2011-02-14 WikiLeaks on the WikiLeaks Twitter case

Wikileaks has released the following in response to the Wikileaks Twitter case covered by WL Central here, here and here.

Mon Feb 14 18:28:37 2011 GMT

Tomorrow (Tuesday morning), a federal magistrates court in Virginia's national security heartland will be the scene of the first round in the US government's legal battle against Julian Assange. The US Attorney-General has brought an action against Twitter, demanding that it disclose the names, dates and locations of all persons who have used its services to receive messages from Wikileaks or Mr Assange. It is understood that Twitter will resist the order, so as to protect the privacy of its customers.

Assange said today "This is an outrageous attack by the Obama administration on the privacy and free speech rights of Twitter's customers - many of them American citizens. More shocking, at this time, is that it amounts to an attack on the right to freedom of association, a freedom that the people of Tunisia and Egypt, for example, spurred on by the information released by Wikileaks, have found so valuable".

On December 14, 2010, the US Department of Justice obtained an Order requiring Twitter turn over records of all communications between Wikileaks and its followers. This Order was acquired through the use of the "Patriot Act", which establishes procedures whereby the Government can acquire information about users of electronic communication networks without a Search Warrant, without Probable Cause, without particularizing the records that relate to a proper investigatory objective—and with without any public scrutiny. The basis for the Order remains sealed and secret.

Whilst happy that Twitter plans to resist the subpoena, Wikileaks said it was confirmed that other service providers like Google and Facebook and Yahoo may also have been served with a production order back in December, at the same time as Twitter, and may already have provided information to the government by way of a deal under the secrecy provisions introduced by the Patriot Act. "We are all asking all service providers to explain whether they too have been served with a similar order, and whether, they have caved into it" said Mr Assange.

Tuesday’s case in Virginia, involves the United States government seeking to obtain vast amounts of private information that would jeopardize and chill First Amendment rights of association, of expression, of political assembly, of speech. At its essence it seeks information that can be converted into a list of individuals, across the globe, who have followed, communicated with, and received messages from WikiLeaks – the very sort of government intrusion into basic freedoms that the Supreme Court ruled was prohibited by the First Amendment. WikiLeaks will not participate directly in that proceeding because it believes that the US lacks jurisdiction over expressive activities beyond its borders, but it strongly supports the associational rights of its followers and all who work toward a more open society.

Mr Assange will not himself be intervening in the action against Twitter because as an Australian who has committed no criminal act on US territory, he claims that the American courts have no jurisdiction over him. The head of his UK legal team, Geoffrey Robertson QC, has brought in Alan Dershowitz, the distinguished Harvard Law Professor, as part of the team to advise on the US Attorney General's actions.


