2011-02-15 Live blog for #Libya #Feb17 from February 15 - 28

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Current time and date in Tripoli:

MONDAY, February 28

11:00 PM The US Treasury has said that US$30 billion in Libyan assets have been blocked and US naval ships and planes are being moved closer to Libya, "planning and preparing" for missions, "whether humanitarian or otherwise". Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, would not discuss military options but said that the US would consider a range of responses against Gaddafi if he continued to attack his own people. David Cameron said the UK did not rule out the use of force against Muammar Gaddafi and he has asked colleagues to work on plans for a no-fly zone and would consider arming the Libyan opposition.

France is sending two planes with humanitarian aid, including medicine and doctors, to Benghazi – the first direct western aid to the uprising.

9:00 PM Muammar Gaddafi tells BBC that no one is protesting against him, no one is against him, all the Libyan people love him and would die for him. He says the people protesting are Al Qaeda.

8:20 PM Al Arabiya reports an interview with a Revolutionary Guards Corps colonel who said Iran has "several military bases" in Libya, mostly along Libya’s borders with the African countries of Chad and Niger. He said that Iran and Libya have been collaborating on these bases since 2006, and "with the current unrest in Libya, over 500 Guards have been unable to evacuate and are under orders to destroy all documents".

Saif al Islam Gaddafi holding a machine gun and shouting slogans to supporters. Yesterday said in interviews that everything was calm, the Gaddafis were "in high spirits" and "laughing" at reports of unrest.

Carne Ross, a former British diplomat who resigned in 2004 after giving then-secret evidence to a British inquiry into the Iraq war, wrote on his blog about the UN recommendation to the ICC.

Paragraphs 22-23 invite states to nominate regime members (inc military, police etc) who are responsible for human rights abuses and attacks on civilians. These individuals will be added to the list of those subject - immediately - to the assets freeze and travel ban: the sanctions imposed in other paras of the resolution. I don't claim that this will bring about the immediate end of the Gadhaffi regime, but it's something, and may have some deterrent effect.

The invitation to states to nominate these criminals is all very well, but with no diplomats in situ I don't see how outside states can know who these people might be. Instead, how about providing a channel for Libyans on the ground observing the crimes of the regime to nominate people? Perhaps Human Rights Watch, Amnesty and others could think about this. Why don't they invite nominations? Why don't some right-thinking states including those who drafted and pushed this resolution do so too? I'm thinking perhaps of an email address where Libyans can nominate people for sanctions, or as others like Richard Robbins have suggested more imaginatively, what about a wiki which people on the ground could contribute evidence of crimes and abuses? Wouldn't it be great if the UN itself - and quickly -were to set up such a site? But it needs to happen fast!

The Telegraph reports that when the UN Security Council called Saturday night for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the killings of demonstrators, the US insisted that the UN resolution was worded so that no one from an outside country that is not a member of the ICC could be prosecuted for their actions in Libya. Algeria, Ethiopia and Tunisia were all pointed out by the Telegraph as being states which were ported to have mercenaries in Libya, but were not members of the ICC.

The move was seen as an attempt to prevent a precedent that could see Americans prosecuted by the ICC for alleged crimes in other conflicts. While the US was once among the signatories to the court, George W. Bush withdrew from it in 2002 and declared that it did not have power over Washington.

The demonstrations in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan have both involved unidentified, possibly US, security forces shooting protesters.

More from Al Jazeera on the provisional Libyan government with the temporary capital to be in Benghazi until Tripoli is liberated. The interim president is Abud Ajleil, and the government will undertake the development of a new constitution, flag and anthem once all of Libya has been liberated. Former Libyan justice minister Mustafa Mohamed Abdel Jalil told Al Jazeera the provisional government "will lead for no more than three months - and then there will be fair elections and the people will choose their leader." About the provisional president, he said, "He is a very honest man. He was in charge of the justice issue in the eastern part of Libya when the regime asked him to hang an innocent Libyan citizen and he refused. I am sure he will gain support of all Libyans and of the international community." He repeated many times that the capital will be in Tripoli.

Al Jazeera reports 2000 Gaddafi troops have surrounded the city of Zawiyah where the protesters say more than 2000 police had defected and were now with the protesters. The protesters also say they have seized weapons and even tanks to defend themselves.

SUNDAY, February 27

A good description of Benghazi's interim government headquarters from Al Jazeera includes more information on the underground prisoners of Benghazi. First reported as 2-300, the number swelled within hours to 1500 and stayed there, but according to Al Jazeera's interview "false reports spread that protesters in Benghazi had found hundreds of political prisoners held underground for decades (in fact, a dozen or so were released, and their internment was several times smaller than had been reported, Sanalla said.)"

From Al JazeeraThe UN Security Council has unanimously imposed travel bans and asset freezes on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, members of his family and inner circle.

A lawyer and member of a local committee told AFP "The towns of Rhibat, Kabaw, Jado, Rogban, Zentan, Yefren, Kekla, Gherien and Hawamed have also been free for days. In all these towns, Gaddafi's forces have gone and a revolutionary committee put in place. We have placed ourselves under the authority of the interim government in Benghazi." The reporter also found that in Nalut, 24km west of Tripoli, Gaddafi's security forces had entirely disappeared from the streets.

UN Resolution (The full text)

26 February 2011

Security Council
Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Security Council

6491st Meeting* (PM)

In Swift, Decisive Action, Security Council Imposes Tough Measures on Libyan Regime, Adopting Resolution 1970 in Wake of Crackdown on Protesters

Situation Referred to International Criminal Court;

Secretary-General Expresses Hope Message ‘Heard and Heeded’ in Libya

Deploring what it called “the gross and systematic violation of human rights” in strife-torn Libya, the Security Council this evening demanded an end to the violence and decided to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court while imposing an arms embargo on the country and a travel ban and assets freeze on the family of Muammar Al-Qadhafi and certain Government officials.

Unanimously adopting resolution 1970 (2011) under Article 41 of the Charter’s Chapter VII, the Council authorized all Member States to seize and dispose of military-related materiel banned by the text and adopt “all measures necessary” to secure the prompt and safe delivery of humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Through the text, the Council also decided to establish a new committee to monitor sanctions, to liaison with Member States on compliance and to respond to violations and to designate the individuals subject to the targeted measures. Individuals and entities immediately subjected to the targeted sanctions were listed in an Annex to the resolution.

Regarding its referral of the situation in Libya since 15 February 2011 to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the Council recognized that States not party to the Rome Statute that established the Court had no obligations to it, but urged all States and concerned organizations to cooperate fully with the Court’s Prosecutor.

The Council affirmed it would keep the actions of the Libyan authorities under continuous review and would be prepared to strengthen, modify, suspend or lift the prescribed measures in light of compliance or non-compliance with the resolution.

Following the adoption of the text, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the Council’s “decisive” action. “While it cannot, by itself, end the violence and the repression, it is a vital step — a clear expression of the will of a united community of nations,” he said.

He expressed hope that the message that “gross violations of basic human rights will not be tolerated and that those responsible for grave crimes will be held accountable” would be “heard and heeded” by the Libyan regime and that it would bring hope and relief to those still at risk. He looked for similar action from the General Assembly and the international community as a whole, and warned that even bolder steps might be necessary.

In their explanations of vote, Council members welcomed the unanimity of the action and expressed solidarity with the people of Libya, hoping that their “swift and decisive” intervention would help bring them relief. Many expressed hope that the resolution was a strong step in affirming the responsibility of States to protect their people as well as the legitimate role of the Council to step in when they failed to meet that responsibility.

With the referral of the situation to the International Criminal Court, France’s representative hoped the vote would open a new era in commitment to the protection of populations. Further to that goal, Brazil’s representative expressed strong reservations to the provision in the resolution allowing for exemptions from jurisdiction of nationals from non-States parties, saying those were not helpful to advance the cause of justice and accountability.

Noting that five Council members were not parties to the Rome Statute that set up the International Criminal Court, including India, that country’s representative said he would have preferred a “calibrated approach” to the issue. However, he was convinced that the referral would help to bring about the end of violence and he heeded the call of the Secretary-General on the issue, while stressing the importance of the provisions in the resolution regarding non-States parties to the Statute.

Some speakers, such as the representatives of Lebanon and the Russian Federation, stressed the importance of affirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya. The Chinese representative said he had supported the resolution taking into account the special circumstances in Libya.

Speaking last, Libya’s representative said that the Council’s action represented moral support for his people and was a signal that an end must be put to the fascist regime in Tripoli. He launched an appeal to all the officers of the Libyan armed forces to support their own people, and welcomed the referral to the International Criminal Court, as well as the decision not to impose sanctions on those who might abandon Mr. Al-Qadhafi in the end.

Also speaking this evening were the representatives of the United Kingdom, South Africa, Nigeria, United States, Colombia, Portugal, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Gabon.

The meeting was opened at 8:10 p.m. and closed at 8:55 p.m.


The full text of resolution 1970 (2011) reads as follows:

“The Security Council,

“Expressing grave concern at the situation in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and condemning the violence and use of force against civilians,

“Deploring the gross and systematic violation of human rights, including the repression of peaceful demonstrators, expressing deep concern at the deaths of civilians, and rejecting unequivocally the incitement to hostility and violence against the civilian population made from the highest level of the Libyan government,

“Welcoming the condemnation by the Arab League, the African Union, and the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference of the serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that are being committed in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,

“Taking note of the letter to the President of the Security Council from the Permanent Representative of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya dated 26 February 2011,

“Welcoming the Human Rights Council resolution A/HRC/S-15/2 of 25 February 2011, including the decision to urgently dispatch an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate all alleged violations of international human rights law in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, to establish the facts and circumstances of such violations and of the crimes perpetrated, and where possible identify those responsible,

“Considering that the widespread and systematic attacks currently taking place in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya against the civilian population may amount to crimes against humanity,

“Expressing concern at the plight of refugees forced to flee the violence in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,

“Expressing concern also at the reports of shortages of medical supplies to treat the wounded,

“Recalling the Libyan authorities’ responsibility to protect its population,

“Underlining the need to respect the freedoms of peaceful assembly and of expression, including freedom of the media,

“Stressing the need to hold to account those responsible for attacks, including by forces under their control, on civilians,

“Recalling article 16 of the Rome Statute under which no investigation or prosecution may be commenced or proceeded with by the International Criminal Court for a period of 12 months after a Security Council request to that effect,

“Expressing concern for the safety of foreign nationals and their rights in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,

“Reaffirming its strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

“Mindful of its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security under the Charter of the United Nations,

“Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, and taking measures under its Article 41,

“1. Demands an immediate end to the violence and calls for steps to fulfil the legitimate demands of the population;

“2. Urges the Libyan authorities to:

(a) Act with the utmost restraint, respect human rights and international humanitarian law, and allow immediate access for international human rights monitors;

(b) Ensure the safety of all foreign nationals and their assets and facilitate the departure of those wishing to leave the country;

(c) Ensure the safe passage of humanitarian and medical supplies, and humanitarian agencies and workers, into the country; and

(d) Immediately lift restrictions on all forms of media;

“3. Requests all Member States, to the extent possible, to cooperate in the evacuation of those foreign nationals wishing to leave the country;

ICC referral

“4. Decides to refer the situation in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya since 15 February 2011 to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court;

“5. Decides that the Libyan authorities shall cooperate fully with and provide any necessary assistance to the Court and the Prosecutor pursuant to this resolution and, while recognizing that States not party to the Rome Statute have no obligation under the Statute, urges all States and concerned regional and other international organizations to cooperate fully with the Court and the Prosecutor;

“6. Decides that nationals, current or former officials or personnel from a State outside the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya which is not a party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of that State for all alleged acts or omissions arising out of or related to operations in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya established or authorized by the Council, unless such exclusive jurisdiction has been expressly waived by the State;

“7. Invites the Prosecutor to address the Security Council within two months of the adoption of this resolution and every six months thereafter on actions taken pursuant to this resolution;

“8. Recognizes that none of the expenses incurred in connection with the referral, including expenses related to investigations or prosecutions in connection with that referral, shall be borne by the United Nations and that such costs shall be borne by the parties to the Rome Statute and those States that wish to contribute voluntarily;

Arms embargo

“9. Decides that all Member States shall immediately take the necessary measures to prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, from or through their territories or by their nationals, or using their flag vessels or aircraft, of arms and related materiel of all types, including weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, paramilitary equipment, and spare parts for the aforementioned, and technical assistance, training, financial or other assistance, related to military activities or the provision, maintenance or use of any arms and related materiel, including the provision of armed mercenary personnel whether or not originating in their territories, and decides further that this measure shall not apply to:

(a) Supplies of non-lethal military equipment intended solely for humanitarian or protective use, and related technical assistance or training, as approved in advance by the Committee established pursuant to paragraph 24 below;

(b) Protective clothing, including flak jackets and military helmets, temporarily exported to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya by United Nations personnel, representatives of the media and humanitarian and development works and associated personnel, for their personal use only; or

(c) Other sales or supply of arms and related materiel, or provision of assistance or personnel, as approved in advance by the Committee;

“10. Decides that the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya shall cease the export of all arms and related materiel and that all Member States shall prohibit the procurement of such items from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya by their nationals, or using their flagged vessels or aircraft, and whether or not originating in the territory of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya;

“11. Calls upon all States, in particular States neighbouring the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, to inspect, in accordance with their national authorities and legislation and consistent with international law, in particular the law of the sea and relevant international civil aviation agreements, all cargo to and from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, in their territory, including seaports and airports, if the State concerned has information that provides reasonable grounds to believe the cargo contains items the supply, sale, transfer, or export of which is prohibited by paragraphs 9 or 10 of this resolution for the purpose of ensuring strict implementation of those provisions;

“12. Decides to authorize all Member States to, and that all Member States shall, upon discovery of items prohibited by paragraph 9 or 10 of this resolution, seize and dispose (such as through destruction, rendering inoperable, storage or transferring to a State other than the originating or destination States for disposal) items the supply, sale, transfer or export of which is prohibited by paragraph 9 or 10 of this resolution and decides further that all Member States shall cooperate in such efforts;

“13. Requires any Member State when it undertakes an inspection pursuant to paragraph 11 above, to submit promptly an initial written report to the Committee containing, in particular, explanation of the grounds for the inspections, the results of such inspections, and whether or not cooperation was provided, and, if prohibited items for transfer are found, further requires such Member States to submit to the Committee, at a later stage, a subsequent written report containing relevant details on the inspection, seizure, and disposal, and relevant details of the transfer, including a description of the items, their origin and intended destination, if this information is not in the initial report;

“14. Encourages Member States to take steps to strongly discourage their nationals from travelling to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to participate in activities on behalf of the Libyan authorities that could reasonably contribute to the violation of human rights;

