2009-07: Tweets in Jul 09

Legal description of the Hondurian coup

Special Agent email on warrantless searches: MySpace IPs handed over within 20 minutes.

UK bans yet another book.

Non-static mirrors down for network additions. Don't panic. Back later tonight.

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WikiLeaks Keynote at : History is the only guidebook civilization has, but who's the publisher?

System back up again also. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bad coordination with provider.

State Department Grant for News Website Targeting Iran

@ Wrong assumptions. But can we assume you have already contributed so we can take the project from the Beta-Stage to full operation?

WikiLeaks suffering from some dying hardware, in time for the weekend. We will be back soon as possible. Please contribute for WikiLeaks 1.0

@: WikiLeaks im Interview (english version following up shortly)

We are back online. Please contribute to Release 1.0 so we can avoid downtimes in the future!

In Goa we trust: The rape and murder of British school girl Scarlett Keeling

German emergency services system TETRA technical briefing

We have obtained hundreds of files from inside the secretive Transcendental Meditation sect. Contact us to help format these for release.

We are told that is blocked in Iran, can someone confirm this?

Confirmed. " is being blocked by Iran according to six different testing points inside Iran.

We want the Iranian censorship lists. If you have skills to assist come to

See also if your browser has problems with the secure web-chat

Add notes about Iranian censorship of WikiLeaks here:

Great WikiLeaks-related interview from Gulli

In Goa we trust: the murder-coverup of British school girl Scarlett Keeling, photos and case files

@ we are touched, but what event?

Article on WikiLeaks in today's Guardian. Good, but could do without the tabloid angle.

Huge WikiLeaks expose on Transcendental Meditation sect/David Lynch: more:

Good followup on AT&T, Yahoo, MySpace and warrantless searches

UK charity goes after WikiLeaks to suppress corruption report

After campains by activists and many WikiLeaks, British Telecom drops Phorm advertising-spy system

Academic freedom in the UK is a joke: paper pulled

Vice-Chancellors need 'intelligence network' to head off faculty revolution says VC

Deutsche Bahn: Richtlinie "Vorsorgliche Evakuierung mit Securitybezug"

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Revealed - the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to hide

CERAC Investigadores Colombia FARC, May 2009

US FEMA Operation Winter Storm Disaster Community Relations Field Reports

Multi-national Barnes and Noble anti-union administration manuals

25 interviews with between Saddam Hussein and FBI interrogators declassified

Iran to publish detailed report on election allegations

Propaganda display to be used for the 60th celeb of Chinese Communist Party rule on Oct 1, 2009

???? ?? "wikileaks????????????????????????????????

Probed UK charity failes to file reports (the leak: )

US Web site operator liable for encouraging third-party publication of illicit content.

Stephen Conroy receives Internet Villain award for promoting censorship system:

UK phone hacking scandal: The News of the World didn't go far enough. Release the tapes!

Why you can't trust anyone but WikiLeaks: Compare: with

@ the difference is we do 'scientific journalism'. Everything is "recreatable", because we always release the primary sources.

Net filtering a $33M waste; child groups (the australian)

RT @ Save the Children Australien und andere Kinderhilfswerke gegen Internetsperren

Extrajudicial killings in Colombia, CERAC summaries complete and

UK Telegraph picks up charity corruption leak: WL: Telegraph:

Hoover institute goes all the way with Obama on support for "targeted killings" (assassinations)

World's Most Wanted Leaks of 2009 nominations so far - closes August 1.

Scientology Class V Org contract released: details repressive agreements Org members sign up for

We are looking for translation help with Iranian docs. Please help us find reliable people! Contact wl-iran@ljsf.org

Week ago, source in Iran gave WL a report of a nuclear accident at Natanz. Now Iran's nuke head resigns-no reason. Anyone know more?

Fnordfunk 041 mit WikiLeaks zum Thema "Zensiert!": (via @)

Censorship in the Internet Age (now online)

Serious nuclear accident may lay behind Iranian nuke chief's mystery resignation

Iran blocks WikiLeaks

oops. date on Iran nuclear accident, should be today. Thanks. Fixed:

US debt consolidators scam financial crisis victims: hundreds of complaints to Federal Trade Commission

Great article by on It's Our Turn to Eat, suppressed Kenyan corruption expose

US-EU-WTO removed interim agreement for the importation of hormone beef

UK charity cronyism claims to be kept secret WL:

Freedom of Info' UK requests for WikiLeaks other countries should adopt!

Iranian security force recordings (9 hours, 2007)

Big Brother Switzerland: real-time centralized internet interception to start August 1, 2009

Secret meetings in Kenya has the Hague beckons

Goldman Sachs may have knocked critic site off the net. cache:

some readers are reporting is accessable from their location. may be a routing issue.

