2009-05: Tweets in May 09

Obama's Chilling Crew: The legal harassment of those investigating Tony Rezko

Obama's Chilling Crew: The legal harassment of those investigating Tony Rezko

RAND: US pandemic influenza surveillance gaps: DoD Serum Respository & Defense Medical Surveillance

Tear down the wall: China's search censorship keywords, policies and blacklists

Chinese censorship keywords, policies leaked

2009 CIA OSC translation of secret Israeli database shows full extent of illegal settlements

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Hacker ransoms eight million patient records

US Army Police Concept includes tricks to spy on Anti-War protesters:

NASA exploration systems architecture details - To the moon and beyond

BKA verweigert Einsicht in Zensurverträge: gefährde öffentliche Sicherheit und geistiges Eigentum

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Bilderberg Group history and meeting reports for various years released:

Roll Call follows up on WikiLeaks CRS mass leak:

British Waterways executive bonus pay-offs for 2008/2009 released:

Release of hidden 2006 report on culture and leadership in Nottingham City Council:

Nottingham City Council "culture and leadership" concealed report

British Waterways executive bonus payoffs

Brasil finance paper follows up on Bank Julius Baer documents with Swiss "bomb man" Rudolf Elmer

FBI called in to find WikiLeaks' Congressional deep-throat

The Australian is doing a WL special. If we've helped you, tell guilliattr@theaustralian.com.au +61292883636 (Richard Guilliattr) about it.

is doing a WL special. Support us for some interesting reason? Tell david@davidkushner.com (skype: dbkushner) all about it.

US Army media brief for rape and murder of 14 year old Iraqi girl and family by 101st soldiers

Another secret Chinese censorship list revealed: China Center TeleVision

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US Army Detainee Death Reporting Procedure

Texas GOP contender bankruptcy record

African Union Sudan Ceasefire Violation report: SLA attack on GOP convoy, 31 Jan 2005

US Marines Aircraft Control Tactical SOP, 2002

Over 700 Crysler Dodge Jeep dealers to be abandoned, full details,

Wikileaks requests nominations for 2009's Most Wanted Leak

Swedish EU-Data Retention draft leaked

Anyone in Chicago or visiting Uni Illinois? Please contact us for a small scanning mission.

Another wl-related draft paper - interesting, although contains several inaccuracies.

Canadian Conservative Stephen Harper party stump instructions to backbench leaked

US denies incendiary weapons use in Afghanistan

Everything Secret Degenerates: FBI use of murderers, internal version, 2004

Guantanamo goons still terrorizing detainees

Shillings claims to have acted for Baer against WL (they lost)

Australian Senate questions government on ACMA censorship and WikiLeaks

Secret Italian vs. world internet access speeds government "caio report" leaked:

April 2009 ISAF report shows alarming statistics on war in Afghanistan

CIA logbook of Congressional member torture briefings from 2009:

US Centers for Disease Control: Swine flu Directors Briefing, 14 May 2009:

Credit card company Discover Network Dispute Rules Manual

Google Street View, Immersive Media and the Canadian Privacy Commission, internal docs, 2006-2007

US CDC Swine flu Director's Update Brief, Day of Long Range Workforce Planning, 19 May 2009

Help WikiLeaks find the world's most suppressed information. Nominate!

@ states CDC is investigating recent swine flu leaks. Do you have more details @?

Leak reveals Swine-flu/H1N1 vaccine "proving much tougher than expected"

Rocky Mountain Labortory Special Council biosafety report, 16 May 2006

New York Brooklyn Slippery Slope SARS full scale bioagent exercise, 2005

Minnesota Laboratory System: Swine flu testing safety, 25 Apr 2009

US DHS: National Bio and Agro-defense Facility Site Selection to include Plumb Island, New York, Nov 2008

Aussie gov admits less than 32% of secret censorship list relates to child porn

Gov sicks feds onto WikiLeaks over censorship lists, Senate told

WikiLeaks wins prestigious Prix Ars Electronica award (5k EUR) for Digital Communities

(fix url) Aus gov admits less than 32% of secret censorship list relates to child porn

(fix url) Aus gov sicks feds onto WikiLeaks over censorship list, Senate told

Credit for breaking Watergate must mostly go to the FBI, not the Washington post

Aus/UK: Secret censorship list pulls plug on Euthanasia debate

Australian mandatory internet filter could become voluntary

Australian mandatory internet filter looks to become voluntary following WikiLeaks exposures

Fuer alle deutschen User: Heute 19:20 Kulturzeit auf 3sat zum Thema Demokratie im Internet feat. WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks wins Ars Electronica Digital Communities prize!

Ab ca 18:00 volles WikiLeaks interview auf 3sat Kulturzeit @

WikiLeaks favorite for Amnesty International New Media Award. Ceremony June 2, London

WikiLeaks talking at Germany's premier investigative journo conf, June 5, Hamburg (flyer)

WikiLeaks Germany Die Zensur im Netz, interviews,

Hazbollah did it: Der Spiegel and the Rafic Hariri assassination

3sat.de doesn't appear to like deep links. Simply goto and search for "WikiLeaks" to see the videos

Bilderberg meeting reports1980 and 1958 text versions now complete,

Le Monde: Les censeurs du Net

CIA may be illegally harvesting billions of records from facebook etc. Investigate, BigData. See paragraph 6.

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