2011-07-07 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases & #WikiLeaks


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08:40 PM A useful list of contacts for journalists covering the Assange case: swedenversusassange.com

Commentators listed are described as "independent sources with differing views of the case."

06:15 PM Kristinn Hrafnsson has been announced as a keynote speaker at the Centre for Investigative Journalism Summer School 2011.
Julian Assange elaborates on the reasons he won't be able to attend the Summer School himself, as it was previously expected.

04:45 PM Wikileaks is once again taking credit card donations. DataCell is now processing Mastercard, Visa and American Express payments, but a law suit is still to be initiated in Denmark with the intention of receiving compensation for losses during the last 7 months of financial blockade. Read DataCell's full statement here.

Or use your credit card to donate.

04:25 PM At Visa's request, Wikileaks is delaying its complaint against Visa and Mastercard.
Wikileaks hopes to reach an out-of-court deal.

According to lawyer Svein Andri Sveinsson: "Visa asked for a delay to react to our demands" "They said they would come back to us Friday... If nothing changes, we will file the complaint after the weekend."

04:00 PM How Wikileaks rocked Tunisia, a Tunisian activist on Wikileaks' role as a catalyst for the Tunisian revolution.

... Finally, through WikiLeaks, international diplomats confirmed what ordinary Tunisians had suspected for a long time...

... WikiLeaks came at the right moment; the regime did not have any internal popular legitimacy, though foreign governments believed that Ben Ali was supported by his population. WikiLeaks taught the Tunisian people that even foreign diplomats from the West, among them the Americans, were not on good terms with the regime.

When Tunisians realised that their suspicions had grounds and were even well documented by foreign diplomats, there was no longer any excuse - the regime had to change.

Visa make statement

Wikileaks have posted the credit card donation link here: http://wikileaks.org/Donate.html?blockade

They say that Visa have said they might close this new facility. Is that statement from Visa today public?

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