2009-10: Tweets in Oct 09

Guardian newspaper has had at least 12 secret gag orders this year. related:

We put this out in July: Propaganda display for China's 60th National Day

MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon on state secrets at late night WL pannel (video)

Leak: 2380 page classified doc on UK counter-intelligence proceedures

Investigative journalists top the list of new threats, according to 2389 page UK security leak

Uk military leak: 'the "enemy" is unwelcome publicity of any kind, and through any medium.'

Sexual entrapment by Chinese, Russian agents considered in new 2389 page UK leak

EU social network spy system brief, INDECT Work Package 4,

Bezuschussungsvereinbarung zwischen und zu Finanzierung der Multiloesung

This EU funded mass urban spy system an Orwellian disaster

Extraordinary developments in WL-related censorship case see Danish Chief of Defence resign.

WikiLeaks 24h press contact number currently +60-1230-0385

leak: Chinese espionage a "voracious" problem involving "a mass of ordinary students and businessmen"

StratPost: UK leak warns of growing Chinese tech spying

MoD 'how to stop leaks' document is leaked

Embarrassment for MoD as anti-leak guide gets leaked on to the internet

Royal Mail threatens for very useful lookup service for leaked postcode database

Report Mainz jetzt auf ARD, u.A. zum Thema EUISS "Krieg gegen die Armen"

EUISS Beitrag in Report Mainz wurde Opfer der Verkuerzung von Sendezeit fuer ARD Politmagazine. Effizient gespart. Stream kommt.

"Festung " - Video Report Mainz - Direktdownload

Festung Europa XL version inkl. EUISS Krieg gegen die Armen und Interview mit Tomas Ries

UK Times TOP50, appearing tomorrow, was rigged

Global Press Freedoms Map 1984-2009

Zukunft der Informationsgesellschaft nach wird entschieden von CSU und Bayern:

WikiLeaks plans to make the web a leakier place (via PC World). Get a feeling for WikiLeaks 1.0:

Gut genug fuer NRW? Gesinnungstest fuer Auslaender

WikiLeaks to syndicate the world's disclosures

WikiLeaks on the Malaysia in Malaysia Insider

Is The Pirate Bay being setup by BREIN with faked documents?

List of sites blocked by the UK MoD-note *wikileaks* and

Celebrating our first 10k followers! As long as thats only 1/150 of @, we still have a lot of work to do though.

Guardian has been gagged from reporting parliament - freedom of speech backwater UK at all-time low

Guardian gag order related to ? We do not know yet for sure, but possibly related to Trafigura.

Another post suggests that question from the Parliament protocol: @

The "Minton report" behind today's gagging of the Guardian

The "Minton report" behind today's gagging of the Guardian

Pages on blog mention the "Milton report" start to disappear

Richard Wilson possibly also gagged over the Minton report - note first hit but page removed

Cached copy of removed Richard Wilson post concerning Guardian gag and Minton report report

Monboit on background to recent Guardian secret Parliamentry report gag order (note date!)

Self-censorship in action: Author removed post linking to Minton report due to fear

More background on Dutch case calls for murder charges over toxic-dumping (Independent)

Ivory Coast toxic dumping report behind secret Guardian gag

Another victory: 2nd secret UK parliamentry gag over dropped congrats all

Financial Times also hit with secret Minton report gag order

Remember the UK press is STILL GAGGED from saying the toxic dumping report is on WikiLeaks HERE:

Internal Sun presentation shows MySQL was competing with Oracle - contrary to what Ex-CEO says

Cached copy of article REMOVED from the London Independent on toxic dumping by

More background on Ivory Coast toxic dumping injuction (BBC video)

leak: Revealing Guardian gag correspondence to Nowegian press

DigiRights Anti-Filesharing Gruppe missbraucht Abmahnverfahren zur Gewinnmaximierung

Censored Independent story Toxic shame: Thousands injured in African city now properly preserved

Anyone aware of other newspaper stories on Trafigura that have been censored/removed, please contact wl-uk@ljsf.org

Video of today's UK Parliamentry debate over gag order

Minton report gag also hit chemical engineering journal

Lawcast podcast on the toxic waste gag

Norway national TV also released secret Minton report and good doco a few days after WikiLeaks

EnBW plant kuenstliche Verlaengerung der AKW Laufzeit von marodem GKN I durch dubiose Tricks

Twitter did not save free speech. 1st secret order against entire Minton report still in effect.

