2011-03-29 'This Week in WikiLeaks' Podcast - Guest @WLLegal Talks Legal Issues Raised by #WikiLeaks [Update:1]

Update: Complete edited podcast is now posted for listen and download

Last week, “This Week in WikiLeaks” took the week off. The host Kevin Gosztola participated in a WikiLeaks panel at the Left Forum in New York City. I appeared with Danny Schechter, who can be found at MediaChannel.org.

The panel looked at what has been revealed by WikiLeaks and had extra significance as it happened right around the eighth anniversary of the Iraq War. Audio of my presentation and Schechter’s presentation will be posted as a podcast episode soon.

ImageRegular scheduled programming resumed last weekend. The show’s guest was Trevor Timm, the person behind the Twitter account @WLLegal. Timm recently helped to make possible a great Personal Democracy Forum event called, “WikiLeaks & the Law.” [Go here for video of the full panel.]

The podcast is now edited and can be listened to by clicking on the widget below:

You can also listen to and download the podcast here. And, it can be found on iTunes by searching for "CMN News" and then the WikiLeaks podcast will appear.

Timm and I talked about some of the legal issues raised by WikiLeaks. I’ll open the conversation by asking Timm what he thinks are the key issues raised by WikiLeaks and how people are responding to WikiLeaks.

We then talked about legal questions that rise from the government being able to make a distinction between who is and is not a journalist (if they would seek to claim or assert such an authority).

We got into a discussion about issues raised by private entities choosing to not let organizations like WikiLeaks use their services because they push legal boundaries and/or make the state uncomfortable.

Following the interview, CMN News correspondents Chris Novembrino and Jordan Williams were brought to continue the conversation.

And now for a few plugs: WL Central is doing excellent coverage of all the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. If you haven't been keeping up with what is happening, check the front page for updates on various countries.

I helped Greg Mitchell put together the first chapter of his new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences. It's his 2nd book on the WikiLeaks story and was published as an e-book here and in print here this week. It is currently the only book on Manning.

I also help Mitchell keep up his WikiLeaks blog at The Nation, which has been going strong for nearly 120 days.

All material used in the opening introduction is covered by fair use. The music is from Freeplaymusic.com.

Any ideas for future guests? Shoot me a message on Twitter or to my email, which is kgosztola@hotmail.com.

This Weeks Podcast

I liked the first part of the podcast when you were talking with the guy from Wikileaks Legal. I also listened to the conference held in New York last week.

The second part of the podcast was just silly. Julian Assange has repeatedly said there are some secrets that governement should have. What Julian Assange said is when a person in the government sees illegal acts being committed, and there is no recourse for that person to have this matter addressed and corrected, then that person has an option to leak that information. And that's it. No one is saying that the enemy will find out government national security secrets. Your speakers simply don't have a clue what Wikileaks is about. Come on guys, get informed!

Thanks for your comment

They both have slightly different points of view than me, which makes for good conversation. I think their thoughts are the thoughts of many Americans so I as host will try to address them.

Thanks for listening. This week's podcast guest is Ethan McCord, the soldier seen rescuing children in the "Collateral Murder" video. You won't want to miss it.

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