2009-08: Tweets in Aug 09

Ireland: Sean Dunn's Icelandic Debts (from Kaupthing leak; hundreds more to find)

Iceland no longer "Land of Fear and Silence"; agog over Bank leak (see end

CEOs etc of Icelandic loaned each other millions; e.g to by property in New York with no colat. "pump out and dump".

Chinese military launch english language propaganda site; denounces Australia for permitting Uygur leader visit

@ we told you there is serious spying by private intel firms

Iceland TV RUV injuncted from reporting Kaupthing leak content, so tonight broadcast WL URL for 10 sec

English summary on the Iceland injunctions and revelations

SOS Iceland - media injunctions (reddit)

UK children's hospice battles to reclaim 6M pounds it lost to Icelandic bank Kaupthing

President Mwanawsa and the looting of K838 billion from the Zambian National Oil Company

Slashdot: Censorship struggle underway in Iceland

Judge behind Iceland media injunctions has son who is spokesperson for Kaupthing and worse

The Icelandic meltdown: Telegraph & Le Monde on Icelandic bank investigation

Kaupthing in Suicide Mode

Anglo press sitll missing in action; Scandanavian press pick up Kaupthing. Innsidelån i Kaupthing

Update on WikiLeaks banking censorship/Icelandic corruption

German government wanting to expand censorship system to speech just after saying it never would

WikiLeaks supporters are great.

Financial Times starts on Iceland leak: Candy brothers, Saxo Bank, Simon Halabi, and even Carlsberg.

Guardian misses the elephant on UK censorship. IWF also censors "hate" speech, but no mention

Released: Canadian Counter-insurgency Operations manual (dec 2008) and analysis

Released restricted paper on poor WHO pandemic influenza preparations

Leaked Candian Counter-insurgency manual reflects US-Canadian "synergy"

Eigner plünderten Kaupthing

Iceland's independent people: It's time to clean the house of corruption

Guardian comes through on Kaupthing leak:

Icelandic media/WikiLeaks victory over Kaupthing injunction. Injuction dropped! Two in two weeks:

More on iceland court victory from national broadcaster, RUV, (icelandic)

UK MoD tries to redefine "working day" in an attempt to deny WikiLeaks FOI review

London lawyers threaten "copyright infringement" over journal releasing legal threat letters

Kaupthing leak story spreads all over the world (telegraph and nytimes fail to credit)

Self-censorship is now daily bread for media in Honduras (Index on Censorship)

AP: Iceland court lifts gag order after public outrage

We are seeking investors to "embed" WL legal+tech secured uploads on all blogs/NGOs/corps wl-usa@ljsf.org

We are seeking investors to "embed" WL legal+tech secured uploads on all blogs/NGOs/corps wl-usa@ljsf.org

LeMonde: L'Islande face à un scandale bancaire de plusieurs milliards d'euros

John Cleese on Kaupthing, hilarious.

Hilarious; John Cleese on Kaupthing (video).

Serious Fraud Office intensifies Icelandic banking inquiry after Kaupthing leak

Fraud expert damns EU, IMF over Icelandic collapse

Important: European public consultation on Information Society in Europe. Use your voice!

UK Serious Fraud Office urges more Kaupthing whistleblowers to step forward

Nominations for Most Wanted Leaks of 2009 complete. Help us clarify which are significant and why:

Released: Homocidal maniac, George Sodini, diary and last words

Leak: Investment bank Millennium Finance Coproration unethical and out of cash

Pristine copy of homocidal maniac George Sodini's last blog post

(fix) Pristine copy of mass-shooter George Sodini's last blog post

WikiLeaks discovers secret message in the source code of mass-shooter's last post

Is this credible? Looks like it. Fascinating and bizarre update to TCI affair.

