Joe Lieberman, Senator, DHS Committee Chair, Terms of Service Policeman

Joe Lieberman, Senator, DHS Committee Chair, Terms of Service Policeman

Monday afternoon I spoke with Leslie Phillips, Press Secretary for Senator Joseph Liebermans' DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Oversight Committee. Ms. Phillips was crisp, professional, and on message, as one might expect.  I would like to Thank her for taking the time to engage my questions, and her patience in the face of my persistent questioning. She generously gave me 15 minutes of her time at a moment when she was headed for a meeting, and I appreciate it.

I had been trying to reach Leslie since Friday...

Ex-Intelligence Officers Support WikiLeaks Disclosures

The following statement was released today, signed by Daniel Ellsberg, Frank Grevil, Katharine Gun, David MacMichael, Ray McGovern, Craig Murray, Coleen Rowley and Larry Wilkerson; all are associated with Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence.

WikiLeaks has teased the genie of transparency out of a very opaque bottle, and powerful forces in America, who thrive on secrecy, are trying desperately to stuff the genie back in. The people listed below this release would be pleased to shed light on these exciting new developments.

How far down the U.S. has slid can be seen, ironically enough, in a recent commentary in Pravda (that's right, Russia's Pravda): "What WikiLeaks has done is make people understand why so many Americans are politically apathetic ... After all, the evils committed by those in power can be suffocating, and the sense of powerlessness that erupts can be paralyzing, especially when ... government evildoers almost always get away with their crimes. ..."

So shame on Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and all those who spew platitudes about integrity, justice and accountability while allowing war criminals and torturers to walk freely upon the earth. ... the American people should be outraged that their government has transformed a nation with a reputation for freedom, justice, tolerance and respect for human rights into a backwater that revels in its criminality, cover-ups, injustices and hypocrisies.

Odd, isn't it, that it takes a Pravda commentator to drive home the point that the Obama administration is on the wrong side of history. Most of our own media are demanding that WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange be hunted down -- with some of the more bloodthirsty politicians calling for his murder. The corporate-and-government dominated media are apprehensive over the challenge that WikiLeaks presents. Perhaps deep down they know, as Dickens put it, "There is nothing so strong ... as the simple truth."

WikiLeaks Art by Dali Rău

Speeches for Rallies

Written in response to a specific request but available for use by anyone. Feel free to use, in whole or in part, or publish them on a website, newsletter, store window, office cublicle, etc. If you are organizing a rally, please tell me the details and I’ll post them here and at WLCentral. Thank you all for your support.

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Why have they only arrested Julian Assange?

Few hours ago it was reported that Julian Assange was arrested in London. His arrest is based on the rape charges in Sweden, so it is claimed it has nothing to do with Wikileaks' latest release, but it is of course very, very convenient. All we can hope for is that he is treated with respect according to law and that Sweden will not be coerced to hand him over to the U.S.

A layer of snow and a layer of silence

Sunday last week it started snowing again. It seemed like it would never stop as it was snowing the whole day. Yet another thick layer of snow. A layer that will sound-proof our streets. Snow has a funny effect like that, the ability to make you feel like you are in room that muffles sound -- while being outside. So you might say that snow adds a layer of silence in the streets. A barrier of silence, preventing sound to travel far, almost stopping sound from being heard -- and not to mention words.

2. So many people

So many people have said so many things in the last days against and in favor of secrets of state that it is really hard not to get lost between the words and the feelings that those words expose. And this is maybe one of the most frustrating realities of the debate: feelings are, instead of ideas, what determine the discussion, which could not be any worse. People from the spheres of political power—plus the military, the media and the most determinant group of the corporations—have reacted with embarrassment, which is understandable due to the nature of the secrets disclosed but unacceptable coming from institutions that carry such authority and therefore such responsibility. The embarrassment has turned into rage, a completely misguided idea of nationalism, abuse of power, and a sense of pride that in not so important circumstances would move us to spontaneous laughter.