Read the secret injunction gagging The Guardian - and applaud NRK for showing some backbone!

Guardian secret gag judge is Justice Maddison

Guardian still under secret toxic-waste gag

Time for UK journalists grow some balls and start violating censorship injunctions

Protokoll Inhaltliche Eckpunkte aus Sondierungsgespraechen zur Jamaika-Koalition im Saarland

What if the Trafigura case happened in Turkmenistan? (Foreign Policy magazine)

Sealed complaint against JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup & Nelnet for defrauding US gov

Canadian Afghan detainee investigation censored by outragous use of client-attorney priv

Video session on press censorship in UK, Pakistan now ready (Modern Liberty)

Special interests can see classified copyright treaty; you can't. (Wired)

L’ACTA, ne pas divulguer

WikiLeaks investigations editor speaking in Malaysia; the notorious Internal Security Act is being reviewed.

DFN DNS Technische Umsetzung der Zensurinfrastruktur, Originalpraesentation

Currently overloaded by global interest. We need your support to work towards WL 1.0. Remember that, also when we are back up!

Los Watergate de le era digital: English:

English mainstream media so useless, China doesn't even bother to block it anymore. See WikiLeaks:

Toxic waste dumper in new UK parliament gag! and

Could a little civil-disobedience kill British law's injunction monster? (journalism.co.uk)

Fuck Carter-Ruck, SPREAD THIS URL

Twitter v. Toxic-Waste media gag order, round#2, SPREAD THIS URL:

Secret gag as served on UK Times newspaper over Trafigura toxic-waste dumping report

Guardian tech-ed says too scared RT WikiLeaks. Too scared to tweet? WTF. UK needs French/US revolution

Wasn't trying to imply Guardian guys are craven. They are handling the whole Trafigura situation with great cunning.

Are there 200 or 20,000 secret "superinjunction" gags active in the UK? NO ONE KNOWS

Correction: UK Times Trafigura-Minton gag date is 16 OCT: note parliamentary refs and names of gag-judges

WIKILEAKS: Publishing the unpublishable (photo)

861 reports about Trafigura on Google News in past 7 days - only 10 mentioning WikiLeaks, and only in passing. Whats wrong?

Guardian editor urges Speaker to to go ahead with debate on Trafigura gag background:

TOTAL VICTORY in trafigura gag case. Gag lawyers relent to prevent YOU demanding reform of secret gags in general.

Tory-Politico gagged from reporting Times gag on WikiLeaks? Look closely at URL.

How the Trafigura toxic-waste story came to be told (Guardian)

Revealed: Trafigura report into toxic waste dumping (Guardian) (full rep)

Carter-Ruck give up bid to keep Trafigura study secret see

Secret rep: illnesses from release of toxic waste gas (Telegraph)

Torture taught at American Military Uni. Released in 2007, pre-obama, so no press; can you change that?

YOU can stop more secret UK net/press gag orders. Sign this official No10 petition (quick)

US Nation magazine obeyed secret British gag order (!)

WikiLeaks proposal shows Federal Shield Law flaws (protecting the source; nb WL will do blogges too)

BBC says Minton report "now released to the public" without saying where public can get it (since Sep 13) at WL.

Of 293 press articles on the suppressed "Minton report" into toxic dumping, only 11 told the public, where they could get it.

New York Times covers toxic-waste media gag and gets it mostly right

We expect to release, within 24h, a new membership list for the UK "whites only" nationalist party, the BNP.

Earlier 2008 BNP release and a great satire - the new list shows party growth

Did JPMorgan And Citi Screw Taxpayers By Cheating On Student Loans?

'Super injunction' was lifted after the horse had bolted

Listening to you at last: EU plans to tap cell phones

London art gallery dumps toxic sponsorship deal with .

BNP hit by second membership list leak (Guardian) note Orwellian non-naming of WikiLeaks. Another gag?

