2011-03-29 Journalist Olu Jacob of Next on the Complete Nigerian WikiLeaks Cables [VIDEO]

Next, a news organization in Nigeria, has been granted access to all of the US State Embassy Cables from Nigeria. The organization began covering the cables this month.

Unfortunately, WL Central has not really covered the revelations coming out of Nigeria (and that should hopefully change in the coming days). For now, here is a video with Olu Jacob, a journalist from Next, talking about the Nigerian cables and how Next has gone about covering the revelations on STV.

At one point during the interview, there is a discussion about the authenticity of the cables. Jacob is asked about Dimeji Bankole, Speaker of the House of Representatives in Nigeria, denying he said what is written in a cable:

“These are secret discussions that these people have. Nigerian government officials, they didn’t think that this would come to light—never thought so. They met secretly behind closed doors with American ambassador and told them their heart things they cannot say on the record. The WikiLeaks cables shook the whole world. It was an embarrassment to the United States. Now, of course, they will deny it. I’m not really saying Bankole is right or wrong. NEXT is not saying that. NEXT is saying that this is what the American ambassador is saying Bankole told her.”

Jacob adds that it is basic journalism to confirm the contents of the cables. Next tries to ask the officials if they really said what is written. Often, officials do not respond to calls asking for confirmation. And then, when the story runs, they deny that they ever said what is in the cable.

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