2011-07-07 The #15M movement in #Spain has already stopped 47 evictions #spanishrevolution #viviendadigna

As of July 7th, 2011, the outraged movement in Spain has already prevented almost 47 evictions, according to the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH in Spanish http://afectadosporlahipoteca.wordpress.com/), which aims to defend the "right to housing". From their website they are constantly making calls to ensure that families with financial problems avoid becoming homeless, denouncing that real estate speculation has led many families to inhumane situations. They also denounce the fact that, in Spain, around 180 evictions are executed each day, too many to be stopped.

The platform prevented the first eviction in November 2010, way before new groups from the 15M movement, such as Real Democracy Now! and Acampada Sol, joined them. Thanks to them Lluís Martí, an unemployed father and his nine year old son could continue to live in their home in Catalonia, despite being unable to pay their debt. On the 7th of July, the group successfully disrupted the eviction of a 55 year old woman from Madrid, who is unemployed and has to take care of a severely disabled son of 25. Problems for this family started 18 years ago when the mother mortgaged their house to help her ex-partner pay some debts. In 2002, after the relationship had ended and she found herself unable to pay, she went to a financial agency, that in turn went to the bank Caja de Ahorros Mediterraneo (CAM), that in turn gave her a new loan of 157 thousand euros. Today, in 2011, the financial entity, adding expenditures and interest rates, demands that she return 200 thousand euros, a sum way out of her reach.

Among the protesters there were at least two other people that have managed to delay their evictions thanks to the platform’s actions. One was Anwar Khalil from the neighborhood of Tetuan, the first sucessful action in Madrid, and the other one Luis, an 70 year old man from Parla, also in Madrid. To achieve their goal the group summons the public and media to stand in front of the house, blocking the Government inspector from entering and therefore delaying the process, as it has to pass through court again. Here is a video of a similar protests organized by the PAH.

On this occasion around 200 people showed up first thing in the morning to intercept the judicial secretary, that was expected at 9:30 am. At around midday the court handling the case issued a statement delaying the eviction alleging “public order” motives. The Platform celebrated the success of their protest and announced that it would continue the "struggle." A spokesperson, Eloi Morte, explained to the press that they are demanding an alternative for the family such as a “social rent” that would allow them to keep the flat for only a 30% of their meagre income. He also said that they argue in favor of returning the house in exchange (dacion en pago) for the debt, something illegal in Spain and that has been tried to pass as law in numerous occasions, with major parties PP and PSOE rejecting it repeatedly.

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