2009-11: Tweets in Nov 09

Tierschutz und Journalismus siegen ueber Interessen industrieller Huehnerhaltung!

Tomorrow, Monday November 2nd 16:30 WikiLeaks on BBC Radio 4 ClickOn

Mittwoch 4. November 21:30, WikiLeaks bei 3Sat Bauerfeind

Will the EU decide against freedom of communication on the Internet on Wednesday? Help avoid!

AStA der Uni Wuppertal spricht sich gegen INDECT Beteiligung der Uni aus

@ WikiLeaks was nominated by a supporter for . Lets see how seriously they take "breaking borders", we for sure do!

@ Bericht ueber DANS Report "im Internet" (besser "auf WL")

How to spot US Special Forces activity: Tracking and counter-tracking

US trade plans for the world: three strikes and a global "takedown" for sites like WikiLeaks

Also note how US GAO is attacking net neutrality via Swine Flu panic

Bundesnetzagentur plant gemeinsamen Bestandsdatenpool aller TK-Anbieter.

Icelandic ASÍ memo proposed alleged debt relief schemes not in public interest?

Dubai based Millennium Finance Corporation investment bank: the inside story+leaked docs, Oct 2009

Unredacted UK railways penalty fare enforcement investigation

"Dear fellow white-supremest": 350 hacked messages from Aryan Nations hotmail account

Viacom legal threat over "Dora the Explorer" used in political satire

FBI issues warning on ACH bank wire fraud , see also

IDG's Bob McMillan has more detail on ACH - automated fraud, no paperwork required

Compensation payments in trafigura toxic-dumping case at risk of corruption (nytimes)

ICC may look into murders of 1,133 Kenyans (Guardian)

Spring Design vs Barnes & Nobles for alleged eBook reader tech innovation theft

We are currently unavailable due to routing problems in Sweden. Back soon. We need more uplink, rackspace and power. Help us out!

ACTA EU commission summary on Internet Chapter will be available as soon as routing issues are fixed.

EU Commission "advance warning" summary of internet chapter now available

UK governance expert: reasons to be happy: (1) WikiLeaks ... (Computer Weekly)

teaching journos in Cambodia. Think the West has problems? In C. the whole intellectual tradition was wiped out.

Stasi still in charge of Stasi files (remember!)

RT @: Arcor und die Sperrvertraege - Verfahren vor dem VG

Bauerfeind - Wikileaks - Geheimnisse fürs Volk (video)

Polish Neonazi group police case dismissal files, Oct 2009

Classified US military propaganda conference and

WikiLeaks Germany acquitted in trial over Tor contact and tor@morphium.info

Over the next few days we will release 573,000 pager messages covering September 11, 2001

WMD National Emergency Presidential power grab yearly since 1994

Release: Parliamentary report on UK artworks looted from Iraq

Release: UK Labour MP Tom Watson anti-immigration push-polling

EU draft council decision on sharing of banking data with the US and restructuring of SWIFT

EU to hand over financial transactions data to US government

Release: New secret agreement being drafted for sharing EU bank records with CIA

sorry about the duplicates; too many headline writers here...

Censored Wikipedia article on German abuse victim organization @ conserved by WikiLeaks

Knock it off: Global treaty against media piracy won't work in Asia (sfgate)

Suppressed video of naked Thai Princess and heir at decadent dog party

TAZ: EU will Bankdaten preisgeben: SWIFT-Abkommen fertig

Confidential plans for 1.2 billion ID cards: Creating a unique ID for every resident in India

Copyright overreach takes a world tour (Washington Post on ACTA)

@ incorrect. all wikileaks content is written by, or approved by the editorial board.

Controversial holocaust historian David Irving's personal emails

"Umsatz um jeden Preis!!!" - Von einem kranken Pharmasystem: Ermittlungsakte gegen Ratiopharm

Davenport Lyons, DigiProtect, Kanzlei Kornmeier and hunting down filesharers

Wired on the David Irving hack

CPB calls on the public to leak evidence of torture in Iraq & Afghanistan -- WL is ready and able to help!

Leaked Documents Reveal Anti-Piracy Cash Operation

Guter WiWo Artikel zum Ratiopharm Leak: "Geld und Geschenke für Ärzte"

Giving every resident in India a unique identity (Financial Chronical)

Terror, Kinderpornos und Co: Erklaerungsversuch Uni Wuppertal zu Beteiligung an INDECT Ueberwachungssystem

Journalists wishing embargo access to the 573,000 9/11 pager messages, may contact wl-usa@sunshinepress.org

The messages comprise the majority of US-wide pager traffic in the 24 hour period surrounding the 9/11 tragedty

Mail-Konto des Holocaust-Leugners Irving gehackt (Die Zeit)

The subtle roar of online whistleblowing (WikiLeaks Video talk, Copenhagen)

Linux reverse-cache boxes urgently needed for pending 911 data release. If you have root access, contact us. wl-tech@sunshinepress.org