Becky summary of the central band classic lecture

Becky classic lectures in the Central Band Summary 1. Singing posture is extremely necessary. To stand up straight, legs to stand around the help of regular power. Head position is a great deal more imperative than bodily place. Some sing treble head up, it appears to sing as much as preserve a little powerful, is simply not the situation. Head up to treble tight. Throat will likely be tight, not loose. Suitable are: head need to be slightly decrease, although not too reduced. Quite a lot of head resonance, the sound resonates within the head, the sound remarkable. Head movements and melodies on the contrary, the higher the head is somewhat reduced, the sound seemed to go down for the chest. 2. Singing, check out in order to avoid singing has practically nothing to undertake with these muscular tissues. Management of breathing will not entail as far as likely together with the diaphragm to other muscle tissue, not as complicated as moving items, so all of the chamber will undoubtedly be closed up, the voices had been tightly. Really do not be nervous when singing, nature sing, shoulders should certainly be relaxed, not a trick, only the diaphragm when singing. three. Open the throat. Open the throat is quite rather simple, when you're trapped, the aspect from the speech side in the yawning, this time to open the throat. Open the throat than to open your mouth even more vital! This sound sing devoid of opening the throat than just the voice of mouth is significantly more brighter. Thus, with all the throat with the mouth open, the top was behind the sheets bigger! As with an inverted funnel, giant mouth and throat at a social gathering during the neck, the funnel on the tip from the mask. If the sound location have already been entered mask, sound progressively have the ability to sing in the lightest strongest. Note: only the mouth does not open the throat: the former mouth mouth after mouth minor, but open the throat: the former mouth right after mouth (the inverted funnel) four. Focus. Singing voice seems to set movie, the sound need to resonate, the concentrate should certainly be concentrated, concentrated around the mask. As well far, also close not operate. Anyone has their own voice to perform the concentrate, concentrate, and the sound may be alot more and much more; didn't concentrate around the scattered sound. Needs of voice, could not be place on a shelf 1 day, when the resonance position to start modest, then grow open, Yue Changyue giant. This sound method, compact voice, as in the event the light behind the mirror, you may make light farther. Forehead, sinus cavity resonance, and so on. are empty, to create the best use. 5. Breathing. Singing, the use of breathing when lying down to sleep. In Xiongshihuxi and stomach breathing (diaphragm), I desire stomach breathing, which can suck also deep. And swiftly. But no matter what sort of breathing, can't use two concurrently! That is a contradiction, being a foot brake and one foot stepped around the accelerator. six. Education voice. You initially find the ideal sound after which later down the up, down to sing, mouth,A foreign country is the fire prohibited article, throat, Really don't move the spot, close towards the tone while in the singing encounter as a whole lot as possible, try to imitate the top sound, that is labeled as . Anyone have to possess a Shell out special awareness to voice, throat feeling. Singing is very abstract, we will need to pay interest for the throat tendons and other vocal organs of your techniques the state. Sound memory, not merely refers to your tone, but which include sound quality, tone, dynamics. Future on the sound location from the pursuit of unity. seven. Sound simple factors. 1st, a tad down the throat muscle tissues to produce a number of Adam's apple, so mellow sound of, than up the volume so superior. Second, the singing, we need to keep a column, as well as the healthy voice contrast, in a very column based on, the extra the loud voice of the wider area, the more influence. I mentioned open the throat, may be to make the throat open, so the sound will not be suppressed, not dry out extremely zero cost, open nasal cavity in to the head cavity, the freedom to play a resonance vibration. Have respiratory support, to maximize the resonance impact, not after that open the throat pressure, squeezing, sound white. If we can acquire a right position, the sound immediately, correct into the mask. eight. Vocal cords like a rubber band, but also can maintain each stretched broad. Yet, if a person is not really typical to play their legitimate sound, but deliberately maintain great and medium, the voice whispered region, so the treble can not sing to their effort. Even if the songs up, the sound is swagger. The right sound location is: loud location by the width in the sound limit and large place, to become in a very low voice volume and location on the sound, rather than in a lower voice the voice zone stretch a deliberate tone up education, sing the first note, the Adam's apple down, and after that more on to sing the second tone, handle Adam's apple isn't going to transfer, that is certainly achieved the 2nd tone, then even more on the practice the 3rd, fourth, and steadily enhanced. 9. Open throat, larynx and throat secure romance in between the two muscle force. Throat and neck muscle tissues of two amazing, is usually to request the help of two on the throat muscles open, fairly than the throat clenched. The best to open the throat is felt about the neck growth. The simplest way is having a organic sense of yawning to speech, to sing. One more way is once the singing voice was smiling mouth form to shape. Pouting, pull the chin to kind a vertical oval mouth, throat, very easy to tighten. 10. The best way to clear up the issue for acoustic position. While in the voice whispered area, as wide spot using the loud, it really is convenient to transition. If the following There may be also extensive, allow it to be, too, towards the transition sound complex for the previous. Within a reduced voice, the voice location commenced to sing up, the first sounds like a good pitch area, spot by the voice to sing, you’re able to easy more than. Because the site of your sound resonates inside the mask is often maintained. Sing the transition sound, not to an work, to sing soft and smoothly. 11. Even now have time to sing pianissimo mask resonance, requiring higher high quality sound with all the tone and when to sing precisely the same. Sing the treble, the sound during the mask was extremely loud, incredibly vibrant, singing bass should really also have this impact when, but significantly more gentle. twelve. When singing treble note, do not open his mouth. Sing the treble with abdominal breathing, the upper abdomen will want to be somewhat from some. 13. Ought to consider to stop a collision with all the way the voice of the throat. To sing having a smile, from treble to bass, each voice features a position, there exists help to keep the living, his voice to not exert oneself. Sing the treble when beat up, down so far as likely down in accordance with that place, the placement adjust. 