Travel ban

“15. Decides that all Member States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals listed in Annex I of this resolution or designated by the Committee established pursuant to paragraph 24 below, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall oblige a State to refuse its own nationals entry into its territory;

“16. Decides that the measures imposed by paragraph 15 above shall not apply:

(a) Where the Committee determines on a case-by-case basis that such travel is justified on the grounds of humanitarian need, including religious obligation;

(b) Where entry or transit is necessary for the fulfilment of a judicial process;

(c) Where the Committee determines on a case-by-case basis that an exemption would further the objectives of peace and national reconciliation in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and stability in the region; or

(d) Where a State determines on a case-by-case basis that such entry or transit is required to advance peace and stability in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and the States subsequently notifies the Committee within forty-eight hours after making such a determination;

Asset freeze

“17. Decides that all Member States shall freeze without delay all funds, other financial assets and economic resources which are on their territories, which are owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the individuals or entities listed in Annex II of this resolution or designated by the Committee established pursuant to paragraph 24 below, or by individuals or entities acting on their behalf or at their direction, or by entities owned or controlled by them, and decides further that all Member States shall ensure that any funds, financial assets or economic resources are prevented from being made available by their nationals or by any individuals or entities within their territories, to or for the benefit of the individuals or entities listed in Annex II of this resolution or individuals designated by the Committee;

“18. Expresses its intention to ensure that assets frozen pursuant to paragraph 17 shall at a later stage be made available to and for the benefit of the people of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya;

“19. Decides that the measures imposed by paragraph 17 above do not apply to funds, other financial assets or economic resources that have been determined by relevant Member States:

(a) To be necessary for basic expenses, including payment for foodstuffs, rent or mortgage, medicines and medical treatment, taxes, insurance premiums, and public utility charges or exclusively for payment of reasonable professional fees and reimbursement of incurred expenses associated with the provision of legal services in accordance with national laws, or fees or service charges, in accordance with national laws, for routine holding or maintenance of frozen funds, other financial assets and economic resources, after notification by the relevant State to the Committee of the intention to authorize, where appropriate, access to such funds, other financial assets or economic resources and in the absence of a negative decision by the Committee within five working days of such notification;

(b) To be necessary for extraordinary expenses, provided that such determination has been notified by the relevant State or Member States to the Committee and has been approved by the Committee; or

(c) To be the subject of a judicial, administrative or arbitral lien or judgment, in which case the funds, other financial assets and economic resources may be used to satisfy that lien or judgment provided that the lien or judgment was entered into prior to the date of the present resolution, is not for the benefit of a person or entity designated pursuant to paragraph 17 above, and has been notified by the relevant State or Member States to the Committee;

“20. Decides that Member States may permit the addition to the accounts frozen pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 17 above of interests or other earnings due on those accounts or payments due under contracts, agreements or obligations that arose prior to the date on which those accounts became subject to the provisions of this resolution, provided that any such interest, other earnings and payments continue to be subject to these provisions and are frozen;

“21. Decides that the measures in paragraph 17 above shall not prevent a designated person or entity from making payment due under a contract entered into prior to the listing of such a person or entity, provided that the relevant States have determined that the payment is not directly or indirectly received by a person or entity designated pursuant to paragraph 17 above, and after notification by the relevant States to the Committee of the intention to make or receive such payments or to authorize, where appropriate, the unfreezing of funds, other financial assets or economic resources for this purpose, 10 working days prior to such authorization;

Designation criteria

“22. Decides that the measures contained in paragraphs 15 and 17 shall apply to the individuals and entities designated by the Committee, pursuant to paragraph 24 (b) and (c), respectively;

(a) Involved in or complicit in ordering, controlling, or otherwise directing, the commission of serious human rights abuses against persons in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including by being involved in or complicit in planning, commanding, ordering or conducting attacks, in violation of international law, including aerial bombardments, on civilian populations and facilities; or

(b) Acting for or on behalf of or at the direction of individuals or entities identified in subparagraph (a).

“23. Strongly encourages Member States to submit to the Committee names of individuals who meet the criteria set out in paragraph 22 above;

New Sanctions Committee

“24. Decides to establish, in accordance with rule 28 of its provisional rules of procedure, a Committee of the Security Council consisting of all the members of the Council (herein "the Committee"), to undertake to following tasks:

(a) To monitor implementation of the measures imposed in paragraphs 9, 10, 15, and 17;

(b) To designate those individuals subject to the measures imposed by paragraphs 15 and to consider requests for exemptions in accordance with paragraph 16 above;

(c) To designate those individuals subject to the measures imposed by paragraph 17 above and to consider requests for exemptions in accordance with paragraphs 19 and 20 above;

(d) To establish such guidelines as may be necessary to facilitate the implementation of the measures imposed above;

(e) To report within thirty days to the Security Council on its work for the first report and thereafter to report as deemed necessary by the Committee;

(f) To encourage a dialogue between the Committee and interested Member States, in particular those in the region, including by inviting representatives of such States to meet with the Committee to discuss implementation of the measures;

(g) To seek from all States whatever information it may consider useful regarding the actions taken by them to implement effectively the measures imposed above;

(h) To examine and take appropriate action on information regarding alleged violations or non-compliance with the measures contained in this resolution;

“25. Calls upon all Member States to report to the Committee within 120 days of the adoption of this resolution on the steps they have taken with a view to implementing effectively paragraphs 9, 10, 15 and 17 above;

Humanitarian assistance

“26. Calls upon all Member States, working together and acting in cooperation with the Secretary General, to facilitate and support the return of humanitarian agencies and make available humanitarian and related assistance in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and requests the States concerned to keep the Security Council regularly informed on the progress of actions undertaken pursuant to this paragraph, and expresses its readiness to consider taking additional appropriate measures, as necessary, to achieve this;

Commitment to review

“27. Affirms that it shall keep the Libyan authorities’ actions under continuous review and that it shall be prepared to review the appropriateness of the measures contained in this resolution, including the strengthening, modification, suspension or lifting of the measures, as may be needed at any time in light of the Libyan authorities’ compliance with relevant provisions of this resolution;

“28. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.”

Annex I

Travel ban

1. Al-Baghdadi, Dr Abdulqader Mohammed

Passport number: B010574. Date of birth: 01/07/1950.

Head of the Liaison Office of the Revolutionary Committees. Revolutionary Committees involved in violence against demonstrators.

2. Dibri, Abdulqader Yusef

Date of birth: 1946. Place of birth: Houn, Libya.

Head of Muammar Qadhafi’s personal security. Responsibility for regime security. History of directing violence against dissidents.

3. Dorda, Abu Zayd Umar

Director, External Security Organisation. Regime loyalist. Head of external intelligence agency.

4. Jabir, Major General Abu Bakr Yunis

Date of birth: 1952. Place of birth: Jalo, Libya.

Defence Minister. Overall responsibility for actions of armed forces.

5. Matuq, Matuq Mohammed

Date of birth: 1956. Place of birth: Khoms.

Secretary for Utilities. Senior member of regime. Involvement with Revolutionary Committees. Past history of involvement in suppression of dissent and violence.

6. Qadhaf Al-dam, Sayyid Mohammed

Date of birth: 1948. Place of birth: Sirte, Libya.

Cousin of Muammar Qadhafi. In the 1980s, Sayyid was involved in the dissident assassination campaign and allegedly responsible for several deaths in Europe. He is also thought to have been involved in arms procurement.

7. Qadhafi, Aisha Muammar

Date of birth: 1978. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Daughter of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

8. Qadhafi, Hannibal Muammar

Passport number: B/002210. Date of birth: 20/09/1975. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

9. Qadhafi, Khamis Muammar

Date of birth: 1978. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime. Command of military units involved in repression of demonstrations.

10. Qadhafi, Mohammed Muammar

Date of birth: 1970. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

11. Qadhafi, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar

Date of birth: 1942. Place of birth: Sirte, Libya.

Leader of the Revolution, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces. Responsibility for ordering repression of demonstrations, human rights abuses.

12. Qadhafi, Mutassim

Date of birth: 1976. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

National Security Adviser. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

13. Qadhafi, Saadi

Passport number: 014797. Date of birth: 25/05/1973. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Commander Special Forces. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime. Command of military units involved in repression of demonstrations.

14. Qadhafi, Saif al-Arab

Date of birth: 1982. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

15. Qadhafi, Saif al-Islam

Passport number: B014995. Date of birth: 25/06/1972. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Director, Qadhafi Foundation. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime. Inflammatory public statements encouraging violence against demonstrators.

16. Al-Senussi, Colonel Abdullah

Date of birth: 1949. Place of birth: Sudan.

Director Military Intelligence. Military Intelligence involvement in suppression of demonstrations. Past history includes suspicion of involvement in Abu Selim prison massacre. Convicted in absentia for bombing of UTA flight. Brother-in-law of Muammar Qadhafi.

Annex II

Asset freeze

1. Qadhafi, Aisha Muammar

Date of birth: 1978. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Daughter of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

2. Qadhafi, Hannibal Muammar

Passport number: B/002210. Date of birth: 20/09/1975. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

3. Qadhafi, Khamis Muammar

Date of birth: 1978. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime. Command of military units involved in repression of demonstrations.

4. Qadhafi, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar

Date of birth: 1942. Place of birth: Sirte, Libya.

Leader of the Revolution, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces. Responsibility for ordering repression of demonstrations, human rights abuses.

5. Qadhafi, Mutassim

Date of birth: 1976. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

National Security Adviser. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime.

6. Qadhafi, Saif al-Islam

Passport number: B014995. Date of birth: 25/06/1972. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.

Director, Qadhafi Foundation. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of association with regime. Inflammatory public statements encouraging violence against demonstrators.


MARK LYALL GRANT (United Kingdom) welcomed the adoption, noting that his country was gravely concerned over the violence and had condemned the actions of the Libyan leadership. The text, he said, was a powerful signal of the determination of the international community to stand with the Libyan people as they charted their future.

HARDEEP SINGH PURI ( India) hoped that calm and stability were restored without further violence and called for measures to ensure the safety of the Indian population in Libya, as well as those attempting to leave. Noting that five Council members were not parties to the Rome Statute, including India, he said he would have preferred a “calibrated approach” to the issue. However, he was convinced that the referral of the situation to the International Criminal Court would help to bring about the end of violence, and he heeded the call of the Secretary-General on the issue. He, therefore, had voted in favour of the resolution, while stressing the importance of its provisions regarding non-States parties to the Rome Statute.

BASO SANGQU (South Africa) said his country was deeply concerned about the situation in Libya. The resolution adopted by the Security Council sent a clear and unambiguous message to Libya to stop the indiscriminate use of force in that country, and the measures it contained could contribute to the long-term objective of bringing peace and stability to the nation.

U. JOY OGWU (Nigeria) said that she was deeply concerned about the inflammatory rhetoric and loss of life occurring in Libya. As many had been calling for swift action, it was fitting that the Council had taken decisive action today. Nigeria supported the resolution and its “comprehensive” targeted sanctions. It was convinced that the text would deter individuals from supporting the regime and would provide for the protection of civilians and respect for international humanitarian and human rights law. The delegation believed that the resolution would swiftly address the ongoing violence.

SUSAN RICE ( United States) welcomed the fact that the Council had spoken with one voice this evening, in a clear warning to the Libyan Government that it must stop the killing. Calling the text a strong resolution, she said that this was about people’s ability to shape their own future. Their rights were not negotiable and could not be denied.

NAWAF SALAM (Lebanon), noting the denunciation by the League of Arab States of the crimes committed against Libyan civilians, said he concurred with its opinion, as well as its support for the right of Libyan citizens to express their opinion. That was why he had voted in favour of the resolution. He stressed the importance of reaffirming the territorial unity of Libya and expressed deep sorrow over the lives lost.

VITALY CHURKIN ( Russian Federation) said he supported the resolution because of his country’s deep concern over the situation, its sorrow over the lives lost and its condemnation of the Libyan Government’s actions. He opposed counterproductive interventions, but he said that the purpose of the resolution was to end the violence and to preserve the united sovereign State of Libya with its territorial integrity. Security for foreign citizens, including Russian citizens, must be ensured.

LI BAODONG ( China) said that China was very much concerned about the situation in Libya. The greatest urgency was to cease the violence, to end the bloodshed and civilian casualties, and to resolve the crisis through peaceful means, such as dialogue. The safety and interest of the foreign nationals in Libya must be assured. Taking into account the special circumstances in Libya, the Chinese delegation had voted in favour of the resolution.

NÉSTOR OSORIO (Colombia) said the Colombian Government was pleased with the resolution, which had emerged as a result of a “timely process of consultation”, in tune with the sense of urgency demanded by the international community. The resolution sent the “direct and solid message” that the violence in Libya must cease and that those responsible for it must answer for their crimes. Moreover, the decision to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court was an appropriate one. Colombia clearly rejected the calls for violence from official sectors in Libya, and condemned the violation of basic rights and freedoms of that country’s citizens, including the right to life and to peaceful assembly. Colombia had co-sponsored yesterday’s Human Rights Council resolution on the situation. Libya must find a way to respond legitimately to its people’s demands, and the international community must remain united to bring an end to the violence there.

JOSÉ FILIPE MORAES CABRAL (Portugal) welcomed the unanimous adoption of the resolution, which he said sent a clear, united message against the crimes being committed against civilians in Libya. He expressed deep concern over the plight of refugees and other humanitarian issues, including the safety of foreigners. Impunity would not be tolerated and serious crimes would be prosecuted.

GÉRARD ARAUD (France) welcomed the fact that the Council had unanimously answered yesterday’s appeal by the Libyan representative. The referral of the matter to the International Criminal Court might ensure that those responsible for the crimes were brought to justice. The Court had once again showed the rationale for its existence. The resolution recalled the accountability of each State for the protection of its population and the role of the international community when that responsibility was not met. He hoped the vote would open a new era for the international community as a whole.

PETER WITTIG ( Germany) welcomed what he called the Council’s swift, decisive, united and strong message that the violation of the rights of the Libyan people would not be tolerated. The referral to the International Criminal Court demonstrated the determination not to allow impunity. It should be clear to all that the Council would continue to follow the situation closely.

IVAN BARBALIĆ (Bosnia and Herzegovina) said that in the current situation time was of the essence, and that the Security Council had to react “unanimously and urgently” to end the violence and prevent further escalation of the situation in Libya. His delegation had closely followed the popular movement in Libya, and was appalled at the “unacceptable level of violence” targeted at civilians there. Bosnia and Herzegovina condemned in the strongest possible terms the violence and loss of life, and therefore fully supported the decision to refer those responsible to the International Criminal Court. He called for an immediate stop to the violence. Worried about the outflow of refugees and the high number of internally displaced persons there, he called on international organizations to provide humanitarian aid and services to those affected by the violence.