Fantastic article on church power plays from Kenya's Daily Nation is mandatory reading

UK grand corruption inquiry into tax haven Turks & Caicos Is. final unredacted report

@: nothing to decide there, the document is public at , the journal's publisher. Nothing to do for us there.

Big Trouble in Little Paradise: The UK takeover of the Turks & Caicos Islands

Euthanasia activist, Dr. Nitschke, calls on WikiLeaks to release New Zealand blacklist

Euthanasia activist calls on WikiLeaks to release censorship blacklist

UK media still has nothing on 266 page Turks & Caicos corruption report. >8 pages and they won't read it.

These guys are the point men for the Turks & Caicos affair 11 media houses hit with injunctions today

Media suppression orders and summons for Turks & Caicos; supreme court session in progress

Further media suppression order granted yesterday over Turks & Caicos corruption inquiry

WikiLeaks case in Supreme court today; case mirrors Barclays vs. Guardian injunction arguments!

After western development consortiums bribe for state land, UK not happy to bail out Turks & Caicos

WikiLeaks victorious over corruption report gag order

A total failure of Western media

Turikish and French press first to rereport Turks & Caicos affair UK/US still MiA

The Dasht-e-Leili Massacre in Afghanistan - US communications

WikiLeaks almost successful Knight funding proposal. (tab2/3). Moral: you tell us

Still NO UK press on Turks & Caicos scandal. Even the French are reporting. UK media injuction too?

Transparency after the Turks and Caicos Islands scandal

@ can we got more details on the UK press injuction?

most UK journos at "why journ'sm matters" conf, hearing talks on injuctions.Hence no rep on WL case.The irony is painful.

Freshly unsealed qui tam against student loans giant Sallie Mae for defauding the US government p://bit.ly/aRQtF

Freshly unsealed qui tam against student loans giant Sallie Mae for defauding the US government p://bit.ly/aRQtF

Freshly unsealed qui tam against US student loans giant Sallie Mae for defrauding the US government

Wrongful arrest report for black Harvard professor Henry Louse Gates

Supreme court judgement setting aside media suppression order over WL corruption report

It case it wasn't clear; yes, we and all the journs from the TCI who were in on this, totally rock.

Bundestag: Kleine Anfrage zu Gewalttaeter-Dateien UNREDIGIERT:

Zensierter Artikel zum neuen Rammstein Song "Liebe ist fuer alle da"

we have obtained some documents with the classified US classification "FOCAL POINT" on them. Anyone know what this is?

@ you, us, fas, nsarchive, sunlightfoundation-cdt-prwatch, cryptome, globalsecurity, also users: tcij, hrw, amnesty, interpol

London papers: Turks and Caicos former PM to fight British rule

Leak: An overview of VOIP for Law Enforcement

RT @ Alan Rusbridger on The Guardian, WkiLeaks and the Barclays injunction (video)

Confidential University of California radioactive Bevatron demolition plan

Usurping police with private spies; 1525 page leak from Seattle intel fusion center.

1525 page intelligence fusion center leak from Seattle

President Xanana Gusmao handwitten orders to rebel major Reinado during 2006 crisis

Meine-union.de: Nachholbedarf der CDU beim Thema Internet

The Spy Who Billed Me Twice: from Guantamo to your doorstep

Sri Lanken national ID scheme eNIC tender fraud due tomorrow! Documents related to assassination:

Junge Union Thueringen: Aufruf zu Negativkampagne gegen Bodo L:Thueringen

Hilary Clinton told UK to suppress CIA torture evidence

some routing issue in sweden. we are investigating

Back again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contribute so we can extend our upstreams!

Aufruf der zu Negativkampagne gg. Ramelow durch Netzpolitik unabhaenig bestaetigt

Secret risk info on 205 companies each owing >45Mil EUR to Icelandic bank Kaupthing

Brits toss EU right to free elections, but no-one notices. End of the road for EU Human Rights?

Surrey police internal audit

Conde Nast's new business model: suing the Turks & Caicos Islands

bank lawyers going nuts over - 2 yrs prison under Iceland's bank secrecy law. will post threats soon

Legal threat to WikiLeaks over confidential large credit risk report by Icelandic bank Kaupthing

Is anyone having problems downloading from WikiLeaks presently? If so, please tell us from where and with which browser.

Jungewelt: Team Thüringen

Is anyone having difficulty downloading WL materials? If yes, please specify brows/file/mirror site used.

@ because the 1525 page intel fusion pdf is so large, right-click "save as" on the link

NYTimes on intel fusion/comitatus come on guys! try 2009:

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