers with experience in US detainee ops please immediately contact wl-usa@sunshinepress.org

Independent claims FSB behind our climategate leak. That is not our view. Who is behind UK story?

Live twitter interrogation of Guantanamo detainee ( uses method )

@ we know exactly how the material was obtained and have no reason to suspect direct FSB involvement.

Reminder: British security services manipulation of UK media (New Statesman)

(fix link) Reminder: Brit spies place stories in the UK press (New Statesman)

Peter Reichelt: Helnwein und Scientology. Luege und Verrat. Eine Organisation und ihr Geheimdienst, 1997

Maharishi University of Management and David Lynch Foundation legal threat against The Examiner

BDO ueber Vergabepruefung beim Institut fuer Qualitaet und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen

Sehr interessantes Timing: "Monopolpreise auch für Scheininnovationen" und BDO/IQWiG

WikiLeaks Public Radio interview on the 9/11 message intercepts (more: )

Confidential Guantanamo Supreme Court filing and censored law articles in Al-Ghizzawi case

UK NATS threatens WikiLeaks over British Airways crash-flight recordings

Judge ordered censorship of Gitmo articles, Supreme Court filing

Israel, China on classified US list of state sponsors of terrorism. Full documents later this week.

Confidential draft Copenagen agreement from Dec 8, 2009

Big Pharma infiltrates WHO Expert Working Group process; WikiLeaks infiltrates Big Pharma

Complaint against California GOP Chairman Ron Nehring and others

Big Pharma caught spying on the WHO

Help save WikiLeaks from the financial wolves this Christmass. KEEP US STRONG

Francis Davey: UK Government wants new powers to block WikiLeaks and squeeze web tv

Tiger Woods UK media gag order

WikiLeaks in the legal crosshairs (keep us strong: )

Swedish internet/voice interception act draft leaked

UK governments wants new powers to block WikiLeaks (stop them: )

BBC deletes investigative report on toxic waste dumping after legal threats from

Our take on the UK's endless gag orders? "Britain: the best liberal democracy money can buy."

Another UK media "super-injunction" this time, apparently about Nigel Griffiths MP's fornification

Three US "Homeland Security" Senators seek to criminalize WikiLeaks (stop them: )

Time for the UK engage in mass violation of gag orders.

Polis-FRA på Wikileaks

Bundeswehr hat(te) Videos. Publikation von 40 Seiten BW Akte "Close Air Support Kunduz" morgen bei WL. Analyse in der Zeit.

Die einsame Entscheidung des Oberst Klein

Kunduz: Please don't deep link to the PDF, we can't load balance/update context if you do. Instead use

Transparenz kontra Hysterie: Unterlagen und Ergebnisse zum "Close Air Support Kunduz",

Secret report on mass-casualty NATO bombing disaster (translation)

BBC decision silently delete toxic-waste expose on behalf of big oil company starts to backfire

WikiLeaks' release of 86 phone taps most notable event of 2009 says Peru media

Coming this week: the secret memberships lists and messages of 10 different neo-Nazi groups.

Al-Jazeera TV on the UK's globally dangerous speech suppression industry

Die Zeit: "Der Wahrheits-Hacker" Dass Wissen Macht ist, beweist Wikileaks jeden Tag.

RA Kompa und RA Stadler () ueber Verlinkungen zu Geheimem auf WikiLeaks

22 million missing Bush White House emails found - we want them

Australia to deploy Chinese style state censorship system BUT:

RT @: I'm taking money from the Dir of Nation Intel, and giving it to @

The Lancet weighs in after exposure of big pharma WHO infiltration: the leak:

Clarification to Die Zeit profile on Daniel Schmitt

Court rules in favour of news groups over Interbrew leaked documents (Guardian)

FAZ: Kriegsähnliche Zustände in Kundus und Berlin

Experiencing technical difficulties with one of our upstreams. We will be back soonish.

WikiLeaks has applied for Knight News Challenge funding - rate, comment, commend! -

Guardian on growing buzz around Trafigura - and how Trafigura uses google ads for deception

Neue Westfaelische zur Kundus-Akte. Klare Worte!

ACTA? CAN-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement "Intellectual Property" chapter

Maintenance with one of our upstream providers. We will be back shortly.

Is the Internet Filter Australia's Berlin Wall?

Das Ende der klassischen Sicherheitspolitik: Tagesschau zu Klimasicherheit und EUISS

Removed Times story on : Big profits from a very dirty business encourages corruption -

Censored BBC radio's "Killer toxic waste" on , uncensored by WikiLeaks.

Please take 10mins time to comment on our funding application with the Knight Foundation

Australia's vast censorship proposal condemned by Reporters Without Borders

NYtimes on WikiLeaks new proposal

UN: Political opposition to Rule of Law in Kosovo

Draft Copehagen accord from 7pm Friday Dec 18

Kissinger-Bouteflika meeting transcript concerns Algeria-Morocco relations

Predator drone assassinations: how to tap video and mission control data

Need help formatting a lot of data. Hate Nazi parties and know mysql? please come to

Bankers Petroleum and the Visoki oil field explosions

WikiLeaks has less than a month's operating budget left. Do you think that's right?

Good WikiLeaks interview with Malaysia radio

La Gulagosphère, ça existe… en Australie! (Geostrategy)

now lawyers for the so-called Illuminati are giving us xmas cheer. no, really.

Maintenance work with one of our upstream providers. We will be back shortly.

To deal with a shortage of funds we are forced to do fundraising only until at least Jan 6, 2009.

err, 2010

Chinese authorities tried to sneak this through on Xmas. Don't let them

WikiLeaks Xmas Special talk in Berlin (video, torrent)

WikiLeaks Xmas Special Talk in Berlin (video, streaming)

Icesave: classified doc from EU7 negotiation shows Iceland naively begging for mercy

Important additional pages for classified Icesave document

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