ALFRED ALEXIS MOUNGARA MOUSSOTSI (Gabon) said that the situation existing in Libya over the last two weeks required an answer and a “strong, clear message” from the Security Council. Gabon had decided to add its voice to the resolution, not only to end the violence, but also to advise the Libyan regime of the consequences of its actions. Gabon was also ready to support other measures that the Council might adopt in support of the Libyan people and their right to life and free speech.

MARIA LUIZA RIBEIRO VIOTTI ( Brazil) said that her delegation was deeply disturbed by the dramatic situation in Libya. The measures adopted today were meant to halt the violence, ensure the protection of civilians and promote respect for international law. The resolution was a “clear signal” of the Council’s readiness to respond to the situation in a manner consistent with its responsibilities. Brazil was a long-standing supporter of the integrity and universalization of the Rome Statute, and opposed the exemption from jurisdiction of nationals of those countries not parties to it. Brazil, therefore, expressed its strong reservation to the resolution’s operative paragraph 6, and reiterated its firm conviction that initiatives aimed at establishing those exemptions were not helpful to advance the cause of justice and accountability.

IBRAHIM DABBASHI ( Libya) expressed his condolences to the martyrs who had fallen under the repression of the Libyan regime, and thanked Council Members for their unanimous action, which represented moral support for his people, who were resisting the attacks. The resolution would be a signal that an end must be put to the fascist regime in Tripoli.

He launched an appeal to all the officers of the Libyan armed forces to support their own people and renounce their support for Muammar Al-Qadhafi, whom he called “criminal” and whom he said was prepared to go to extremes to keep up the repression. He appealed also to the Libyan people to keep up their struggle to restore the State to the people. He welcomed, in addition, the referral of the situation to the International Criminal Court and the fact that sanctions were not being imposed on those who might abandon Mr. Al-Qadhafi in the end.

BAN KI-MOON, United Nations Secretary-General, welcomed the resolution. “While it cannot, by itself, end the violence and the repression, it is a vital step — a clear expression of the will of a united community of nations,” he said. Calling the events in Libya “clear-cut violations of all norms governing international behaviour and serious transgressions of international human rights and humanitarian law”, he said it was of great importance that the Council was determined to reach consensus and uphold its responsibilities.

He hoped that the strong message that “gross violations of basic human rights will not be tolerated and that those responsible for grave crimes will be held accountable” would be heeded by the regime in Libya and that it would bring hope and relief to those still at risk. The sanctions were a necessary step to speed the transition to a new system of governance that had the people’s consent and participation.

He pledged to monitor the situation closely and remain in touch with world and regional leaders to support swift and concrete action. Expressing solidarity with the Libyan people in coping with the humanitarian impacts, he hoped that the new future for which they yearned would soon be theirs. Commending the Council for its decisive action, he looked for similar determination from the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.

“Today’s measures are tough. In the coming days even bolder action may be necessary,” he said.

SATURDAY, February 26

11:30 PM Saif Gaddafi's London School of Economics examiner, economist Lord Desai, responded to acusations of plagiarism by Saif, saying that Saif earned the PhD, and "I read the thesis, I examined him along with an examiner, he defended his thesis very, very thoroughly, he had nobody else present there, and I don't think there's any reason to think he didn't do it himself. This is over-egging the pudding. The man is evil enough - you don't have to add that he's a plagiarist as well." The 1.5 million pounds he subsequently donated to the university had nothing to do with it.

7:30 Al Arabiya reports that the Tajoura district is now clear of security forces. "The residents said troops opened fire on demonstrators who tried to march from Tajoura to central Green Square overnight, killing at least five people. ... Gaddafi's strongest European ally, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said at a political rally in Rome on Saturday that Gaddafi appears to be no longer in control of the situation in his country. ..."It seems that effectively Gaddafi no longer controls the situation in Libya... If we can all come to an agreement, we can end this bloodbath and support the Libyan people," Berlusconi said.

"Peace is coming back to our country," Saif al-Islam Gaddafi told reporters flown into Libya under close government supervision. "If you hear fireworks don't mistake it for shooting. Hopefully there will be no more bloodshed. By tomorrow we will solve this."

7:10 PM From Al Jazeera: The situation is very dangerous - every day there are more than a hundred who die - every day - every day there are shootings - the most dangerous situation is for foreigners like us - and also us black people - Because Gaddafi brought soldiers from Chad from Niger - they are black and they are killing Arabs.

7:00 PM Saif al-Islam Gaddafi continues round of interviews to persuade international community that the Gaddafis are fighting Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, the London School of Economics is distancing themselves from their former PhD student. Saif al=Islam had given the school 1.5 million pounds (2.4 million) from his Gadhafi International Charity and Development Foundation. The school said the money was used to fund a North African research program, which has now been suspended.

7:00 PM Saif al_islam to C4 News: "The Libyan people woke up and they have seen the danger." What spirit is your father in? "Very good. Morals are very high."

6:00 AM We at WL Central have been publishing horrifying videos of carnage in Libya since February 15, in an attempt to show the world that what the rest of the media were calling "unconfirmed deaths" and "alleged accounts" were in fact real. There is only so much we can take, and the rest of the media has caught on to what is happening in Libya, so we are no longer showing all of the graphic videos and eyewitness accounts. That does not mean they are not still happening, see Libya February 17 for the latest.

According to Al JazeeraWashington is finalising sanctions against Libya; the precise plan will be outlined in "the near future" according to Washington spokesperson, Jay Carney. "The mechanics of the sanctions have not been finalised." Still no word at all on how this would benefit the Libyan people. Meanwhile, The UAE will send two plane loads of humanitarian aid to Libya, where protesters are battling the regime. Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan was quoted as saying "two planes carrying humanitarian aid will leave Saturday from the UAE to Libya via Turkey in order to meet the urgent needs of the Libyan people in the circumstances they are facing." Qatar sent a relief plane to Libya on Friday that Qatar Airways said will land in Libya's second city Benghazi, which is in the hands of the protesters.

The Ottawa Citizen reports defecting generals from Gadhafi’s eastern army units said Friday that they’d moved 1,000 troops toward Tripoli, as well as assigned a special unit to hunt down the Libyan leader. Reserve soldiers are also being called up either to defend cities or march on Tripoli.

The United Nations Security Council is discussing sanctions, including a total arms embargo, freezing of assets and travel bans on Libyan government officials. The European Union is also looking at sanctions. U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive order imposing sanctions against the Gadhafi regime, and had not ruled out military action. There is even some suggestion the International Criminal Court might investigate the Libyan government’s attacks on protesters, with a view to indicting senior officials for crimes against humanity.

However, the notion of using western military forces to impose a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent Gadhafi from using warplanes and helicopter gunships against his own people has been stymied by China and Russia, even though both countries have large numbers of nationals in Libya. So far, the only serious military response on the part of western countries has been to use planes and warships to help evacuate nationals stranded in Libya. Western politicians fear their citizens will be used as pawns if Gadhafi should seek reprisals for any sanctions or military interventions.

FRIDAY, February 25

9:00 PM Saif al-Islam explains "terrorists attacking the government."

9:00 PM Mercenary protected from and by protesters thank you to @TasnimQ.

9:00 PM Democracy Now has a report from Al Bayda:

We saw signs in different places saying, "Protect Libya. Don’t loot. Don’t damage anything. We want a country that’s not going to be ripped apart by sectarianism, by tribalism. We’re going to stand together as Libyans." People are very excited about having this chance for freedom. ... Some of the doctors we met, we asked them, you know, what it is that they want from the international community at this point. And, you know, I think they were all very hesitant to make any sort of call for international intervention, quite aware of the history of international intervention in the region and quite wary of it. But they did say that they did want a no-fly zone imposed over Libyan cities in order to protect civilians from these devastating air raids. They also said they were dead against the kind of sanctions that the citizens of Libya, the residents of Libya, had suffered under for decades, economic sanctions. Instead, they wanted targeted sanctions, targeting Muammar Gaddafi and his family. But, you know, one of the doctors we spoke to said, "In the end, we want Libya to be freed by the Libyans themselves. We don’t want outside help. We just need to make sure that this kind of carnage doesn’t continue."

8:20 PM Here is the speech from Muammar Gaddafi via Al Jazeera.

7:00 PM Gaddafi just appeared in green square in Tripoli, standing on a roof, telling his supporters to dance and sing and stay up all night, "Muammer Gaddafi is one of you." "Life without green banners hoisted is worthless."

Currently there is reported heavy fighting in many parts of Tripoli, including Fashloum, Ashour, Jumhouria and Souq Al, and the Associated Press reports at least six killed. The east is still largely free of Gaddafi control, but the elite and well armed Khamis brigade, under the command of younger brother Khamis Gaddafi, is reportedly still loyal to Gaddafi.

Two important new articles are posted on WL Central, one, via clayclai, explores the background of arms trading between Libya and its suppliers, and the other, via kgosztola, investigates the possibility of an Islamic Emirate in eastern Libya. "Despite the fact that this may not be true, prepare for this latest report from a Libyan official to become a self-perpetuating thread in the story of the Libyan revolution." Previously kgosztola explored How US Businesses in Libya Made Certain They Could Operate in the Rogue State, and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi Speaks: What Libyan Cables Say About His Address, WikileaksWorld asked Libya, a Republic for the Masses? and Peter Kemp asked Libya, Bahrain & others: Crimes against humanity, what can we do?

2:30 AM PressTV is reporting that Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, youngest son of Muammar Gaddafi, has joined the protesters in Benghazi. They have included no information regarding their source, neither have there been any recent reports of a "massive crackdown" in Benghazi.

According to the reports, Saif al-Arab, Gaddafi's youngest son, who was sent by his father to cooperate with Libyan security forces in the massive crackdown on pro-democracy protesters joined forces with the demonstrators in the eastern city of Benghazi on Thursday. Saif al-Arab, who is widely regarded as the most low-profile of Gaddafi's sons have also hinted that his father would commit suicide or flee to Latin America in the face of rising public outcry over his tyrannical rule. Saif al-Arab is said to have had the backing of combat troops and had military equipment that was dispatched to the eastern parts of turmoil-hit Libya.

12:30 AM The Telegraph reports that the British government is expected to seize billions of assets belonging to Gaddafi "within days".

12:30 AM The underground prison reported to have held 1500 prisoners in secret in Benghazi.

THURSDAY, February 24

11:30 PM Gaddafi gave his third speech this morning. Translated by Al Jazeera. In his speech he again blames the revolution on "children on drugs" and tells parents to keep their children at home. He says no one over the age of 20 would take part in these acts, there is no reason for a revolution in Libya as there was reason in Egypt and Tunisia, and the whole thing was run by al-Qaeda. He described his position in the government as mostly symbolic "like Queen Elizabeth of England."

9:30 PM Mustafa Abdel Galil, who resigned three days ago from his post as the country's justice minister, spoke to Al Jazeera and warned that Gaddafi has biological and chemical weapons, and will not hesitate to use them against civilians, particularly in the case of the capital. "We call on the international community and the UN to prevent Gaddafi from going on with his plans in Tripoli," he said. "At the end when he's really pressured, he can do anything. I think Gaddafi will burn everything left behind him."

Multiple witnesses told Al Jazeera that protesters were being shot in the town of Az Zawiyah by a Libyan army unit led by Gaddafi's ally, Naji Shifsha. Ali, an eyewitness to the shooting, told Al Jazeera by phone that soldiers began shooting at peaceful protesters on Martyrs' Square with heavy artillery at around 6am and had continued for 5 hours. He estimated as many as 100 protesters had been killed. Approximately 400 people had been injured and were now in the town's hospital. In his speech, Gaddafi refered specifically to the protesters in Az Zawiyah, claiming they had been infiltrated by al-Qaeda.

There have been reports that pro-Gaddafi forces attacked Misrata, which was under the control of protesters, as well as Sabha in the south, and Sabratha, near Tripoli, which is in the west. Anti-government protesters appeared to be in control of the country's eastern coastline, running from the Egyptian border through to the cities of Tobruk and Benghazi.

3:30 AM All week, Youtube has been removing videos from Libyan protesters as fast as they are put up. For days Twitter will only give you one page for the fast moving and well spammed hashtags #Libya and #Feb17, so if you don't know who to follow there is no information there. Now Wikipedia refuses to display the flag that is flying over most of the country. Update: There is now a compromise.

2:00 AM Things have been very quiet in Tripoli since yesterday, after the speech dozens of people were very scared, even if they were anti government they went into the street and raised up the green flag. The Libya channel is telling people nothing is going on, the streets have been cleaned up, anti-Gaddafi graffiti is painted over, streets have been cleaned up and bodies taken away so even families don't know where they are, we heard gunshots last night we don't know whether it was his people celebrating or to put people in fear, he announced in a text message saying the schools were open and everyone should go back to their ordinary lives. ... Benghazi said there is supposed to be a march of dozens of people coming our way and they want to start protesting, we don't know how that is going to be. He announced in his speech that whoever wears green fabric or bandana or whatever on their arm with red writing that they are part of his regime and they are pro government, those people would be given weapons ... and there were here six people, we saw them in the streets today.via feb17voices.

2:00 AM There are checkpoints on every street in Tripoli looking for suspicious anti-government people, everyone is living in fear, we have a neighbour that had two sons killed and they go out and wave the green flag out of fear, in my house we are split, one side wants to go back to Gaddafi out of fear of retribution, just giving up. via feb17voices.

2:00 AM Foreign journalists report from Benghazi.

WEDNESDAY, February 23

11:30 PM Saadi Gaddafi told the Financial Times by telephone that his brother Saif al-Islam, was working on a new constitution and would make an announcement about it soon and “My father would stay as the big father who advises.” He also said as much as 85 per cent of the country was now “very calm and very safe. It is now 2pm in Tripoli and it is very calm and quiet – 50 or 60 per cent of the people are working normally,” and the Financial Times said he sounded "relaxed". “The army is still very strong,” he said. “If we hear anything, we will send some battalions. When people see the army, they will be afraid.” Asked about all of the diplomats who have resigned this week he said, “I don’t care about these guys. My diplomacy is to be honest and tell the truth.” He blamed the revolution on "thousands" of al-Qaeda and people on “very powerful” drugs, such as amphetamines or ecstasy. “We have tonnes of the pills they were given.”

11:30 PM Reports continue of mercenaries headed to Libya from other African countries.

