2011-01-23 David House harassed, detained, and prevented from delivering petition to Bradley Manning

Today, activist David House and Jane Hamsher, publisher of firedoglake, were detained, harassed, and ultimately prevented from delivering the petition to Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning.

David House reported from his twitter feed:

david house@davidmhouse Detained for 40 minutes now upon entering base. Advised that cannot leave.

Meanwhile visiting hours are expiring... Hopeful that I get to see Brad today. These visits are his only reprieve from solitary.

@davidmhouse david house
My, that's a big shotgun.

@davidmhouse david house
I am on approved visitation list; have been visiting since September. Was planning on asking Brad about his conditions today.

@davidmhouse david house
Vehicle being searched and impounded.

@davidmhouse david house
I am not being allowed to move on-base to see Bradley. The petition is in my lap in a tow-truck surrounded by MPs. Welcome to Quantico.

@davidmhouse david house
MPs still not letting us leave. To clarify I am authorized to be on base; have been on approved visitation list + visiting for 5 months.

davidmhouse david house
RT @janehamsher Quantico Marine brass don't want Manning 2 have sole visitor now. Isolation & enforcement of solitary confinement complete.

@davidmhouse david house
Finally released, right as visiting hours conclude. What's going on in the brig?

Via Twitter and FDL's live feed

Statement of Events: Bradley Manning’s Primary Visitor Detained at Quantico

Might be just Quantico sending a message

No one could be so stupid, and so one must suspect this is a ploy by Quantico to expose their political masters, by following stupid orders to the letter.

Quantico must be sick of all this media attention, and they're not stupid, but they are required to follow orders. They would not of their own accord treat Manning in this fashion. Seriously, why would they?

So, orders from above politicians are reflecting badly on them and they DO NOT agree with these orders. How do they get the orders altered?

Follow them to the letter. The result is that this will escalate the visibility, (as it's done) and cause those giving the orders to have to modify them, or risk exposure when the guys at Quantico simply say, "Just following orders".

In fact they have already said the orders come from on-high but everyone assumed that meant, on-high but within Quantico, look deeper. How high does this really go?

Who now is truly under pressure, Quantico or their political masters? Very clever of those at Quantico!!

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