2009-09: Tweets in Sep 09

Von der Leyen zur "massenhaften Vergewaltigung von Kindern" auf Wahlkampfveranstaltung in Wedel

Unredigiertes Spreeblick Interview mit Primacall MA zu dubiosen Geschaeftspraktiken

UKs survey advice to ministers leaked (Guardian)

WikiLeaks wins Prix Ars Award of Distinction. Award tonight, Forum Monday night , Linz, Austria

Current press enquiries number for WikiLeaks: +43 664 570 5714

Problems with Swedish networking. We are investigating. Tor still and some mirrors still ok

We need someone with access to LA court files. Please contact us at wl-legal@ljsf.org . Thanks for helping!

EU thinktank declares war on the poor

Google still not fighting subpoena for journalists' data

Great some press still withstands censorship attempts! The @ being sued by fraudsters

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange at Ars Electronica on the value of journalism and WikiLeaks to the world

Lisa Lynch will present a WikiLeals paper at Future of Journalism conf tomorrow, 9.30-11am GMT

Note that Prof. Lynch has made no attempt to contact us before hand to verify that her paper - on ethics no less - is accurate.

We need you! We now have to spend ALL our time fundraising. Help keep WikiLeaks PUBLISHING:

Wir brauchen euch! Gelder aufbringen verschlingt ALL unsere Zeit. Helft uns damit WikiLeaks weiter PUBLIZIEREN kann.

@ We are having tons of problems with Paypal, same as other non-profit outfits. For now they don't want us to have an account.

Routing issues in Sweden. Please support us to build more independent infrastructure! bit.ly/1LTFX

Vietnam government orders censorship of Facebook, VietTalk24 and others

Guardian newpaper has been gagged in the High Court; editor can not even say who or why.

Anyone have a copy of this paper on WikiLeaks? If so, send to wl-editor@sunshinepress.org

@ No one who spends that much time on their hair should be taken seriously.

WikiLeaks Video: Antizensur in Hochzeiten politischen Opportunismus und Kontrollwahns

Tip: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are embroiled in the Turks&Caicos Islands land theft, for those who care to look...

Citizen journalism; just another venue for the corrupt to bilk the public? we see lots like this

UK toxic dumping along Ivory Coast; confidential report

Yale pharmacology head suppressed sexual, financial misconduct criticism using WIPO

UK government database of all 1,841,177 post codes together with precise geographic coordinates

UK post codes database now mirrored on The Pirate Bay

RT: StephenGrey the british Afghanistan counter-insurgency paper the UK Army refused to print

Thomas Rathsack: Jaeger - i krig med eliten

Solid work from the Guardian here on Irvory Coast waste dumping but see also

Product placement hell: Cisco "bribes" 24, CSI, House, Heroes, the Office, and more

For English speakers asking what the huge Danish scandal is and

Great analysis from Paula LeDieu/Cory Doctorow on UK postcode leak situation

Denmark: Netside udgav også jægerbog

Some routing issues in Sweden. We are investigating. Tor .onion remains available and selected static mirrors

Conventional web service back. Routing issues fixed.

Center for investigative journalism videos now available; good guys

More upstream load issues in Sweden. We are looking for additional pipes. Install Tor and use

Routing issues in Sweden again. Whatever happened to superior PRQ hosting quality? Please standby.

Updated South African ANC healthcare nationalization plan and presentation

Lycos Deutschland Zensurliste: Ein Ausblick auf die Vielfalt von Begehrlichkeiten zur Zensur

Wikipediametric mailinglist: cabal tactics and stalking of editors?

The secret document behind the censorship of Malaysia Today

Cisco product placement internal brief now on YouTube

FDP Argumentationshilfe bei Kritik zum Thema Kuendigungsschutz

NSA to boost Baltimore workforce by 11,000 according to ref in construction industry journal

Another win. Afghan book ban case fails in Denmark "cat is out of the bag". Congrats to all who helped.

La curruzione di Comune di Mascali Halley Provincia de Catania

Corruption in Norway, Ghana or both? Statoil, BioFuel and the secret Kroll report

Xinhua Presidential Express, 18 Jun 2009

WikiLeaks main address is no-longer blocked in Iran. We congratulate the Iranian government for this dignified action.

Oeffentliche Versicherung Sachsen-Anhalt kennt etwaige Mitarbeiter gern etwas genauer

Clay Shirky says WikiLeaks is the future of news (via Ethan Zukerman)

Kluge Advokatfirma DA threat to WikiLeaks over Statoil v. BioFuel v. Kroll corruption report

Texas Instruments aims lawyers at calculator hackers

Bank Julius Baer, who unsucessfully sued WikiLeaks last year, has US IPO today

Was the leak of Royal Mail's PostZon database a good or bad thing?

Norwegian Business Daily cover article on WikiLeaks.

Great Handelsblatt feature on WikiLeaks English: German:

Netherlands: Ik wil ICT-Ambassadeur worden article: the leak:

Bank Madoff: 3 listings of Clearstream on the Net French: English:

Danish Radio Harddisken WikiLeaks interview, audio English/Danish mix

Antizensur in Hochzeiten politischen Opportunismus und Kontrollwahns (video)

WikiLeaks investigation´s editor speaking at Ars Electronica (video, 30 mins)

US intelligence budget: $75 billion and 200,000 employees.

US "fusion" centers will have access to classified military intelligence

EFF: Hey TI, leave those kids alone ( the leak: )

Bundesinnenministerium zu einem sicheren und freien Deutschland

Confidential report on UK and Irish wind energy v. nuclear power

Confidential negotiation advice on Iranian nuclear talks for EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana

Suppressed letter from UK prisoner: Why Prisoners Should Have the Franchise

UK ministry of defence conitually monitoring WikiLeaks (new FOI) compare

Did google yeild too easily to a baseless court order?

Norway: Kroll. Inc denies being company X in Statoil v. BioFuel scandal

Know someone with a copy of the Heidi Tagliavini Georgia war report? let us know: wl-editor@ljsf.org

Using DeoDjango on the leaked UK postcodes geodata

UK military investigations into classified docs on WikiLeaks: eight reports

Denmark: WikiLeaks speaking at int new media conf, New Media Days, Oct 16-17, Copenhagen

oops. that's Nov 16-17 for the New Media Days conf.

Times TOP50, due to appear on Oct 7, is probably a cheap fraud: internal docs

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