2011-09-14 Rudolf Elmer interview with India Today

In his first interview since being released from jail, Rudolf Elmer stated to India Today that:

- the investigation against him is still ongoing, and that he could not make any detailed statements because he would be arrested again.

- the CDs he handed over to Julian Assange in the Frontline Club were empty. He also said that it was only a symbolic handover, because it was a public place, and because the police could have intervened. He also said that Assange would not have come, had there not been information.

- that he would not have been released from prison had any data been published.

- that he cannot answer whether any Indian names are on a list he allegedly gave to Assange, as the investigation against him was still ongoing.

- it is possible to keep money out of reach of tax authorities. He also describes how this could be done, in hypothesis.

- that he cannot comment on whether any Indian cricket players have Swiss bank accounts because his investigation is still ongoing.

- that private investigators put pressure on him and his family, including his six year old daughter.

- that he filed a complaint at the European Court of Human Rights.

- that he will appear in court in November.

- that Assange protected him and his family. This statement was made in reply to a question whether there was a deal between Assange and the courts that Assange will not publish the data.

WL Central cannot verify these claims. The above is merely a summary of some key points in this interview. For our previous coverage of the topic please see this link.

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i think it is obvious to the world that wikileaks protects mr. elmer and i agree that this is in favour and honours the wikileaks policy of protection of the sources. i only am not sure, if it is the right decision in this specific case. first because mr. elmer was a hostage even before he allegedly passed information to wikileaks. second because it is not sure that the decision not to publish the data, does really protect mr. elmer and mr. assange. of course these thoughts are only relevant, if mr. elmer passed indeed information to wikileaks. (please excuse my bad english skills)

Good for Julian! Protect the source at any cost.

I'm certain that Mr. Elmer's info would have been far more interesting than the sub million dollar accounts that UBS and the US government 'outed' in their agreement. However, the illegal imprisonment of Mr. Elmer showed how nasty they can be about protecting the "Big Names".

We loose the information on this one, but WikiLeaks gains the credibility of making deals to protect their sources, not a bad deal considering...:)

I'm very relieved to see new posts on the site after a couple of days with nothing, I feared the big boot had landed on someone.

Prism Magaizine http://prism-magazine.com/ suffered a hacker attack today, but is back on the air now. And at Salon.com , Glenn Greenwald is under a continuous barrage of negative posting, Mr. Greenwald seems to be holding up well.

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