What's happening in the evil mountain and where is Bush's emails? (Danish press Most Wanted leaks)

Dai rifiuti spunta lo 007: Ganapini servizi segreti presidenza della repubblica

New Zealand censors force business paper to remove Vodafone story

Dai rifiuti spunta lo 007 recording excerpt l'expresso

Legal threat to WikiLeaks from investment bank Millennium Finance Corporation

Financial Times: report on Icelandic bank fuels fury

Junge Liberalen erklären in internem (geleaktem) Dokument der Piraten-Partei den Krieg

Daniel Ellsberg: America has been asleep at the atomic wheel for 64 years

FAS: Inspector General chases WikiLeaks Congressional source

WikiLeaks hosts debate on censorship at 'Birthday Tent' tonite 23:00 CEST. Live stream at: please RT and join!

Britain suspends Turks & Caicos government! more:

BMWI Expertenworkshop zur Bekaempfung der Internetpiraterie. Agenda und Protokoll:

UK Government Mail Services Operations Manager phone recording on allegedly illegal mail screening:

Norwegian Secret Service article pulled from major daily VG

English translation of leaked Norwegian criticism of UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki Moon

World Wide Battle Rages for Control of the Internet (New Scientist/WL)

Iceland: What ugly secrets are waiting to be exposed in the meltdown?

Canadian infantry tactics and capabilities

Swedish Intelligence Organization overview

Recovering from neoliberal disaster: Iceland & Lativa redefine reparations

Swedish communications intelligence, Försvarets Radioanstalt, overview

627 private emails from the US Nazi party, the National Socialist Movement

Norwegian Secret Service (PST) media purge continues, this time, TV2

New Digital Master Map for Great Britain: Confidential Advice to Ministers

Victorian College of the Arts and Music Business Plan for 2010 shows planned cuts and reductions

RT @: Nächsten Mittwoch 22 Uhr auf Fritz und im Netz: CR149 Wikileaks chaosradio.ccc.de/cr149.html

Liberian official demanding bribe from Liberian Petroleum Refining Company LPRC:

Zensierter Artikel der TAZ zu Schaeubles Abhoerzentrale mit widerspruechlicher Begruendung:

@ "Unstimmigkeiten in der Recherche" beugt man durch Offenlegen von Material vor. Transparenz beugt Missverstaendnissen vor.

UK DCMS tries to suppress information about UK Video Recording Act 1984 being unenforceable

Geloeschte Stellungnahme der Partei Die zu Abtreibungen, Geburtsfolter, Kindern und Kontrolle

Suppressed CBS 60 Minutes investigative report on Landmark/EST cult leader Werner Erhard:

Sicherheit und Freiheit: Aufnahme von Schaeuble auf CDU Veranstaltung in Hamburger Hotel Eggers

WikiLeaks war zu Gast bei Chaosradio/Fritz/RBB. Mitschnitt der Sendung nun zum Download auf:

Norway tells ISPs to quietly deploy secret censorship lists

US 7th Circuit dismisses WikiLeaks-related appeal. Next time, tell us, so we can intervene!

Boeing uses employees to oppose Obama pork cuts for FY2010

Suppressed family court judgement against New Zealand National Party President Peter Goodfellow

All US checking accounts vulnerable to remote theft by Etrade fraudsters

201 paged US dossier on current Iraqi Army Operations

new anti-censorship panel video w/famous activists and (mp4); pls spread

WikiLeaks 11pm presentation on finding secret docs and (mp4)

Great Wikileaks' podcast Wie Geheimdokumente den Weg in die Öffentlichkeit finden (2hours)

Tired of running that same old TI code on your Texas Instruments calculator? Sign your own!

Further suggestive evidence of Iranian nuclear accident cover-up at Natanz

Know someone from New Zealand? Send them this, because THE PRESS WONT

Gmail may hand over IP addresses of journalists

Google May Hand Over Caribbean Journalists' IP Addresses (nytimes/rww)

Xe/Blackwater warcrimes case files under suppression motion

Google weighs fighting Gmail subpeona

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