2009-06: Tweets in Jun 09

Exposé Heike Seise, Jena Fight Club, Schild Security und rechte Gruppen im Kommunalwahlkampf

Documents expose influence of US lobbies on EU workgroup on Open Source

WikiLeaks back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Consider supporting us so we can enhance the network. wl-supporters@sunshinepress.org

WikiLeaks at London Amnesty International awards tonight. Wish us luck for the "new media" category!

WikiLeaks won the Amnesty International New Media Award. Thanks to AI, our supporters and most of all our sources!

WikiLeaks wins Amnesty International 2009 New Media Award (article)

Major Internet chokes and some technical issues on our end. We are working on it.

Google lawyer, Nicole Wong, says that repressive using Australia censorship plans

Censorship keywords used by the Chinese 'Green Dam' system against the Falun Gong

Analysis of the 'Green Dam' censorship regime due to be imposed on China, come July 1

Zensierter Spiegel-Artikel zur Telekom und deren Bestechung von Politikern:

An analysis of the Green Dam Chinese Censorware system

Leaked:13 high level Swine Flu Center for Disease control briefings:

Difficult to get Western media attention on Kenyan killings and disappearances, says WikiLeaks editor

Texans sue over Iraq burn pit pollution, law makers hold press conf

US Army "StratComm" targets members of Congress to keep tax dollars flowing.

US military targets Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Congress to keep tax dollars flowing

Kenyan government must act urgently to end impunity and bring about essential reforms

US suppressed groundbreaking WHO cocaine report for 13 years

Chinese State media Xinhua pumps Australian Internet censorship education/marketing plan

Von Zensur und der Gesellschaft:

New BBC doco: The Death of Kiss and Tell, video online now

Warning, "projectwhistleblower" is a scam word-for-word WL copy site with no src protection, pos UK mil-related

@ in priv they claim to be former UK special forces; our current speculation is that they're trying to set up a private intel biz

Has the Daily Telegraph (UK) failed by keeping its massive MP expenses leak data from the public?

China backs down over controversial Green Dam censorship software

The Dawning of Internet Censorship in Germany

Switzerland: A parasite feeding on the developing world?

News Challenge winners announced. WikiLeaks, which made it to the final shortlist, not represented. Compare.

Why lawyers are not enough: EFF drops ACTA "states secret" lawsuit

The Coming Age of Internet Censorship

The coming age of internet censorship:

Air France flight AF447 ACARS summary report

US-Canadian classified cable on Abousfian Abdelrazik, currently exiled in the Sudan

WikiLeaks releases 200 page District of Colombia Grand Lodge Master Mason Cipher book

Indian Ministry of Finance report on how to dilute environmental impact assessment standards

CRS memo for senator on proposed legislation on SEC rule 151A

Phorm/Webwise advertising interception system being pushed by UK brokerage with crazed BUY coverage

Von der Einfuehrung eines Gesetzes wider Herz und Verstand

Zensor: Von der Einfuehrung eines Gesetzes wider Herz und Verstand

US military base changes for Europe: community interactions, Wiessbaden in Germany to be new HQ

Secret new MI5 "north" operations center street address revealed

Hiding Africa's Looted Funds: The Silence of Western Media

internal emails show UK MoD panicked over intel leaks and told BT to block WikiLeaks. contact wl-editor@wikileaks.org for an exclusive

Canada-US-Sudan: Waiting for Abousfian

WikiLeaks names 287 sites on secret Italian internet censorship list

Incredible riot scenes from China. How many previously happened but were not recorded?

Riot police flee protesters in this amazing video of the Chinese Shishou riots

Exploit code for China's "Green Dam" censorship software.

Exploit code for China's "Green Dam" Censorship system; permits remote control of any Chinese PC

Great backgrounder on Iran (video)

EU officials warned to be careful about email content

EU officials taught how to hide liaisons with corporate lobbyists

Kenyan Parliamentary death threat implicates President in extra-judicial assassinations overhttp://bit.ly/1aaatm

CDU Wahlprogramm inkl. 3-strike Regelung gegen Raubkopierer:

WikiLeaks releases classified EU-India Free Trade Agreement draft. IP/drugs/many industries affected

Bizarre California cult tries to stop WikiLeaks expose spreading

More on the Fellowship of Friends cult trying to suppress WikiLeaks exposure (video)

Reminder about covert us-israeli media operations in Iran.

Guardian: UK Ministry of Defence blocks WikiLeaks

Ministry of Defence emails request BT block WikiLeaks (internal emails)

UK charity executives get into MP "job with benefits" act: secret report

Australia now plans to use prospective censorship system to ban video games

Know any Symbian phone programmers? Please have them contact us.

WL has a prototype for a safe, completely unblockable encrypted "twitter", ideal for Iran, China, etc. We seek urgent completion funding.

@ our uncensorable "twitter" is built on an encrypted, stateless, firewall punching, udp grey floodnet with cover

Air France knew about air bus problems since September 2008. We will release reports soon. Contact us for an exclusive.

The most wanted leak for 2009? 1000 EUR prize. Nominations still open.

The most wanted leak of 2009? Nominations still open.1000 EUR prize See the list so far

What Air France knew:

Honduran coup: Secret Special Forces brief to Congressman reveals 21 Latin American missions

US Navy nuke sub brief showing covert Special Forces deployments from converted missile tubes

New Yorker has a good follow up of US murder of detainees in Iraq. WL: NY:

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