14. Do not be afraid tiny voice! I'm sure a great number of most people while in the sound of singing inside the location after they wish to assistance great voice. Usually do not such as the sound on the United States, the spot have to be of substantial high quality to be substantial. To maintain the same place is hard, because the diaphragm often lazy. 15. Sing HC, to become weak, a bit. Not a mouth to sing, fuel and ran fifty percent her encounter to really feel limp green it! The art of singing would be the artwork of breathing is always to suck much more, check out to little by little put the time to sing. Vibration of vocal cords with extremely minor fuel. The trick will be to stage a tiny level! Sing tremendous to seem limp dead. sixteen. Really don't hard to sing bass, even more uncomplicated, the same as knocking out a smaller hammer; singing treble, like a tad bell in it, especially the lyric soprano. Well exactly where to in which to sing. To the position, not to exert oneself. 17. The end from the pitch you can sing better, for a wonderful fuel, when beat up, the level is extremely smaller and then prolonged to enlarge. 18. Breathe, appear about the expansion on the diaphragm, certainly in front in the diaphragm is extremely strong. Remember, be certain to work with diaphragmatic breathing! 19. Just about every word, each and every vowel will have to consistently retain a large position, the emphasis has always been concentrated on resonance. To ensure the audience will really feel you can actually sing effortlessly. Steady fixed larynx lies, fairly than open his mouth to convert unique vowels. Throat precisely the same position, can freely sing tone or darker vibrant sound, the sound with the resonance position is frequently targeted on a single position, like motion images, aligned to a obvious emphasis, otherwise the picture to blur. A similar is authentic voice. twenty. Really do not bump the tongue, the tongue action, the voice change. Tongue flat so that the mouth is far more place. 21. The spot in the sound to set the mask, you possibly can have sympathy, do not hold again in your throat, to be released. Two points really should at all times be done: very first, the Adam's apple down; 2nd, diaphragm muscular tissues strong to support the balance of reside sound. The formation of transverse oval mouth, not a vertical ellipse. Outdoors of the mouth is opened too much, within the mouth will likely be smaller sized. Use glance inside mirror, while you like to open the throat, absolutely open? In the event the true open, to recollect the muscle movement. 22. Both upstream or downstream to sing, the sound with the site can not be changed. Must use with audio and singing till the conclude from the sound. Usually powerful assist for your diaphragm. Certain awareness to both equally Freeze and throat. Sing the treble, to puff sufficient air to sing, and concentrate power around the body to website link the sound. 23. Chest once the chest is constantly singing, and mouth to communicate as naturally as. Pianissimo singing, sing loud sounds the exact same placement, full and shiny. Confront to encounter that has a smile and singing, the sound position around the superior, to the mask cavity resonance. Voice to extensive, to round, to bright, but not produced out of the mouth, but which opened the throat. But no respiratory assist can't open the throat, respiratory assist, the sound is loose. I mentioned 24. To open the jaws at the sound is usually deep! Daya site in chewing each word, which means you can not open his mouth! With which to open the pronunciation, mellow sound, the location of every vowel is also painless to unity. 25. You should bear in mind to try and do two things: open the throat, maintaining the sound place. In a very minimal area, not difficult, like speech. Really do not sing the higher pitch one particular to the treble, there isn't any site great lips moving. Don't all of the sudden enormous mouth, we must at all times hold that state. Sound has at all times seemed to float on top rated. 26. Don't open your mouth up and down too much, do not be an excessive amount of, not up and down the O (vertical oval shape is straightforward to mouth clenched throat!). Generally within the opening, which set substantial articulation. The singer has this approach, it'll slowly and gradually unearth resonance point. 27. College of bel canto singing voice demands pretty steady, every single vowel to become in the line, the line is pure, breathing position can be constant. 28. Open the throat, the sound resonates in to the mask at the diaphragm has the power, control the provide of breath. These 3 needs to be connected with each other together with the excellent. Sing the treble, the sound of one particular hand up place, to head resonating focus, around the other hand, really need to sit down using the feeling from the human system, and come to feel a force downward for the chest, right up until the diaphragm Department. 29. Continuity of apply environment, with to contact a unified voice of bass and treble, but also qi. Be aware Do not tighten the throat as soon as you sing, really don't extend to the pitch in the head and neck. Slow practice should be to scale the location to look for a unified voice, a sound of the tone to uncover the suitable area. And quick scale, it is mostly the diaphragm muscle workout, it's not lazy, maintain a strong, flexible and elastic, for more rapidly absorption of the rapidly, like a canine panting. Should be practiced every day! ! thirty. Singing from the handle needs to possess a diaphragm breathing. Whether any voices, his Adam's apple ought to be pulled down. Adam's apple if pulled down, the even more voices to sing up and resonate together with the additional concentrated emphasis. Remember, really don't sing the large pitch screaming. 31. If an individual is singing, the sound area was put suitable, the correct breath manage, dealing with the candles to sing, it's going to not destroy. When you went out to that leak out. Sound cannot come out from your mouth, do not be as well open. 32. Do not deliberately search for your sound, but called the sound to search for you. Sing the treble, the previous needs to be feeling down on yet another (Becky with his best hand moving up in the throat, said to mask the sound resonate at higher placement, the left hand transferring down in the throat that the sound intensity should really be deep, both even more diaphragm power of assistance, another chest resonance.

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As a result of the Anonleaks scandal, I don't think the U.S. Department of Justice can be trusted to lawfully preside over anything.


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