11:30 PM AFP reports that the African Union has finally condemned "the disproportionate use of force" against civilians in Libya and expressed regret at the loss of life there. AU Commission chief Jean Ping was following the situation in Libya "with great concern" and "condemns the disproportionate use of force against civilians and deeply deplores the many human lives lost so far, is in contact with the Libyan authorities and other actors, and will pursue his efforts for an end to the spilling of blood." He also asked for "an immediate end of the repression and violence", stressed "that only dialogue and consultation will enable the Libyans to find appropriate solutions to the challenges facing their country and to embark upon the necessary reforms," and asked "all the actors concerned to favour dialogue in order to open new prospects for Libya in peace, security and democracy."

The African Union, which Gaddafi helped create and is populated by dictators he has supported with Libyan money, has been silent all week as the Arab League and the UN have both issued statements condemning the violence in Libya. Calls to the international community to end the violence have also not been directed at the African Union whose authority might be thought to be responsible for its member states. Speculation that Gaddafi may seek refuge in Venezuela seems odd when states that he has bankrolled are so much closer.

10:40 PM Reuters reports that a plane sent by Gaddafi to bomb Benghazi on Wednesday crash landed after the crew bailed out of it rather than bomb the city. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said that as many as 1000 Libyans have been killed in the last week. "I would like the suspension of economic, commercial and financial relations with Libya until further notice," President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said, and US President Barack Obama also said they would look at U.N. sanctions. Neither commented on how this would be of any assistance to the Libyan people.

10:00 PM "CONFIRMED: at least 2 tanks have pulled up in Tajurah seems they are put in strategic locations - earlier also confirmed 2 tanks in BayView area also in #tripoli Also we have reports that there are approximately 22-24 tanks dotted around different areas in #tripoli #libya this number is UNCONFIRMED" via @libyansrevolt

10:00 PM BREAKING: Soldiers in Derna massacred for not firing at Libyans (GRAPHIC) via libyafeb17

10:00 PM Mass burial in Tripoli via libyafeb17

9:30 PM Reports of 1500 (some reports of 300) young men found trapped in an underground prison in Benghazi, left without food or water from the 15th of February to the 22nd. Reportedly still all alive.

9:30 PM Protesters have taken control of Kufra.

8:30 PM From SultanAlQassemi "Next tweets will the be the names of the three army generals to keep an eye out for in #Libya for a possible military coup against Gaddafi. 1- Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, Chief of Libyan Army since the late 1970's, long time Gaddafi ally, now rumoured to be under house arrest. 2- Lieutenant Abdel Fatah Younis El Obeidi, Minister of Public Security, rumoured to have joined the protests. Whereabouts unknown. 3- Al Mahdi Al Arabi, Deputy Chief of Staff, rumoured to be under house arrest, also rumoured to have lead a failed coup attempt.

Report of a plane supposedly carrying Aisha Gaddafi refused permission to land in Malta.

Report of a plane supposedly carrying Hannibal Gaddafi's wife and several other Gaddafi family members refused permission to land in Lebanon.

9:00 AM Protesters in Tripoli.

9:00 AM Old Libyan flag raised over Tripoli.

9:00 AM Man saved by Quran.

9:00 AM Mother of Tunisian fruitseller Mohamed Bouazizi, the young man from Sidi Bouzid whose act of self-immolation triggered the Tunisian Uprising, speaks to Libyan mothers.

3:20 AM "Warfalla Cheif Libya's most largest tribe said he backed the protesters & wud send his people 2 Tripoli to assist in the final battle" via @ShababLibya

3:00 AM "violence is still going on right now in #tripoli - few last pockets but cannot see it lasting too long" via @libyansrevolt

1:45 AM There are Gaddafi supporters and some police in about 50 cars going around Tripoli making a lot of noise and celebrating as if they won. Caller is not sure what they won. Caller thinks the regime has already fallen. He also thinks the supporters may still be some from African nations or tribes from the south or Iraq, not from Tripoli. They do not have enough manpower to harass people in the street. Caller estimates Gaddafi may have a couple thousand supporters left, mostly surrounding Gaddafi homes. He thinks there may have been defections, there are less than yesterday. "It's hilarious. It's very obvious Gaddafi has been defeated, and he has lost his mind." Caller has heard people were given 17,000 dinars to participate in demonstrations, not fighting. A lot of people are still very afraid, some have been paid, and if even 1% of the population supports him, he will have a couple thousand supporters. Source.

1:30 AM Al Jabal Al Akhdar battalion joins protesters

1:30 AM Gaddafi's speech via Times of Malta (and others):

  • 'Cowards' were trying to distort the truth and giving a wrong picture of what was happening in Libya. Libyans, he said, were being shown as being 'bad people'.
  • The Libyan people should hold their heads high against the leaders of the world who were conspiring against them and wanted to tarnish the reputation of the people and the country.
  • He would not give up and would resist to the end of his life because this was his country, watered by the Libyan people's blood.
  • The Libyan people would defy the tyranny of the United States and other countries.
  • "I am a warrior" fighting to give dignity to the country against a bunch of rats who were paid to disfigure the country.
  • "I am not going to leave this land, and I will die here as a martyr'.
  • The enemies knew that Col Gaddafi was not an ordinary person. His house had been bombed, his children had been killed. And the rats were with the United States.
  • But the Libyan people would not give up, Africa would not give up. Libya had defeated the colonialist Italy, the US and Britain, and would remain defiant.
  • Innocent people had been attacked in their homes and the streets by youths who had been manipulated and drugged. This was a small, paid group used by others who stayed at home.
  • He, as the head of the revolution, had liberated Benghazi and Tobruk, ousting the American and British bases. The current generation should remember the high price which their fathers had paid for Libyan liberation, and their honour would not be tarnished.
  • The administration of the country was in the hands of the people through their committees and congresses. He was calling on the people to administer the oil resources of the country through new municipal committees.
  • He was calling on the people to liberate and purify Benghazi and let it be run by its own people, not others. The young people in Benghazi should know that they had been duped and did not know what they were doing.
  • Tripoli was free and should be administered by its people.
  • The masses should take to the streets and form new committees and municipalities for local administration.
  • Those who sided with Gaddafi and the revolution should secure the streets and remember the evacuation of the Americans and the return of oil assets to the Libyan people, he added.
  • Since he was not president, since he had no position, he would not resign. But he had his gun and he would fight for Libya.
  • The people should not let their young get drunk and be misled. The gangs, like cockroaches, did not represent anyone, they were nothing, just a handful trying to imitate what had happened in Egypt and Tunisia after being drugged.
  • From tomorrow the police and the army would impose security. If these cockroaches were allowed to prevail, Libya would slide into darkness and lose its oil.
  • He had rebuilt Benghazi but they had destroyed it. They had also destroyed its airport. Other cities such as Derna had also been attacked.
  • But they had to be repulsed and the US should not be allowed to occupy Libya like Afghanistan. The enemy had to be chased and the terrorists had to be hanged. Anybody who took arms against Libya would be executed. Those who waged war against Libya would be put to death. Those who facilitated entry of the enemy into Libya or handed over Libyan cities would be executed.
  • Reading from the green book, all those who used force against the people would be punished by death. The same applied for those who took part in or instigated civil war.
  • He had not ordered anyone to start firing yet, because had he done so, everything would be set ablaze and Libya would end up like Somalia.
  • The millions of Libyans should restore order, take back their oil assets and do what they liked with it.
  • Rebellion in Waco in the US , the coup in the Soviet Union and in Tiananmen Square had been repulsed with tanks because unity was more important. Libya would also do whatever it takes not to allow part of the country (Benghazi and Derna) to be taken away.
  • Opponents should give up their weapons, their drugs and their ring leaders, and shops should reopen as normal.
  • It was unacceptable for the country to be torn apart or handed to the crazy people who did not know their history.

1:00 AM UN Security Council statement from Al Jazeera:

The members of the Security Council expressed grave concern at the situation in Libya. They condemned the violence and use of force against civilians, deplored the repression against peaceful demonstrators, and expressed deep regret at the deaths of hundreds of civilians. They called for an immediate end to the violence and for steps to address the legitimate demands of the population, including through national dialogue.

The members of the Security Council called on the Government of Libya to meet its responsibility to protect its population. They called upon the Libyan authorities to act with restraint, to respect human rights and international humanitarian law, and to allow immediate access for international human rights monitors and humanitarian agencies.

The members of the Security Council called for international humanitarian assistance to the people of Libya and expressed concern at the reports of shortages of medical supplies to treat the wounded. They strongly urged the Libyan authorities to ensure the safe passage of humanitarian and medical supplies and humanitarian workers into the country.

The members of the Security Council underlined the need for the government of Libya to respect the freedom of peaceful assembly and of expression, including freedom of the press. They called for the immediate lifting of restrictions on all forms of the media.

The members of the Security Council stressed the importance of accountability. They underscored the need to hold to account those responsible for attacks, including by forces under their control, on civilians.

The members of the Security Council expressed deep concern about the safety of foreign nationals in Libya. They urged the Libyan authorities and all relevant parties to ensure the safety of all foreign nationals and facilitate the departure of those wishing to leave the country. The members of the Security Council will continue to follow the situation closely.

1:00 AM "AJE: One Libyan Navy ship is in the waters off Malta. Italy scrambled 5 fighter jets to investigate intentions." via @feb17voices

TUESDAY, February 22

Tripoli at night

10:30 PM From Al Jazeera:

  • Abdul-Fatah Younis, the interior minister and an army general, announced his renunciation of his post and support for the "February 17 revolution" and urged the Libyan army to "join the people and respond to their legitimate demands".
  • Amr Moussa, the Arab League chief, had decided to discontinue the participation of the Libya delegation in the meetings of the council and all its institutions.
  • Ali al-Essawi, who resigned as Libyan ambassador to India, said fighter jets had been used by the government to bomb civilians, live fire was being used against protesters, and that foreigners had been hired to fight on behalf of the government. He called the violence "a massacre", and urged the UN to block Libyan airspace in order to "protect the people".
  • Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, accused Gaddafi of launching a "genocide against the Libyan people".
  • A group of Libyan army officers have issued a statement urging fellow soldiers to "join the people" and help remove Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Ali Aujali, the Libyan ambassador to the United States, called for the Gaddafi's resignation, saying he must step down and give Libyans a chance "to make their future".
  • A.H. Elimam, Libya's ambassador to Bangladesh, resigned to protest against the killing of his family members by government soldiers.
  • The deputy chief and other staff at Libya's mission to the United Nations sided with the revolt against their country's leader and called on the Libyan army to help overthrow "the tyrant Muammar Gaddafi." They said they were serving the Libyan people, demanded "the removal of the regime immediately" and urged other Libyan embassies to follow suit.
  • The Libyan ambassasador to Australia, Musbah Allafi, cut its ties with Gaddafi
  • The embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, cut ties with Gaddafi's government, with ambassador Bubaker al-Mansori telling AFP: "We are not loyal to him, we are loyal to the Libyan people."

10:10 PM "BREAKING: Libyan ministor of interior has announced he has joined the CITIZENS REVOLUTION BREAKING CONFIRMED" via @ShababiLibya

10:00 PM Human Rights Watch reports: Statements from doctors working in two Tripoli hospitals obtained by Human Rights Watch by email confirmed that at least 62 people have been killed since February 20 but these are figures from only two hospitals. Other witnesses told Human Rights Watch there were at least 50 bodies in the morgue at Abu Salim Hospital, all casualties of clashes over the weekend. A doctor said that Tripoli's Central Hospital had received 12 dead, brought in by emergency services from the area around Green Square, the site of anti-government protests on February 21.

9:30 PM Very interesting map from the Globe and Mail showing where Gaddafi money has been used to prop up other fragile governments in the already unrestful central Africa. Eyes on Mali, Liberia, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

8:00 PM "he threatened to cleanse Libya house by house.. we have excess youth gaddafi, all ready to die for our homeland" via @ShababiLibya

8:00 PM "We are all a bit upset tonight, not because we feel defeated, but because we know gaddafi, he will try to kill anyone and everyone " via @ShababiLibya

8:00 PM "Situation in tripoli we hear helicopters overheard no firing just yet, benghazi is free" via @ShababiLibya

7:00 PM "BREAKING: Helicopters circling Tripoli now. Gaddafi's soldiers are armed with machine guns with ammo." via @ShababiLibya

7:00 PM Muammar Gaddafi gave a speech on state TV in which he threatened the Libyan people for an hour and a half, alluding favourably to Tiananmen Square and threatening to cleanse Libya of protesters house by house. Will have more soon.

6:00 PM "Gaddafi speech: 'I have no intentions to step down like others have I want to die here as a martyr libya is the tree, and we have watered this tree with our blood' He orders the police and army to crush the uprising, let me translate, he orders for the crush of a nation i think he is going to cause a huge massacre and then lose the country.." via @ShababiLibya

6:00 PM "@AJArabic confirms the air strikes over Tripoli #Libya #Feb17 will explain more they say" via @ShababiLibya

8:15 AM Al Arabiya reports

  • The headquarters of al-Jamahiriya 2 TV and al-Shababia radio in Tripoli, the state controlled media, have been sacked, and several government buildings set on fire. State broadcasts were interrupted, but resumed this morning.
  • The Austrian Army announced that airspace over the Libyan capital Tripoli has been closed until further notice, and retracted later in the day.
  • A coalition of over 50 Libyan Islamic leaders, the Network of Free Ulema of Libya, has issued a fatwa telling all Muslims it is their duty to rebel against the Libyan leadership and demanding the release of all jailed protesters, Islamic scholar Sadiq al-Ghriani, who was arrested after criticizing the government, and "all imprisoned demonstrators, including many of our young students". They have thereby demonstrated total infidelity to the guidance of God and his beloved Prophet. They said Gaddafi's government "have demonstrated total arrogant impunity and continued, and even intensified, their bloody crimes against humanity. They have thereby demonstrated total infidelity to the guidance of God and his beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). This renders them undeserving of any obedience or support, and makes rebelling against them by all means possible a divinely ordained duty."
  • Libya's justice minister Mustapha Abdeljalil resigned in objection to "the excessive use of force" against demonstrators Quryna newspaper reported on Monday. The country’s ambassadors to the UK, Indian and Indonesia have also resigned to protest against the crackdown on protesters and the staff of Libyan U.N. mission has said they would now represent only the people of Libya.
  • The U.N. Security Council will meet Tuesday to discuss the crisis in Libya, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. He had spoken to Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi "I urged him that the human rights and freedom of assembly and freedom of speech must be fully protected. I forcefully urged him to stop the violence against demonstrators and I again strongly underlined the importance of respecting human rights of those demonstrators. The aspirations and concerns of the people should be fully respected and heard by the authorities of the countries concerned." Ban stressed the need to "ensure the protection of the civilian population under any circumstances."

3:30 AM Guardian's blog reports an interview with a man in Benghazi who told them more than 350 people have been killed, not including the discovery made inside the Birka Barracks by those who entered it following its surrender. "We found 150 corpses burning and we believe they were the bodies of officers and soldiers who refused to follow orders to fire on the the people." We posted a video of this yesterday.