We calculate 11-16k members for the BNP as of april 2009, with near 35,000 total memberships ever granted.

All new BNP membership numbers had 100,000 added to them-possibly to make party seem bigger to new recruits..

BNP leader: "New membership list part of concerted anti-BNP campain"

WikiLeaks releases confidential British National Party membership database

Lord Bramhall (misspelling of Lord Bramall) is the peer cited in the BNP membership list leaked today bit.ly/QdG9C

WikiLeaks flooded by BNP story traffic. try for article and for the leak

'Lord Bramhall' in BNP list is not Barnon Bramall, but "Lord" Brain Brahall of Newbury, according to New Statesman

We applaud the BBC for rejecting Cabinet minister attempt to censor interview with BNP leader

flooded over BNP story. you can try help us buy more bandwidth. write to wl-supporters@ljsf-org

oops, that's wl-supporters@ljsf.org to provide us with more funding / bandwidth--a common restraint on our global impact

BNP database contains mostly renew notices. BNP says "list" derived from them. we released all 9 spreadsheets.

BNP threatens members, the press, over leaked members list. See latest PR from BNP

Guardian turns BNP leak into map

Great Guardian analysis of BNP leak

Trafigura: anatomy of a super-injunction - Guardian analyzes its own gag (order also in WL)

BNP to serve gag orders on press tomorrow to prevent anlaysis of WikiLeaks BNP list ://bit.ly/9G5jv

BNP to serve gag orders on press tomorrow to prevent anlaysis of WikiLeaks BNP list

Anatomy of a super injuction (Guardian, re gag order for the Minton report coverup)

Anatomy of injunction is why sources should deal with WL, rather than directly with any newspaper. We dont keep copies.

RT @: UK Speaker just got the full wikileaks URL for the Minton report into Hansard!

UK Parliament censorship debate, live, video

Guardian notes on censorship debate currently being heard in Parliament

Remove net censorship paper, including on ACMA censorship trials

Censorship debate briefing paper for UK parliament by Index On Censorship and English PEN

200-300 "super-injunctions" (secret gag orders) in force at any one time in UK, according to lawyer

Three Kiwis on far-right (BNP) party list (NZ Herald)

1) WikiLeaks release BNP list. 2) BNP denies list 3) BNP releases t-shirt "proud to be on the list"

Lovely Guardian editorial on WikiLeaks.

Leaked paper sheds light on net censorship ("filtering") failures

Zeta-Jones property developer who opposed WikiLeaks in the Turks & Caicos Is. goes into liquidation

George Monbiot on England's crazy censorship laws exported to the world

BNP leader paid for leaked UKIP membership list (Sunday Times)

Günter Wallraffs Roman "Der Aufmacher", ungeschwaerzt.

People who can read bulgarian at a diplomatic level, please contact us wl-editor@ljsf.org

50 Tage Gefängnis für Zitieren von Liedtexten auf

Mind your tweets: Social Networking Surveillance System

Top secret Bulgarian intelligence report into shadow-state/corruption stolen from PM's office

Confidential report into the proposed AUS$43b Australian National Broadband Network / Telstra break up

Bugarian PM to shutdown anti-corruption agency over corruption report (the photo is telling)

Jede Woche eine Unterlassungsklage

If you value WikiLeaks now is the time to donate! We are continually overloaded! Write to wl-supporters@sunshinepress.org

Guardian's David Leigh interview on Trafigura suppression case (ABC with Philip Adams)

Victory: French court convicts Scientology of fraud (CNN)

WikiLeaks on courage and wrestling pigs (IDG)

Censored and fired: UK libel law abuse claims next victims. DLA Piper vs Chambers Report

Must read: Britain's libel laws are killing investigative journalism (doc: )

DENIC Zusammenfassung Vorbereitung und Rollout der neuen Domains, unredigiert

Schreiben von BMF Gatzer an BDZ Leprich zu Neustrukturierung des deutschen Zolls, 15 Okt 2009

SirsiDynix restricted slanderous lobbying paper against Open Source technologies

Icelandic bank Icesave previously unreleased TV ad built on "Transparency"

Icesave video now also on Youtube. Enjoy this ironic piece of marketing.

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