Amnesia As A Way Of Life: WikiLeaks Amid The “Careless People” By Phil Rockstroh

As many wags have noted, the disclosures of Wikileaks have subjected the US Empire and its operatives to a full-body scan. Turnaround is fair play, because, until now, in the US, the powerless masses are subject to arbitrary pat downs and body scans, while the powerful and connected are massaged by privilege and ensconced in immunity.

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What Has Become Transparent

Like in Germany under the nazis, or the Soviet Union under Stalin, the military industrial rule started off carefully and has become more brazen. We are now at the point where the governing bodies would like you to see their power, their brutality, and their disregard of your rights.

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Ok, The Internet Is Like An Ocean, All Right?

I have tried, I have really tried, to explain the internet to the US DoD. I have said it was a flock of birds, some starfish, even a samizdat movement (ok that was Wikileaks twitter). Let’s try again. Remember when people used to “surf the net”? Well, that’s because it’s kind of like an ocean.

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Cablegate: Zeal of Hypocrites

Extremist opposition to Wikileaks by American career politicians may not be entirely out of a stated concern for American national security. A credible argument can be made that, instead, some political self-interest might be involved

WikiLeaks Revelation: Prophetic Diplomacy for the Global Age

Last week, the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks began releasing secret diplomat cables sent by US embassies. It is too early to know the long-term impact of all the released material. Right after the leak, on November 29 US secretary of States Hilary Clinton gave a speech stating that the leaks are damaging to international security and undermining the diplomacy among nations that has been built over the years (New York Post, Dec 1, 2010).

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Ghoul Directory

Death to Julian Assange, his offspring, the Wikileaks board, all of us, the internet, etc. Contrary to what these clowns have learned from video games and Hollywood, most countries do have laws. And public opinion works both ways. This is a list of the ghouls and it will soon contain what can be done about them. Sadly, I expect it to grow faster than the NOD. While reading this sickening post, please keep in mind that no one associated with Wikileaks has broken any laws, and Wikileaks’ work over the past four years has caused no physical harm to anyone.

Assange seeking support for bail, in court tomorrow [Update 1]

According to the Guardian, Julian Assange is to appear in court tomorrow. He is seeking support for bail and surety.

Today, a Swiss bank closed a bank account holding funds for his defense and his savings.

He has stated that he believes the case was initially motivated by personal issues. He now sees it influenced by US interests. He also stated that he refused to return to Sweden because he would not receive a fair trial, and because he would be kept incommunicado and in solitary confinement.

Full text:

To see how the case unfolded today, please have a look at my previous blog entries.

Lawyers: Assange is arranging to meet with police [Update 1]

Mark Stephens and Jennifer Robinson, the UK lawyers of Julian Assange were notified by Scotland Yard that a European Arrest Warrant has been received. The lawyers are arranging for Assange to meet with British police by consent. Insofar, Assange has not been charged.

BBC interview with Mark Stephens:

See the Guardian live blog for more details:

Wikileaks says cablegate release will continue

According to the BBC, Scotland Yard today received a European Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange, and Wikileaks announced that it will continue with the release of documents even if Assange is arrested.

This video also has interviews with Mark Stephens and Kristinn Hrafnsson, who confirm that Assange's whereabouts are known to the Swedish and British authorities but not divulged because of recent death threats.

Reuters: US Attorney General talks about "other statutes, other tools"

Eric Holder, the US Attorney General today stated that he was looking into how Wikileaks can be held accountable beyond the Espionage Act. He mentioned "other statutes, other tools" and "a number of things" he authorized last week, but declined to specify further.

Full article:

Hrafnsson defends latest controversial release

In an interview with the BBC, Kristinn Hrafnsson today defended Wikileaks' decision to publish a diplomatic cable about critical infrastructure and key resources.

It details which foreign infrastructure and resources are essential to the wellbeing of the United States.

The BBC covered this release:

A quick glance at the Guardian website did not yield any report on this cable.

Link to interview:

BBC: UK receives arrest warrant for Julian Assange

According to the BBC, the United Kingdom received a European Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange on Monday evening.

Full article:

AP: Swiss account closed, money will be refunded

According to AP, Julian Assange's bank account was closed because he is not a resident of Switzerland, which would have been a requirement to open such an account.

The money will be refunded. There will be no further consequences for Assange.

Full article:

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