2:30 AM Al Jazeera's live stream reports that Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations has gone from being "deeply concerned" to "outraged" IF reports of Gaddafi firing on protesters from helicopters, etc. are true. There are indications that in a few hours we may have word that there may be discussion of a meeting.

2:30 AM Gaddafi appeared on Libyan TV with a giant umbrella and said "To prove I am not in Venezuela" and nothing else.

MONDAY, February 21

10:15 PM Extremely graphic pictures from hospital - these are not regular bullets.

10:00 PM Petition to the UN: "Stop the Massacre - Save the Libyans"

8:15 PM From the audioboo account of Feb17voices:

  • We need help, we need support, we need medical aid, we need someone to stop this guy. It's really bad out here, everyone's getting killed, it's getting worse and worse right now. Source
  • There are 5 or 6 fires all around Tripoli, people are getting shot wherever they are in the street, people go to the hospitals and are sent back because people are killing doctors and people in the hospitals, people are grabbing bits of metal from their yards, and kitchens, whatever they can find to protect their homes. Source
  • We had to change locations and we see 5 or 6 fires all around Tripoli, we see two cars filled with Africans ... they were shooting doctors and people in the hospital.Source
  • Yesterday: The number of people injured and killed is about 900. As far the army division, from 5:00 up until 10 minutes ago, young people were throwing hand bombs at the army. ... there are cars spread in the region and every car carries four people armed with handguns and they are going through the streets shooting young people, and they are still here. As for Tripoli, I have called Tripoli, and I was told there is an airplane coming to Benghazi filled with the African mercenaries ... I passed by 1200 beds ... the number of people injured or killed is totaling 900 and the majority of them are in critical condition because the few who are not hit by regular bullets are being hit by bullets usually used to bring down aircraft.... I hear the sound of bullets used to bring down airplanes again .... and young people are not willing to stop because they know if they stop that will be the end of the in Benghazi, they are still in the streets waiting in different places and also there is a shortage in blood supply, in particular O-negative. There is also another thing, the special forces they are attacking hospitals and executing the doctors there.. Source

8:00 PM WL Central has received a video said to be of the remains of soldiers burned alive for refusing to kill protesters.

7:40 PM Two senior colonels from Libya flew jets to Malta and landed without authorization because they were ordered to bomb protesters in Benghazi The colonels defected and made an emergency request to land. They were detained.

It is believed that they flew to Malta because it is only an hour away and on European soil. The speculation also is that they did not go to Italy, as they could have, because they would likely have been repatriated.


This defection raises questions about the military. Correspondents on AJE talked about the role of the military saying that it is important but not as important as the military is in Egypt or Algeria. The defections show why Qadhafi is likely hiring mercenaries to stop protests.

SUNDAY, February 20

Below is a video of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the popular choice of Muammar Gaddafi's ten children (eight sons), giving a speech today. He says the revolutionaries are children on drugs, things will go back to the way they were, they are in high spirits, there are tens of thousands of people behind them. This is the intelligent reformer son, as compared to the alternatives, Saadi, Hannibal, Mutassim, daughter Ayesha al-Gaddafi, a lawyer who served on Saddam Hussein's defense team, Saif al-Arab, and Khamis, whose private military is reputedly the most terrifying in Libya.

Translation of Saif's speech from Uruknet.

I saw that I had to speak to you. Many Libyans asked me to speak. I don't have a paper or a document to read from.I will not speak in classical Arabic, I will speak in Libyan, I don't have any papers, this is a talk from the heart & mind. We all know that the region is passing through an earthquake, a hurricane or change. If this change does not come from the govts it will come from the people, we have seen this in other Arab countries. Today I will tell you only truth only. We know that there are opposition figures living abroad who have support in Libya. There people try to use Facebook for a revolution to copy Egypt. These people want to bring Libya to what happened in Egypt & Tunisia. We saw this on facebook and on emails. The country did a pre-emptive move by arresting some people before the protests, shots were fired, people died. The anger was directed at the police in Benghazi. People wanted to storm the police stations, people died, funerals occurred. This is a summary of what happened in Bengazi, now there is a major Fitna and a threat to the unity of Libya. Of course there were many deaths, which angered many people in Benghazi, but why were there people killed? The army was under stress, it is not used to crowd control so they shot, but I called them. The army said that some protesters were drunk, others were on hallucinogens or drugs. The army has to defend its weapons. And the people were angry. So there were deaths, but in the end Libyans were killed.

There are thee parts behind this

1- Political Activists whom we agree with,
2- What happened in Bayda are Islamic elements. Bayda is my town, my mother is from there. People called me. They stole weapons and killed soldiers. They want to establish an Islamic Emirate in Bayda. Some people took drugs & were used by these protesters.
3. The third part are these children who took the drugs and were used. These are facts like it or not.

We have arrested tens of Arabs and Africans, poor people, millions were spent on them to use them by millionaire businessmen. There are people who want to establish a countries in parts of Libya to rule, Like the Islamic Emirate. One person said he is the Emir of Islamic Emirate of Darna. The Arabic Media is manipulating these events. This Arabic media is owned by Arabs who are distorting the facts but also our media failed to cover the events.

Then there are the Baltagiya who destroyed public property, they fled jails. There are our brothers who sit and drink coffee and watch TV and laugh at us when they see us burn our country.

It is no lie that the protesters are in control of the streets now. Libya is not Tunis or Egypt. Libya is different, if there was disturbance it will split to several states. It was three states before 60 years. Libya are Tribes not like Egypt. There are no political parties, it is made of tribes. Everyone knows each other. We will have a civil war like in 1936. American Oil Companies played a big part in unifying Libya. Who will manage this oil? How will we divide this oil amongst us? Who will spend on our hospitals? All this oil will be burnt by the Baltagiya (Thugs) they will burn it. There are no people there. 3/4s of our people live in the East in Benghazi, there is no oil there, who will spend on them? Your children will not go to schools or universities. There will be chaos, we will have to leave Libya if we can't share oil. Everyone wants to become a Sheikh and an Emir, we are not Egypt or Tunisia so we are in front of a major challenge.

We all now have arms. At this time drunks are driving tanks in central Benghazi. So we all now have weapons. The powers who want to destroy Libya have weapons. There will be a war & no future. All the firms will leave, we have 500 housing units being built, they won't be completed. Remember my words. 200 billion dollars of projects are now underway, they won't be finished.

You can say we want democracy & rights, we can talk about it, we should have talked about it before. It's this or war. Instead of crying over 200 deaths we will cry over 100,000s of deaths. You will all leave Libya, there will be nothing here. There will be no bread in Libya, it will be more expensive than gold.

Before we let weapons come between us, from tomorrow, in 48 hours, we will call or a new conference for new laws. We will call for new media laws, civil rights, lift the stupid punishments, we will have a constitution. Even the LEader Gaddafi said he wants a constitution. We can even have autonomous rule, with limited central govt powers. Brothers there are 200 billion dollars of projects at stake now. We will agree to all these issues immediately. We will then be able to keep our country, unlike our neighbors. We will do that without the problems of Egypt & Tunisia who are now suffering. There is no tourism there. We will have a new Libya, new flag, new anthem. Or else, be ready to start a civil war and chaos and forget oil and petrol.

What is happening in Bayda and Benghazi is very sad. How do you who live in Benghazi, will you visit Tripoli with a visa? The country will be divided like North and South Korea we will see each other through a fence. You will wait in line for months for a visa. If we don't do the first scenario be ready for the second scenario:

The British FM called me. Be ready for a new colonial period from American and Britain. ou think they will accept an Islamic Emirate here, 30 minutes from Crete? The West will come and occupy you. Europe & the West will not agree to chaos in Libya, to export chaos and drugs so they will occupy us.

In any case, I have spoken to you, we uncovered cells from Egypt and Tunisia and Arabs. The Libyans who live in Europe and USA, their children go to school and they want you to fight. They are comfortable. They then want to come and rule us and Libya. They want us to kill each other then come, like in Iraq. The Tunisians and Egyptians who are here also have weapons, they want to divide Libya and take over the country.

We are in front of two choices, we can reform now, this is an historic moment, without it there will be nothing for decades. You will see worse than Yugoslavia if we don't choose the first option. Gaddafi is not Mubarak or Ben Ali, a classical ruler, he is a leader of a people. 10,000s of Libyans are coming to defend him. Over coastline Libyans are coming to support Gaddafi. The army is also there, it will play a big part whatever the cost. The army will play a big role, it is not the army of Tunisia or Egypt. It will support Gaddafi to the last minute. Now in the Green Square people shoot so that they show the world that the army is shooting. We must be awake.

Now comes the role of the National Guard and the Army, we will not lose one inch of this land. 60 years ago they defended Libya from the colonialists, now they will defend it from drug addicts. Most of he Libyans are intelligent, they are not Baltagiya (thugs) Benghazi is a million and a half not the few thousands who are in the streets. We will flight to the last man and woman and bullet. We will not lose Libya. We will not let Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and BBC trick us.

We will live in Libya and die in Libya.

2:45 AM "After #Seif's speech the city of #Tripoli turned to a battlefield. Please #God protect them." via @ShababiLibya

2:45 AM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: Tarhuna is out in the streets! The army has joined the protesters! Heading to Tripoli now!!" via @ShababiLibya

2:45 AM "BREAKING - Snipers fire in Saha Al Khadra" via @ShababiLibya

2:45 AM "BREAKING: Call with eyewitnesses in Tripoli - IT IS GOING TO BE A BLOODBATH!" via @ShababiLibya


2:45 AM "BREAKING: Forget what Saif said, we still need to work in Tripoli. We will be free!" via @ShababiLibya

1:45 AM Saif Al Islam Gaddafi made a speech. Will try to get a transcript.

12:45 AM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: Benghazi Hospital today 60 dead. confirmed" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "We are getting reports parts of Tripoli are now celebrating and taken over by protesters?!" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "if saif talks tonight i think he will dismiss his father and assume control, but its way too late" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "AlJaz talking about Gaddafi's son getting shot by his brother, as well as Gaddafi fleeing to S. America. NONE OF THIS IS CONFIRMED." via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "Unconfirmed: Muamar Al Gaddafi headed to Venezuela. pls note this is unconfirmed and received from lots of ppl on the ground" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "Reports left right and center then Muammar Al Gaddafi has now left #Libya - we can not confirm this. libya has gone maglooba" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "why do dictators delay their speech until the 11th hour? advise to all dictators, if your ppl start a protest, do a quick speech and leave" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "BREAKING: abdalla sanussi will be put on trial!!! #Libya #Feb17 BREAKING" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "somebody asked me earlier will he go tonight, I said only when the ministers resign like dominoes - they must know something, its started" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "BREAKING: libyan ambassador to china has resigned" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "the first online radio of a free benghazi (free libya channel) is announcing the free cyrenaica and soon to be a free libya" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "all pro gaddafi only walked the streets by spreading fear, that is no more, they can not walk in #libya ever again, the tables are turning" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "one thing to note about #libya, when #gaddafi goes, all who supported him will have to go, we will be the first to have a full revolution" via @ShababiLibya

12:45 AM "BREAKING: huge number in #tripoli protesting! We'll have a Free Libya soon" via @ShababiLibya

11:30 PM Al Jazeera English reports clashes between pro- and anti-government Libyans in "Green Square" in Tripoli

11:20 PM Al Jazeera English interviews Azeldin El-Sharif, a Libyan activist whose brother was shot. He talks about mercenaries being used to kill Libyans. Says, “I don’t believe Gaddafi is a Libyan root man.”

On reports of demonstrations between Gaddafi loyalists and the opposition, “The loyalists are people who’ve got bloodshed on their hands. They are people who believe he can get away as he has doen before." He talks about Gaddafi escaping crimes against humanity and not being held accountable and now the loyalists think they can get the "whole world" to "shut up" and be silent again.

El-Sharif ends the interview saying he thinks Libyans are going to make it."I believe we are going to make it very very soon.”

ZDNet with a report on Libyan Internet and sites like Facebook being blocked.

BREAKING CONFIRMED: Tripoli protesters are OUT marching and chanting: La ilaha ila Allah Gadaffi 3adoo Allah!! #feb17 #gaddaficrimes #libya (@ShababiLibya)

BREAKING CONFIRMED: Protesters in Tripoli marching towards the Green Square chanting: No God but God and Gaddafi is the Enemy of God #feb17 (@ShababiLibya)

11:10 PM


7:00 PM "Al saika brigade 236 now in control of benghazi joint with the people, sorry i forgot form the call the officer incharge" via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM "Al saika brigade 236 now in control of benghazi joint with the people, sorry i forgot form the call the officer incharge" via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM "getting reports of abdalla sanussi gaddafis main man for security is reported to be arrested he was in the barracks" via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM "al saika brigade marched in and helped the people and the mercenaries in birka barracks 'fled like rats' CONFIRMED" via @ShababLibya


7:00 PM "i was told, you have missed out u did not see them run out of birka like rats all foreign mercenaries" via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM "Confirmed: benghazi now free, with surrender of birka barracks moments ago but misrata now hearing gun fire" via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: City of Misratah is protesting. EVERYONE is in the streets." via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM "just received a call from birka area, barracks fallen and the youth are not letting them leave without a fight" via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM "Birka barracks fallen: benghazi have refused to let them leave towards airport without a fight #Libya #Feb17 they asked to leave confirmed" via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM "Birka barracks have sent a text to all benghazi and asked them in the area if they can leave to buatni near airport, and take weapons" via @ShababLibya

6:30 PM "Confirmed: BIRKA barracks has now fallen, conformation birka barracks nowo fallen they have asked benghazi if they can leave peacefully" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "More and more reports of a major commandos and army uprising/coup within the libyan army.. I CANNOT confirm this right now" via @ChangeInLibya

6:00 PM "FB sources mention that 1 of the most renowned commandos units in #libya is going to help #benghazi against mercenaries..cnt confirm " via @ChangeInLibya

6:00 PM "#Gaddafi is treating #tripoli as a series of "pockets", extremely hard to get from one to another and can be easily contained" via @ChangeInLibya

6:00 PM "Name of martyr, died last night in Tajura: Mohamed Alhatimi, RIP" via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM "Lawyers and judges conducting sit-in at the courts complex in #tripoli" via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM "Huge crowds out in Misurata." via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM "Talked to many in misrata today. Est. Of 15,000 demonstrators. Live ammo used against demonstr " via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM "In #Tripoli protests are quick, dspersed by police, but protestors gather elsewhere...similar to first days in #benghazi" via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM "Protests last night in Mansura, which is very close to gaddafi's central command, bab alaziziya in #tripoli" via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM "from eyewitness, clashes most day in Fashloom, #Tripoli, no 1 reported dead. Some police reported 2 not disturb protestors" via @EnoughGaddafi

