2009-04: Tweets in Apr 09

Kenyan assassinations: slain human rights lawyer Oscar Kingara to International Criminal Court indicting President ...

Kenyan assassinations: slain human rights lawyer to UN indicting President ...

problems with assassinations url in last two tweets. will repost later

Stroud District Council, UK burns 3M in failed investment against advice ...

Militares de Colombia: FARC Operacion HELIO, SECRETO, 13 Oct 2006 ...

WL-related assassination: Slain laywer to International Criminal Court letter 1 Jan 2009

lots of new leaks whos urls have been eaten by twiter, see "latest leaks"

The secret G7 copyright trade agreement: ACTA consultation report ...

Defense contractor suspended over neo-Nazi link

Defense contractor suspended over neo-Nazi link

more on Blood and Honour Neo-Nazis, including photos

Leaked report into torture and abuse against 14 prisoners held by the CIA

WikiLeaks releases new sensitive TSA airport ID scheme

German police guide for NATO summit 2009 released

Wikileaks releases US passport application processing manual

Wikileaks releases NSW WorkCover insurer contracts

UK Army member of Neo Nazi group Blood and Honour? johnnikb@aol.com, appears to be Sgt. John Bewell see also ...

domain seized. Wikileaks has not been contacted. We are investigating. The new due process in Germany?

Wikileaks Germany unannounced domain name seizure, more

Wikileaks releases comprehensive domestic/int terrorism threat assessment for 2009

Deutsche Wikileaks Domain ohne Vorwarnung gesperrt

Breaking: Germany muzzles WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has obtained the latest "ACTA" international trade agreement draft. Stay tuned.

Got a german domain? Point domain or subdomain to and become part of a union too big to censor! wl-tech@ljsf.org

Wikileaks official donation page updated:

German activists start mass Wikileaks solidarity campaign, pointing domains to Wikileaks. See next tweet for more

Handelsblatt: "Experten greifen von der Leyen an"


What's the world saying about WikLeaks? See

Please post all German-registered Wikileaks alternative names to - we're losing track!

Defence contractor suspended over Nazi link reader video:

correction to previous video url:

Wikileaks releases classified ACTA international trade agreement drafts

@ the ACTA document is large, you will need to "save to disk" or be patient.

Secret US, EU, Japan, Aus, Can intellectual property trade agreement leaked

DENIC states Wikileaks.de was cancelled by domain registrar, stay tuned for detail

Have you contributed to WikiLeaks? Keep us strong this Easter:

ACTA secret copyright/patent/trademark treaty leak now typed up. The treaty criminalizes a wide range of activities ...

ACTA secret copyright/patent/trademark treaty leak now typed up. Criminalizes a wide range of activities

Short update on Wikileaks.de issues: more open questions remaining, situation is still unclear. We will update once we have all information.

Kurzes Update zu Wikileaks.de: es gibt noch offene Fragen und die Situation ist weiter unklar. Ein ausfuehrliches Updates folgt sobald a ...

WikiLeaks.de domain cancellation is related to BND articles in Dec; specific timing possibly recent events

possibly a case of anticipatory obedience by registrar

will give details in 204 hours. stay tuned

that's 2-4 hours.

Sorry; that's 2-4 hours, not 204.

Details zur Wikileaks.de Stilllegung

Details behind the WikiLeaks.de domain takedown

US Rightwing Extremism: Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization

Fix: US Rightwing Extremism: Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization

Wikileaks.de Sponsor Theodor Reppe schlaegt zurueck:

Wikileaks.de sponsor Theodor Reppe strikes back (google translation):

Wikileaks.de Gulli-news English interview with Theodor Reppe

Video of police savagely batoning woman at G20 funeral

More videos of G20 police violence at Guardian collection

4 new CIA torture memos confirm SERE leaks

Help compile a list of uncensored DNS servers for a Germany post April 17th:

Helft uns eine Liste von unzensierten DNS Servern fuer Deutschland nach dem 17. April zusammenzustellen:

Befreie Dich von Zensur in Deutschland! Unzensierte DNS Server und Konfigurationsguides unter

Afghanistan Order of Battle, 2007

University of St. Thomas faculty email war

US Army: Tactics in Counterinsurgency, March 2009

WikiLeaks: Youtube video on how to upload confidential documents (by reader. Can you do better?)

WikiLeaks: Youtube video on how to upload leaks or censored documents (fix)

DPA correction to story on WL/Steve Jobs

Unexpected maintenance, sorry for not announcing earlier. We will be back shortly. Consider contributing so we can enhance infrastructure.

Maintenance over, WikiLeaks is available again. Anyone still experiencing issues please let us know.

Aktuelle Fassung des geplanten Zensurgesetzes veroeffentlicht unter:

US in Iraq: Detainee Aspects of Transition, 19 Feb 2009

US forces used almost 20,000 rounds of "non-lethal" ammo/CS gas on Iraqis in 2008

correct to last tweet: 2007-2008

We warned you: First Belgium use of "anti-child-porn" system is to censor list of convicted pedophiles

Battle over global "anti-counterfeit" treaty

Transcendental Meditation sect Governor Policies

Full Inquiry into the Treatment of Detainees in US Custody, 20 Nov 2008

Ermittlungsverfahren wegen Metallica Upload zu Rapidshare

US Space and Naval Warfare Pacific Missile Range Facility base security analysis

Homeland Security: Hamas' US Network

US $547M Ghana grant contract, Sep 2007

US $295M Georgia foreign aid grant tax waiver, 24 Mar 2006

Great article about WL: Got all but Steve Jobs correct, without even asking us. Rare occurrence of accuracy.

WikiLeaks Paypal/VISA/etc. donation system complete! Have you you contributed? See

@: Koenntest Du den einscannen und uns per Mail schicken? Wir haetten gerne eine Kopie der Druckausgabe. Danke!

Please edit to make it accurate/broader e.g with and other sources

Australian Internet censorship:

German anti-censorship activists should adopt this!

No panic, Wikileaks has some caching issues. Will be fixed shortly.

East Timorese go begging as World Bank advisers rake it in

Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) Student Leader handbook

US Marine Corps Intelligence Exploitation of Enemy Material, 2006

Network issues at PRQ. We will be back shortly.

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