Gordon Brown to open up UK mapping data after policy, data leaks

Palin calls WikiLeaks exposure the most disruptive event of her campaign

A free press and human rights are not free. We need you to help fight for them. Support WikiLeaks

the 573k 9/11 message intercepts will be delayed until we can budget for the traffic. Help us out:

"Wikileaks has probably produced more scoops in its short life than the Washington Post has in the last 30 years"

Ratiopharm-Akte: Die pharmazeutische Landschaftspflege von Ratiopharm

(correct url) Ratiopharm-Akte: Die pharmazeutische Landschaftspflege von Ratiopharm

Climatic Research Unit emails, data, models, 1996-2009

Climatic Research Unit private emails, data, code (fix link)

Ratiopharm Konzern bestaetigt Echtheit der Polizeiakte () und droht WikiLeaks mit Strafverfolgung

WikiLeaks threatened with prosecution by German corp Ratiopharm over exposure of corruption file ()

Gesundheitsblogger strappato zum Ratiopharm-Leak

Artists wanted! Good with graphics, layout or (interface) design and motivated to help make a change? Contact wl-art@ljsf.org

Verwaltungsgericht Wiesbaden: Beschluss zu Internet-Zugangssperren gibt Ueberblick ueber Status Quo

Yes, we were the first to release the Climatic Research Unit emails; know source. WSJ article is good.

Iraq Inquiry: WikiLeaks published full review doc last year; send us more (Guardian)

RA Seibert droht WikiLeaks mit Strafanzeige wegen Ratiopharm Leak (Schreiben mit Briefkopf)

Telegraph's Iraq scoop doc released by WikiLeaks in full last year:

First known WikiLeaks report in the language Telugu! ()

3AM Tuesday, NY Time, we will release >500k intercepted 9/11 text msgs live over 24h, synced to their original intercept

Due to unexpected technical issues, the 911 data release will be delayed 24 h.

Ratiopharm-Anwalt droht Wikileaks mit Anzeige (Gulli)

Congress May Probe Leaked Global Warming E-Mails (CBS)

In Climate Hack Story, Could Talk of Cover-Up Be as Serious as Crime? (Science)

Obama quietly backs Patriot Act extension (issue for monitored journalists) (IPS)

WikiLeaks to release over half a million 9/11 intercepts

Live broadcast of half million 9/11 pager intercepts has started

Wikileaks – Geheimnisse fürs Volk (Deutsche Welle)

WikiLeaks - Die Robin Hoods des Internets (Stern)

LKW-Maut: Wikileaks veröffentlicht geheime Maut-Unterlagen (Heise)

9/11 re-enacted: Wikileaks publishes September 11 pager messages (Guardian)

Tomorrow we expect to release 10,000 pages from Germany's infamous "Toll Collect".

Plane impact in 1.5 hours, 8:45 EST, holding firm

Day of 9/11 attacks: timeline

9/11 impact in exactly ten minutes, 08:46 New York time

Some of the more interesting 911 intercepts are appearing on

WTC south tower will collapse in 1 minute.

L'Assemblée examinera un projet de filtrage du Web début 2009 (Le Monde)

911 intercepts now available in browsable html

Toll Collect Vertraege jetzt veroeffentlicht:

Seeders of the world unite: help spread 9823 pages contract appendices for German Toll Collect

US encouraged Ethiopian invasion of Somalia: leaked UN memo

911 data: "STOP! CONNIE RICE PULLED THE PLUG. CIA ADVICED. ASAP" new search interface

We are still looking for mirror servers. Join our network and help serving the global demand in WikiLeaks material!

Want to to really make a difference? Keep freedom alive; give thanks to WikiLeaks this thanksgiving

Icelanders, please contact us wl-office@sunshinepress.org (please forward)

WikiLeaks releases Congressional ethics investigation witheld by Washington Post

Our Romanian sources tell us this video, of the President punching a boy in the face, is creating a scandal

Good analysis of new media ecomomics using Denmark as a subject (note top earner was WL derived)

EU to grant USA access to EU bank records

CNN on the WikiLeaks 911 pager messages (video, somewhat sensationalist)

Kornmeier and DigiProtect threaten German lawyer blogging about WikiLeaks exposure

journalists covering 911 pager privacy; don't shoot the messenger; deal with the big issue

Wrong URL in last tweet! should be: apologies. Please correct and forward.

Another search interface; example:

Blogeintrag von Anwalt Solmecke zu Abmahnpraktiken - unzensiert:

Gut zu sehen das Gulli gute Arbeit macht!

Animated visualization of 911 attack messages

aims to expose lies, topple governments.

SQL database of 911 pager intercepts now available

@ as an academic, you should lead history, do good and stop pretending to do good by ass-covering.

Destruction of US interrogation tapes: in a few days we will release secret docs about how Congress is being subverted

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