6:00 PM "Tripolitanian on Aljaz called on Gaddafi to hand over power to ra'is al-ma7kama al-3ulia and leave the country immediately" via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM "Radio Benghazi swearing cryptically that a surprise is in store for Gaddafi over in the next 24 hours" via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM "Massacres reported in front of maktabat al-sha3b in Tripoli" via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM "Radio Benghazi reporting that large numbers of protesters have poured onto the streets in Tripoli, being attacked by police" via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: Fate of Benghazi and Libya unknown, death toll rising by the second. WORLD INTERVENTION IMPERATIVE NOW!" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "BREAKING: Large numbers of people dead in Benghazi today. Amount to be confirmed." via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Please, we need people to contact the Obama administration and the United Nations to demand they do something about Libya" via @Cyrenaican

6:00 PM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: All protesters out in Zawia burning down Gaddafi's house!#gaddaficrimes ZAWIA IS OFFICIALLY FREE!" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "CONFIRMED: Aljazeera reports youngst martyr in Libya: 1 and a half years old!!!!" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Confirmed: tripoli are out in numbers they are chanting they are with benghazi, heart warming..." via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "more reports from more sources, there is killing ongoing in benghazi, how long can we just tweet this for? until someone says something?" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "confirmed: brika barracks, they are firing at anyone and everyone regardless of age etc, anyone they see (these ppl being paid)" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "if anyone can get in contact with benghazi, call them and tell them to stay indoors do not approach birka barracks (fadheel camp) please" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "From now there will be no oil exported from Libya CONFIRMED no oil from libya, now the world will wake up" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Brega company in libya, their export field pipes in various areas such as tobrok etc have been burnt, no libya from oil officially" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "now we feel really helpless..." via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "in humaytha confirmed, if u open window to look at barracks they shoot you, people dying, i wish i could call them to warn them" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "news coming in from humaytha (opposite birka barracks) ppl being killed now.. my fam live in humaytha......" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "we are getting, pharmacies are opening doors to everyone in benghazi, but also that those mercenaries have landed in benghazi?" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "yes reported high profile people in birka barracks, also if he completely loses ben, he lost more then half of #libya" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "the latest people now to confirm that 200 died in one hospital in benghazi is sky news, there is no question now it was a massacre" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Breaking: 3 sources claim, foreign mercenaries have just landed in benina airport god help benghazi god help benghazi" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "the problem with birka (barracks) is there are important people inside, that the regime is trying to rescue these people so it seems " via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "i would also like to confirm benghazi is in the hands of the protesters the problem is only in the birka region" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Al birka benghazi has still not fallen in benghazi, more gunfire coming from this area, reports say abdalla sanussi inside" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "also confirming else where in the absence of police in east libya we seem to only be seeming a mercenary problem" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "please also note population of benghazi is under 1 million, libyan population about 6.5 million" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "also we now have word that there are 100,000s on the streets of benghazi.. its easy to forget about the ongoing protests" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "eyewitness in western libya says he has seen military units being flown towards east libya since yesterday" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "our brothers in the historic town of cyrene, according to AJ have now overtaken the mercenary barracks but 50 died so far" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "youtube are removing our videos one by one, we will keep mirroring i am sorry for this, our account is being watched" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "the eyewitnesses told me, youth ran towards the antitank gun fire (someone give me a name for it) they did not care what happened to them" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "200 died in benghazi in one go by automatic anti tank weaponry from the barracks in birka, this was confirmed by many sources" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Libya is not in civil war, libya is one and united, #libya has one common enemy a man who has killed libyans and sucked libya's money" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM There is now very little reason for anyone to be ignorant of what is happening in Libya. Besides Twitter and Youtube, for those that did not see them at the bottom of this post, @Arasmus is still updating a googlemap and live update of the protests, Feb17Voices has continuously updated audio from Libya that they frequently translate, the protester controlled Benghazi radio station is still broadcasting and here is a spreadsheet which attempts to list all of the deaths of protesters along with their identities. There was a live stream set up earlier today, and protesters have made themselves available, at huge risk, to talk to international media on skype.

Message from Libya to the world

5:00 AM: Gaddafi's special forces are reportedly going into hospitals and executing doctors. Unarmed teenagers and children are trying to take Green Square in Tripoli from armed mercenaries, army secret police and the Revolutionary Guard. Helicopters are again firing on protesters, this time in Tripoli. A wall exploded on Birka Barracks (reportedly with TNT), killing a nephew of Gaddafi along with 55 others in Benghazi.

5:00 AM "what started with so much optimism is now incredibly depressing, we have seen something worthy of headlines for the next 3years today" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "independent confirms 200 dead in benghazi, we have around 400 mark confirmed by eye witness in benghazi" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "European sources confirmed that a C130 plane from Austria will land in Malta heading towards Libya with military supplies" via @libyanfsl

5:00 AM "Gheryan eye witness just now, 2 dead, we would urge all from gheryan to try to make contact and @mention with further info" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Major protest currently taking place in Gheryan confirmed by phone call in the city just now" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "World: It is Libyan blood on your hands that you let shed today. Death toll rising, unimaginable conditions in Libya! WE NEED HELP!" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Confirmed and heard on CNN: MASSACRE IN BENGHAZI TODAY! 200 shot with machine guns in one go! PLEASE STOP THIS!" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Dear Libya: Help Benghazi! Random shootings in the streets confirmed. PLEASE HELP BENGHAZI" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "BREAKIN|G Confirmed via many reliable sources 200 shoot with machine fire in Birka" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Confirmed: 200 people dead in one go in Benghazi eye witness, when attacking the albirka barracks" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Confirmed: 1000 people now out in fashloom area of Tripoli, gun fire reported and confirmed by other sources" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Dear media and aid abroad, where there's a will, there's a way this is an extreme situation. You need to act!" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Libyans are calling on the world to be strong and support. send aid. How are visas a problem? the border is opened by the protesters." via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Libya also has foreigners living inside, has the world forgotten, if you don't care about Libyanswhat about theother citizens?" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "What the hell is happening .. Heavy artillery , mercenaries , gunships what the hell is this moron up 2 now he's burning libya now!!!" via @mohamed_wasfy

5:00 AM "Please help Libya. Please." via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: eyewitness is that unfortunatley 700-750 (dead+injured) the barracks is on fire in Benghazi. HELP!!" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: Libya needs blood types A- and B- the most. PLEASE HELP! RT!!!" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "BREAKING, CONFIRMED:Nalut's youth are out in the square tearing down Gaddafi's pictures." via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "URGENT:PLEASE EMAIL AT libyanym@gmail.com if you are an aidorganization we have drs inside willing to come to the border please email" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Please call for international intervention in Libya please stop Gaddafi's tyranny. End the violence" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Radio Libya report: Fashloom in Tripoli is under heavy gun fire. .people are dying. WAITING ON WORLD TO ACT!" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "Confirmed: Shahat camp free, now heading towards Benghazi with weapons to aid people." via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "well done gaddafi you have just made mubarak look human" via @ShababLibya

5:00 AM "how is it in the 21st cent, a leader can massacre their people, a hospital out of beds and blood, and the world is silent?" via @ShababLibya

SATURDAY, February 19

12:08 AM Feb17Voices with this Audioboo update on Libya from Tripoli


11:30 PM Feb17Voices Audioboo update: Libyans believe their phones are being tapped. When talking about government, some are having are experiencing losses of connection.


9:22 PM Abdurahman Warsame or @abdu reports on Twitter in the past eight hours:

BREAKING: Al-Fadhil Brigade building in #Benghazi has fallen. This is the last base and the ppl are in control of Benghazi. #Libya

“Al Fadhil base was the residence of Gaddafi when he comes to #Benghazi. People protected important buildings like the courts. #Libya”

9:21 PM Renesys confirms that Libya Internet is coming back to life

9:19 PM: Tweet from LaylaMarafie saying people of Libya “did not see the tear gas, did not sprinkle with water did not feel the beat of rubber bullets, the Libyan revolutionary face live bullets only.”

9:18 PM NickKristof sends these tweets: “In the absence of int'l journalists in #Libya, thank God for brave Libyans who risk all to get the word out” and “Reports from Libya are horrific. It shld be getting more attention, but we journalists can't get visas. I'll keep trying.”

9:10 PM Sky News report on death toll in Libya hitting at least 120 in the past three days

6:00 PM Graphic videos are being posted of dead foreign mercenaries. Libyans have been saying that mercenaries were brought in by Gaddafi last week from Chad (and some report Korea) in preparation for the protests. In the beginning, protesters were reporting threats from Gaddafi that he would kill everyone in the cities and fill them with Africans (no source). Protesters have been reporting mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa speaking French.

6:00 PM "Breaking news: All of Eastern Libya is now secured and waving the flag of independence (The Kingdom Flag)" via @ShababLibya
" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Breaking: now every city in the east of libya has the true flag (my pic) now waving over its city, this is very historic" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Aljazeera now has more frequencies for libya as it has been blocked if anyone has them please tweet at me and i will retweet" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Confirmed: benghazi faced the biggest fight as it is the capital of the east and could not be lost, but now has been proved secure" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Now breaking from #bayda they fought and beat the mercenaries and hanged them in the valleys surrounding bayda. now %100 secure" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "now breaking, historic town of tobrok now %100 secure and have renamed jamahiriya square to square of the martyrs" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "now breaking, historic town of tobrok now %100 secure and have renamed jamahiriya square to square of the martyrs" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Confirmation now, that various brigades of the libyan army is now joining protesters to fight" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "@AJArabic caller confirms what we are all tweeting, aj corrispon in tripoli is hiding alot and agent for gaddafi" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "@AJArabic caller confirms khoms town and many many others surrounding tripoli are out on streets protesting" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "@AJArabic caller confirms over 700 now injured" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "@AJArabic BREAKiNG Caller confirmed over 200 dead in BENGHAZI, this has just come in now from @AJArabic caller on air now" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "More reports coming in from the army siding with the protesters in more and more places in #Libya, benghazi is confirmed" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "we had reports that khamis' brigade was in benghazi al brika barracks area but situation now calm and protesters in control confirmed" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Confirmed reports from the ground: Benghazi is NOT under siege, no helicopters in sight" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "CONFIRMED Report: 2000 demonstrators in center of #Misurata demonstrating against regime Getting closer and closer to Tripoli " via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Just in from a call benghazi youth control the city but clashes in birka area with khamis brigade spread now" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "it is believed AbdulQader al gaddafi who joined protesters (from gaddafi familiy) was killed by khamis' brigade" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Breaking: funeral today in bayda for abdulqader sultan al gaddafi from the gaddafi family who refused to fire on protesters" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "getting more reports of khamis gaddafi's brigade active in benghazi, they are the most brutal in #Libya" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "The UK and France suspend weapons export to Libya in protest to the violent suppression of protesters by the regime." via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "More conformations of events in Tripoli, Prior to #Feb17 Gaddafi has dispatched most of his tribe to the city" via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "International calls out of Libya are blocked. They can only receive calls." via @ShababLibya

6:00 PM "Benghazi. Gadafi's son's deadliest brigade has started launching rockets on the city. It is declared a war zone" via @MangasFreeKicks

6:00 PM Google Transparency chart shows internet traffic for Libya, dropping to almost nothing earlier and now coming back.

Video of army in Benghazi joining protesters.

9:00 AM Renesys posted earlier Renesys confirms that the 13 globally routed Libyan network prefixes were withdrawn at 23:18 GMT (Friday night, 1:18am Saturday local time), and Libya is off the Internet. One Libyan route originated by Telecom Italia directly is still BGP-reachable, but inbound traceroutes appear to die in Palermo. A minority of our peers report some surviving paths through the peering connection between Level3 and Telecom Italia, but traceroutes into those prefixes fail, suggesting that the Libyan cutoff is complete.

And then: Update 06:39 UTC Two-thirds of Libyan routes came back to life at 6:01 UTC (8:01 local time), and the remainder were restored nine minutes later. At the moment, spot checks of Libyan domains and traceroutes into affected networks indicate that connectivity has been restored, and Libya is back on the Internet.

7:00 AM Adding to all the reported shutdown of social media and internet in Libya, Al Jazeera reports its signal being jammed on several frequencies and its website being blocked in Libya.

7:00 AM Human Rights watch report on Libya for February 18 says that government security forces have killed at least 84 people in three days of protests in several cities in Libya.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the eastern Libyan cities of Benghazi, Baida, Ajdabiya, Zawiya, and Derna on February 18, 2011, following violent attacks against peaceful protests the day before that killed 20 people in Benghazi, 23 in Baida, three in Ajdabiya, and three in Derna. Hospital sources told Human Rights Watch that security forces killed 35 people in Benghazi on February 18, almost all with live ammunition.

The protests in Benghazi on February 18 began during funerals for the 20 demonstrators killed by security forces the day before. Eyewitnesses told Human Rights Watch that security forces with distinctive yellow uniforms opened fire on protesters near the Fadil Bu Omar Katiba, a security force base in the center of Benghazi. One protester told Human Rights Watch he witnessed four men shot dead.

By 11 p.m. on February 18, Al Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi had received the bodies of 35 people killed that day, a senior hospital official told Human Rights Watch. He said the deaths had been caused by gunshot wounds to the chest, neck, and head. Two sources at the hospital confirmed to Human Rights Watch that the death toll for February 17 was 20, and that at least 45 people had been wounded by bullets.

The senior hospital official told Human Rights Watch, "We put out a call to all the doctors in Benghazi to come to the hospital and for everyone to contribute blood because I've never seen anything like this before."

Witnesses said that after the February 18 shootings, protesters in Benghazi continued on to the courthouse and gathered there throughout the evening, the crowd swelling to thousands.

In Baida, further to the east, protesters on February 18 buried the 23 people who had been shot dead the day before. One protester told Human Rights Watch that police were patrolling the streets but he had seen no further clashes.

In Ajdabiya, to the south of Benghazi, one protester told Human Rights Watch that early on February 18 people had gathered to bury the three protesters shot dead the day before. He said that on February 17, Revolutionary Guard officers fired upon peaceful protesters who were calling for a change in government. He said the protests were ongoing as of 9:30 p.m. on February 18 but that he had seen no further violence.

Tripoli, Libya's political and economic capital, remained quiet compared to the east of the country.

4:00 AM "Derna caller, he says 8 have been killed in the situation, but they have no gaddafi influence there now and lots are wounded" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "caller from derna, situation seems to be good, they seem to be happier with the situation then benghazi, it seems they have secured the city" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "if you contact anyone in benghazi tonight, please tell them water supply poisoning is scare tactics" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "we are not a news agency and neither are the people, they are fearing for their lives, we are relaying information as it happens " via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "people in Libya are calling franticly each has a story to share, this is because of the lack of media on the ground" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "caller from egypt to explain water situation - poisoned water is scare tactics which was spread on streets of egypt, they want you to be scared and stay at home" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "@Cyrenaican called a contact, he says water poisoned, thats 4 different people in #Benghazi " via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "people we now have a few callers from benghazi including the dr saying water poisoned so il leave it to you guys to decide" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "the caller in benghazi also says Saadi escaped " via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "more messages being received now of mercenaries entering homes in benghazi... intimidating women while men out guarding " via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "I am getting messages now, saying saadi is %100 not captures, ok thanks, right lets not mention him again please" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "Some say no saadi caught, its going to be one of those guys... but they say they will send pics, so i would ignore until pics" via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "ok light on the saadi situation, someone called his bro they said they nearly did but he escaped in a helicopter from benghazi " via @ShababLibya

4:00 AM "Names of #Benghazi's martyrs: Moid Fathi Bujlawi 26 yrs old, Rami Salih Almaghrbi 18 yrs old, Idris Ali Raslan Almaghrbi 13 yrs old, Mohamed Salem Bu Jnah 21 yrs old, Marwan Al-ShatShat 20 yrs old, Fawzi Hussein As-Sabri 36 yrs old, Hmad Al-Ilam 27 yrs old, Mutaz Abdel-Ati Al-Droki 19 yrs old, Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Irfi 19 yrs old" via @EnoughGaddafi

4:00 AM "CONFIRMED: Zawiyyah protestors pushing out mercenaries #Feb17 #Libya but in #Benghazi mercenaries attacking citizens" via @EnoughGaddafi

4:00 AM "CONFIRMED: office of Gaddafi's Vanguard Lijan Thawriyya burnt down in Zawiyyah and city hall-like building in Zawiyyah" via @EnoughGaddafi

4:00 AM "Audioboo: LPC: #Tripoli wman: Korean&African mercenaries let loose on people in #Benghazi" via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "LPC: #Tripoli wman: gov. giving out weapons,tore up runway@ Bayda airport, sound of explosion" via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "Man from #Tripoli says Gaddafi's guys have been given guns and cars, they are at every corner" via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "LPC: #Tripoli wman: 10,000 prisoners let out 2night after prison in Ayn Zarah burned down" via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "#Tripoli wman: cops "shooting at the innocent," 5 protesters arrested" via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "#Benghazi man: gov destroying property" via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "#Benghazi man: army killng prtstrs n sum places,standng w/them n othrs. motives unclear." via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "#Benghazi man: army saying they are w/the ppl but there is "something fishy about it."" via @feb17voices

4:00 AM "#Benghazi man:elec&intnet cut, sound of live gunshts, pleading4internat community 4relief" via @feb17voices

3:30 AM A picture reportedly of a Benghazi hospital set on fire by thugs.

3:30 AM Over 40 videos from Libya via @AliLePointe

3:30 AM "my last tweet of the night, i have tried to add up deaths total from various people across Libya, looks like its around 71" via @ShababLibya

3:30 AM "#Libya, tonight, teetering between hope and terror...the violence as staggering as the courage" via @EnoughGaddafi

3:30 AM "CONFIRMED: foreign mercenaries attacking people in #Benghazi #Feb17 #Libya, eye witness account, just got off the phone" via @EnoughGaddafi

3:30 AM "Saadi escaping? Yes, I got it from those on the ground" via @der_bluthund

3:30 AM "Reports that Saadi #Gaddafi left #Benghazi with convoy." via @LibyanDictator

3:30 AM "@EnoughGaddafi Is Saadi captured?!" via @LibyanDictator

1:00 AM "benghazi is now like Cairo, where youth are organising traffic and guarding property" via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM "Mercenaries still walking the streets of Benghazi and scaring people, citizen committees being organized to protect people " via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM "TUNIS EGYPT and half of LIBYA are now free #Feb17 #Libya %100 confirmed" via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM "Aljazeera just confirmed over 100,000 demonstrators in #Benghazi, a city of 600,000" via @ShababLibya

1:00 AM "Mercenaries still walking the streets of Benghazi and scaring people, citizen committees being organized to protect people" via @libyanfsl

1:00 AM "again from fellow tweeter: mercenaries are entering homes of libyans while males are out #Libya #Feb17 (as expected city is now lawless)" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "Almanara: Libyan protesters hang two policemen (who shot protesters) in #Bayda" via @Tripolitanian

12:30 AM "Just heard it on radio from Benghazi!", "This in just from the Radio: Benghazi residents have arrested Saa'di al-Gaddafi!" via @Cyrenaican

12:30 AM "Benghazi resident says no army, police presence on streets, except 3 tanks outside courthouse, tank crews speaking with protesters." via @bencnn

12:30 AM "The army has turned over 4 tanks to the people in Benghazi infront of the courthouse." via @EANewsFeed

12:30 AM "Aljazeera live from #Benghazi: More than 40 buried today in the city; some as young as 12 years old " via @iyad_elbaghdadi

12:30 AM "The Libyan city of #Benghazi is in the hands of the revolutionaries now. Not a single security person there" via @AhmadFahmy

12:30 AM "we are seeing the worst in libya from the troops belonging to the children of Muamar al #gaddafi " via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "Confirmed Zintan: gas cut petrol cut net and coms, please pray for those in Zintan" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "Confirmed: ladies men and children are out in Zawia facing tear gas" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "Confirmed: revolutionary guard building now up in flames in Zawia" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "@AJArabic caller confirms none of #gaddafi security left in benghazi" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "@AJArabic sheikh from benghazi on the line, they killed kids 10 years old and 12 years old etc" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "@AJArabic Obama finally speaks asks #Gaddafi not to use violence against protesters" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM "ok, people still spread the fact we need blood in #Benghazi and #bayda please do not forget" via @ShababLibya

12:30 AM feb17voicesis an Audioboo site broadcasting eyewitness accounts from Libya.

Benghazi protesters taking Jilyana Bridge.

FRIDAY, February 18


9:20 PM "ZAWYA IS OUT ZAWYA is OUT they have no net they have to coms they are on their own sabratha go out now now now now" via @ShababLibya


9:20 PM "BENGHAZI HAS FALLEN BENGHAZI HAS FALLEN only 2 tanks in the salmani REGION LEFT PLEASE SPREAD" via @ShababLibya

9:20 PM "Benghazi is free except for Salmani area: CONFIRMED BREAKING NEWS" via @ShababLibya

9:20 PM "CONFIRMED foreign mercenaries are being treated in bayda hospitals pics will be available by libyans tonight BREAKING" via @ShababLibya

8:20 PM Benghazi now


8:20 PM Benghazi radio station now broadcasts very angry Libyan protesters.

8:20 PM A very graphic compilation video of Libyan martyrs.

8:20 PM Derna, Al Baieda and Benghazi have all reported police officers joining the protesters.

8:20 PM LibyaFeb17 have a translation of an interview between Al Jazeera and political activist Aamir Saad.

Aamir: …Their cousin, their family and neighbours. How would you feel if you were to find your brother or son have been killed by African mercenaries? The protesters in Al Bayda have been able to seize control of the military airbase in the city and have executed 50 African mercenaries and 2 Libyan conspirators. Even in Darnah today, a number of conspirators were executed, they were locked up in the holding cells of a police station because they resisted, and some died burning inside the building. This will be the end of every oppressor who stands with Gaddafi. Gaddafi is over, that’s it, he has no presence here anymore. The eastern regions of Libya are now free regions. If he wants to reclaim it, he will need to bomb us with nuclear or chemical bombs. This is his only option. The people have stood and said they will not go back. And we in Darnah today are standing and camping in AsSahabah square.

Aamir: Those are conspirators and thugs that the regime set free, and gave them 5000 dinars. The regime also promised them another 5000 dinars. But even though they are conspirators and thugs, they remain Libyans. And I know very well that they will NOT side with Gaddafi’s regime. Impossible. Only one of them fully declared his allegiance with the regime and his name is RAJAB AL ADOOLI and he was executed yesterday, he was killed, and it was over! And the things AsSaadi Al Gaddafi said yesterday on Libya’s state channel is rubbish, saying he will return to Benghazi. Benghazi does not belong to his father, for his father to give it to him to rule. Did not his father say that the RULE is in the hands of the people? WE ARE THE PEOPLE! And we tell you Gaddafi one word: LEAVE! You are an oppressor! We do not want you. I am the child of a free police officer, and I am benefitting from your regime, and I still benefit from it, and I still have money in your regime that I am entitled to due to my being the son of a police officer, but I don’t want this money. I want one thing, I want FREEDOM FOR MY COUNTRY. I want to see the flag of Islam fluttering over my country, I want to see you leave! Get out! Game over! Go hide your ugly face! What do you want me to say to him? Please go ahead Ms Khadijah.

Full translation at LibyaFeb17

7:00 PM Facebook group has an unconfirmed report of Gaddafi leaving for Sabha "in the center of a large convoy of cars and in tight security, with the closure of all the main streets of the capital until it passed."

7:45 AM Massive demonstrations now.

7:45 AM "tomorrow day of (Libya Pride) after prayer we will take it to the road men and women, dress accordingly" via @Odarhobi

7:45 AM "It's been reported from #Benghazi that internal police are killing the injured in Jala Hospital " via @Cyrenaican

7:45 AM Human Rights Watch produces an extensive report on the protests, confirms many of the "unconfirmed deaths" and reports the rest.

Some of the worst violence was in the eastern city of Baida. At around 1 p.m. on February 17, according to sources in Libya, hospital staff put out a call for additional medical supplies, as they became overwhelmed with the medical needs of 70 injured protesters, half of them in critical condition due to gunshot wounds. On the night of February 16, security forces had attacked peaceful protesters with teargas and live ammunition, shooting dead two protesters, according to protesters who spoke to Human Rights Watch. Geneva-based Libya Human Rights Solidarity has confirmed three of the names of those shot dead so far: Safwan Attiya, Nasser Al Juweigi, and Ahmad El Qabili.

One injured protester in a hospital in Baida told Human Rights Watch that he was sitting near the intensive care unit there and had confirmed that security forces had shot dead 16 people and wounded dozens of others. He said that Special Forces and armed men in street clothes fired live ammunition to deter protesters.

The protester told Human Rights Watch that he believed security forces had shot dead at least 17 protesters during the day, mostly near Abdel Nasser Street. Human Rights Watch was able to confirm eight of those deaths.

7:45 AM Interview with Ibrahim Sahad, secretary general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya:

"President Gaddafi enlisted military forces from Chad to help in the crackdown a week before the protests began. ...

Gaddafi sent gangs to Europe to kill Libyans who choose to live away from Libya and Gaddafi. He killed Libyans in London, in Rome, Milan, in Athens. He tried to kill others in other cities. ...

One of the crimes is killing 1200 prisoners in three hours ... I expected that to hear the European governments, United States of America as they are talking about human rights and talking about democracy type of freedom to see them come forward to support the Libyan people. Unfortunately that is not taking place. ...

I don't know why. Is the oil, the Libyan oil is, there are some other deals with Gaddafi. I don't know why the White House they did not include Libya. We are seeing that they come always forward talking about human rights and democracy in other areas in the world. Why Libya, why Libyan people, why the Libyan people's rights not been supported and helped from this administration?

This is very, very, very, very disappointing.

7:45 AM "Pray for Libya, tomorrow's a big day. Big protests following Friday Prayer!" via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM "Report from ground: Benghazi and Ajdabiya said to be surrounded by troops. Nothing yet confirmed." via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM "All of Libya will be out after Friday Prayer! DOWN DOWN GADDAFI!" via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM "Police in #Derna refuse to open fire on protesters. Tomorrow will be renewed effort in the streets. #Derna will be unleashed." via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM "Tents Have been placed for Protesters in #Bengahzi" via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM "we hear the situation in rajban is dire, need any info as possible, the net and phones are down, we can not expect vids or pics" via @ShababLibya

7:45 AM "wonderful scenes through out the day in tobrok shahat (cyrene) ajdabia zintan and graphic scenes from benghazi," via @ShababLibya

Ambulances arrive in Al Baieda.

6:30 AM A lot more of the "unconfirmed dead" in pictures and video taken at a morgue.

3:30 AM "Zintan city, reports of it being surrounded by khamis gaddfis brutal troops, gaddafi's son, what on gods earth is he planning? " via @ShababLibya

3:30 AM "hey guys, to update you, we have conformation that 50 have died in #Benghazi alone tonight" via @ShababLibya

3:30 AM "Doctors confirm via Videos sent, that 50 were killed today in #Benghazi #Libya #Feb17 does this translate as a massacre?" via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM Pictures of what news outlets are calling the "unconfirmed dead".

2:45 AM "Saadi Gaddafi speech: he is committing himself to pampering #Benghazi, all the protesters should go home" via @OmarAlmu5tar

2:45 AM "@cnnbrk the "unconfirmed deaths" are only unconfirmed because YOU GUYS are not covering it adequately! DO YOUR JOB! @AJELive" via @AliLePointe

2:45 AM "Lots of unconfirmed deaths in libya, for us the are confirmed, but no independent media on the ground we libyans have our families tell us" via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM "Reports, of up to 150k LYD offered to people in Zintan to return to their homes #Libya #Feb17 LYD is double £" via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM "Saadi has asked his dad to let him develop #benghazi #yeahright #wrongplacewrongtime" via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM "saadi your speech is late, too much blood has been shed tonight and there is only one way to satisfy us." via @ShababLibya

2:45 AM "I watched it, wasn't really a speech, more of a ramble on. Just Saadi. I'm trying to tweet what I can remember, there was nothing relevant apart him brown-nosing." via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM "I'm thinking Saadi #Gaddafi was sent to #Benghazi by his father to calm things down. Freedom is close." via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM "Saadi #Gaddafi: I'll be staying in #Benghazi to get to know it street by street, name by name. I'll meet with the people tmrw." via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM "Saadi #Gaddafi: There's nothing wrong with #Libyans being billionaires, if you have 10mil you can invest 10mil in Tunis and 10mil in #Libya." via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM "Saadi #Gaddafi: #Benghazi is a great city, I have asked the leader to let me develop it. Nobody will touch it unless it's through me." via @LibyanDictator

2:45 AM "There is nothing to type out, [Saadi] rambles on worse than his father, but i'll get some points down." via @LibyanDictator

2:05 AM "Confirmed, Mercenaries killing protesters across Libya DO NOT speak Libyan, and are from subsaharan Africa speaking french" via @ShababLibya

1:30 AM Derna: Snipers on rooftops shooting at protesters with rocks

12:01 AM "2 different SMS messages sent to Libyans saying Saif & Saadi will address Libyans " via @libyanfsl

Libyan state TV Saif Gaddafi and possibly also Saadi to address Libya soon.

12:01 AM Huge protest in Benghazi

12:01 AM Protests in Tobruk

THURSDAY, February 17

11:25 LibyaFeb17 have a translation of an article from Tripoli protesters sent to Alamanara.org, They are protesting in Al Zawiya Street and in Al Jomhoreeya Street near to the National Security building and in Fashloom and in Tajura. "The situation in Tripoli is very charged and people are calling for the masses to come out tomorrow after Friday prayer God-Willing in a modern and respectable demonstration that will demand the toppling of the regime and making reforms. It will also call for holding the corrupt to trial. The demonstrators are chanting: The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain! God is greater!" Full translation at LibyaFeb17

11:25 Protester shot in Benghazi WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC.

11:25 Protests in Tripoli

10:40 PM Al Jazeera reports Libyan students in the US say the Libyan government is threatening to withdraw scholarship funding unless they attend pro-government rallies in Washington this weekend.Source: Al Jazeera

10:20 PM Protester shot in Derna

8:50 PM "BREAKING: security belonging to the sons of #gaddafi in baida (where they live) have opened fire injuring 100s &killing 3" via @ShababLibya

8:50 PM "One boy was killed in the mosque after it was raided in Bayda (Safwan Atiyah Saleh his name)" via @rimakaLUSH

7:50PM Two people shot, reportedly dead, in Benghazi

7:30 PM Death toll hits 19 in Libya’s "Day of Rage" Source: Al Arabiya

7:30 PM "an estimated 1000 people currently out in #Tripoli (Dahra and Fashloom) also crowded with traffic via @amtfoto

7:30 PM "shocking account from a resident in #Benghazi we just spoke to #Libya #Feb17 #gaddafi crimes: as follows Contact: I spoke to my friend in central Benghazi, he said so many were arrested, and trapped in the corners of central Benghazi they caught a lot of us who appeared on videos from the night before, there are ppl undercover between us hiding in between cars and arrest us one by one when we turn away, they beat you first so you are unconscious, then take them to tripoli and elsewhere they are doing their best to kill our spirits and the motivation, we know we can not stop, coz if he remains we are first in the black list but god help us, it was limited to central benghazi but now its spreading all over, mainly through deprived areas, there is helicopters and some of the airforce in the skies, we in libya go out late afternoon and sunset, so this is when protesters are coming out and this is what has happened for the past two days (going out evening) but I hear the numbers are increasing" via @ShababLibya

7:30 PM "confirmed: 400 in the streets of #Tripoli, come on guys let it snowball " via @ShababLibya

7:30 PM "#Tripoli is making it clear: "it's crazy here" people are out and no longer have fear. confirming numbers soon" via @amtfoto

7:30 PM "Plz keep in mind #Libya has a small population living in clusters, its easy for them to trap us body, but not mind or spirit!" via @Libyan4life

7:00 PM "#Baida has been totally surrounded by the #Gaddafi regime's police and snipers are firing at unarmed protesters from rooftops." via @Jnoubiyeh

7:00 PM "BREAKING, according to Almanara, 10,000 people have taken the streets in #Benghazi asking for the downfall of the regime!!!!!! " via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM "the last we have from Ajdabiya is 4 ppl killed by sniper fire, we need info from there asap #Libya #Feb17 #Libya is at war with its regime" via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM "urgent: guys this has just gotten a whole lot more serious, please make contact with those in Ajdabiya urgently" via @ShababLibya

7:00 PM "URGENT URGENT URGENT, reports coming in of a massacre in AJDABIYA CITY, please try to make contact with those you know " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "@BBC @AJENGLISH @CNN People are getting shot during prayers in #Benghazi #Libya. We dont have many people spreading the word about #libya via @Shergawia

5:00 PM "@AJArabic we need you guys to show smiler to your sister channel the libyans need to see whats going on" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "African mercenaries now in #Benghazi #Libya sources in Libya say they're chasing and killing people with knives and swords. We only fear God" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "#Qaddafi has threatened to flatten #Benghazi and rebuild it, and place in it African Migrants" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "As libyans we expected this from #gaddafi, recruiting protesters to fight us from Africa namely Chad #Libya #Feb17 he warned us about this" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Abdallah: yes there are pro gaddafi protests: but they are not Libyan, they are Africans they are killing everybody" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Abdallah: they are killing everybody, i am running now, they have released people from the prisons" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Abdallah (caller from benghazi) they are killing us, they just killed 6, they have swords and knifes " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "People in Tripoli and Misrata saying they agreed to go out after Asr, perhaps that's why there is little movement so far." via @LibyanDictator

5:00 PM "is it just me, or has no world leader mentioned #Libya?" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "our population in #Libya is just over 6 million, country twice the size of egypt who are 85 mil, we need your help guys" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Confirmed Reports from #Benghazi, 6 people killed today in the city #Libya #Feb17 and the news still show pro #gaddafi protests.. shocking" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "@BBCKimGhattas BBC news needs to update the videos we are sending lots please update situation is much worse" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Benghazi,, mass protest in 20 street underway (very busy road in #Benghazi " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "unconfirmed reports from #Tripoli protests against #gaddafi have begun, will try to confirm shortly" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Amazing none of this is on the major news, bbc, aljeez,etc. keep the news coming" via @malabobioko

5:00 PM "reports in #benghazi alot of women are taking to the streets (very good sign) #Libya #Feb17 noway back for benghazi now " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "CONFIRMED: a military building is burnt down in AJDABIYA (East #Libya)" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "AL Bayda in full crisis, need medical supplies urgently, more security forces are being sent in we need help in bayda fast" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "#tripoli gather your friends, keep quiet and walk anywhere initially, numbers will grow, we need you now more then ever" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "@AJEnglish @AJArabic Please include these vids http://on.fb.me/i2wXwH you are showing pro qaddafi protesters & ppl are dying " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "just spoke to someone in #benghazi http://on.fb.me/i2wXwH 'we are dying here' please tell AJ to air this VID we need them to NOW " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "please urge @AJEnglish @AJArabic to broadcast, will make a world of difference to the libyans" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "most Protests happening in #Tripoli are pro-regime protests" via @amtfoto

5:00 PM "#Benghazi #Shahat (cyrene) #AlBayda #Zintan #rajban and unconfirmed from #derna are all protesting, expecting nationwide soon" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "all journalists banned from #Benghazi, most journalists based in #Benghazi have been detained" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "for the second day in a row, #Benghazi lawyers are protesting in front of the court house demanding a constitution" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "guys in #Tripoli, just get in small groups with friends and walk anywhere, it will start don't worry" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "you got it right, but #Tripoli is not on board yet, kind of frustrating do not know what they R waiting for" via @Odarhobi

5:00 PM "Benghazi is crawling with Police still waiting on news from #Tripoli seems to be rather tense" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Eye witness: saw the current pro #gaddaficrimes protesters arrive from #tripoli late last night" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "BREAKING: PRO #gaddaficrimes protesters now gathering in AL Keesh area of #Benghazi preparing to clash with anti regime protersters" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Net is up again in #Benghazi, what are they playing at? expect some new vids soon inshala" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Zintan (west libya) electricity cut off, net down, people have set up a generator for essentials" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "#Benghazi: protests gaining numbers by the min heading for maydan al shajara once more, scene of gun fire and petrol bombs last night " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Al Bayda asking for URGENT help, running out of medical supplies #Libya #Feb17 Media need to pass this on ASAP" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Contact: looks as though the protesters are headed to the Security HQ in #Benghazi, cant make out the chants at the min" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Contact in the center of #Benghazi, & now protests officially begun, also being fed from smaller streets, heading to Jamal st" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Omar Al Mokhtar st and Amr BinAl'as st both closed ahead of huge planned protests in #Benghazi " via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Libyans abroad scrambling for any information as the net begins to go down across the country, if you hear anything post it" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "Reports in Al Bayda, security are now hunting a man who contacted Jazeera last night" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "sorry didn't translate the SMS' sent in libya, if you protest in squares or streets, you will be shot at with live fire" via @ShababLibya

5:00 PM "doctors not allowed to talk to media in Bayda, supplies are very low, 3 confirmed dead yesterday, no confirmation for today" via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM "situation #Libya critical, brutal repression of demos in #Benghazi 6 confirmed dead & #Bayda no conf on death toll" via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM "CONFIRMED Doctors in Bayda, east of #Benghazi , #Libya being threatened, warned against talking to media" via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM It was impossible to contact witnesses in Benghazi because telephone connections to the city appeared to be out of order. Source: Haaretz

5:00 PM Head of the Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice, said two more people were killed in another city, Zentana, on Thursday while one protester was killed in Rijban, a town about 120 kilometers southwest of Tripoli.Source: Haaretz

5:00 PM Libyan activist Fathi al-Warfali said 11 protesters were killed in Beyida on Wednesday night, and scores were wounded.Source: Haaretz

5:00 PM "Confirmed from leaked correspondence, some security officers refuse 2 fight protestoers & support change Regime." via @EnoughGaddafi

5:00 PM Website Libya Al-Youm said four protesters were slain by snipers from the Internal Security Forces in the eastern city of BeyidaSource: Haaretz

5:00 PM Zintan and Rujban have been taken over by citizens. Need med suplies via Red Crescent and WHO can get in with UN protection via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish 40 years ago #Libya wasn't much of a country?Do not be the mouthpiece of dictatorship. You are insulting Libya and its history. via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish 40 years ago #Libya wasn't much of a country. Well Gaddafis been in power for nearly 42 years now. Cant even get propaganda right via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish How about doing some coverage on the human rights violations that are ravaging the people of #Libya now? via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish Your coverage of Libya is inconsistent. The people are demanding Gaddafis removal and are dying for doing so. via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish Libyans are incredibly repressed and you are aiding that repression. via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM @AJEnglish Do you have bipolar? Your recent segment was a disgrace to journalism and freedom in general. You must hate #Libya and its people via @Abdullah_Fadhli

5:00 PM The people of #Benghazi will be slaughtered if journalists do not cover the ongoing sturggle. @AJEnglish @jazeeraportal @AP via @Abdullah_Fadhli

9:30 AM Updated map and blog stream of protests via @Arasmus.

7:30 AM A video from Zintan from youtube user MeddiTV.

7:30 AM Another video from Albeida from youtube user MeddiTV.

7:15 AM Al Jazeera announces a live blog for Libya. It so far contains two entries, neither newsworthy.

7:15 AM Protesters in Albeida shout "Gaddafi you dictator! The turn has come for you, the turn has come for you!" Translation from LibyaFeb17.

7:15 AM Benghazi eyewitness account on Al Jazeera translated on LibyaFeb17. The eyewiness says there is no Libyan government presence for negotiation, they brought thugs to Benghazi from outside but they all fled from the protesters. Snipers are positioned atop buildings in all parts of the city with the primary aim to kill the Libyan youth. [Men with what appear to be rifles on top of buildings can be seen in the video below.] While I speak to you now there is a heavy exchange of fire. Our demand is one and that is to topple the regime! Removing Mu’ammar Al Gaddafi! Removing him and his children! We want to change the regime! We are fed up! We have become tired, that’s it, we’ve had enough as the Arabs say! Too much has happened. 1200 murdered in the prison of Abu Sleem, 500 HIV infected children in Benghazi. Full translation at LibyaFeb17.

4:02 AM: Al Jazeera reports that the names of the two people killed in Al-Beida were Khaled ElNaji Khanfar and Ahmad Shoushaniya. They say at least 38 other people were injured in Al-Beida.
3:40 AM: Protesters burn Gadaffi pictures and a building in Al-Beida

  • 1:10 AM: "CONFIRMED: Demonstrations in #Benghazi on Gamel AbduNasr St., over 5000 demonstrators" via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: "CONFIRMED: Demonstrations in #Derna, chantin "Ya sa7afa, waynkum waynkum" "Media! Where are you? Where are you?" via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: "Gunfire in the street Amr ibn al-Aas in #Benghazi" via @DJMeddi
  • 1:10 AM: "CONFIRMED: Helicopters used to shoot demonstrators in #Bayda, 3 CONFIRMED dead" via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: "CONFIRMED: Demonstrations in #Benghazi on Gamel AbduNasr St., security forces using teargas & water cannons on protestors " via @EnoughGaddafi
  • 1:10 AM: "Confirmed: 13 Dead in #Bayda" via @Libya17Feb
  • 12:30 AM: "UPDATE: 2 protesters are confirmed dead after being shot by police east of #Benghazi and several #Libyans have been wounded." via @Jnoubiyeh
  • 12:30 AM: "URGENT: Shots fired in downtown Benghazi killing at least 1 person" via @SumayyahG

  • WEDNESDAY, February 16

  • "can we rely on our army like #Tunisia and #Egypt? I very much doubt it" | "Confirmed, at least 800 soldiers are now in #Benghazi from #Tripoli, same old #gaddafi mixing the country so no relations" | "Revolutionary guard are usually well paid and have a relatively good standard of living, and will die for #gaddafi" via @bintlibya
  • Gunfire in video from Albeida via @bintlibya
  • "3 protestors dead and 4 injured in Albayda #Libya they are using live ammo" via @bintlibya
  • "Please note: reports of 4 to 7 deaths in Al-baida in #benghazi and 14 injured, inc a 12 year old today." via @ChangeInLibya
  • British Libya Solidarity Campaign asks for protests on Thursday, 17th February 2011 at the Libyan Embassy - London
  • Demonstrations in Al-Bayda (police station burning in background)

  • "Massive protests against Gaddafi"


  • TUESDAY, February 15

  • Troops raided the home of rights advocate Fathi Tarbel and took him away for questioning, causing protests in Benghazi which lasted until around 4 a.m. Wednesday. Atlanta Jouurnal-Constitution
  • Saif al-Islam Gadhafi ochestrated the release of 110 members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group leaving only 30 members of the group in prison.
  • Protesters chanted: "No God but Allah. Moammar is the enemy of Allah," and "Down, down to corruption and to the corrupt."
  • Police and security fired rubber bullets and hot water cannons. A video showed people running away from gunfire while shots are heard. A young man in a white, bloodstained robe was seen being carried by protesters.
  • A Libyan security official said 14 people, including 10 policemen, were injured.
  • In Zentan hundreds marched through the streets and set fire to security headquarters and a police station, then set up tents in the heart of the town.
  • In Beyida hundreds set fire to police stations while chanting, "The people want the ouster of the regime".
  • Security forces in Beyida have rounded up many activists in the run up to the February 17 protest date.

  • Benghazi protests on February 15 via EnoughLibya2011

  • Benghazi protests on February 15 via EnoughLibya2011

  • Benghazi protests on February 15 via EnoughLibya2011

  • WL Central Live Blog of Libya for March

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