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2011-01-16 Murder incitement domain names becoming a fad

Setting up death threats against Julian Assange in the form of a domain name is the new fad.  Just don't try setting up "killobama.org" or "murderthepresident.com".  The site http://vivantleakers.org/ is devoted to tracking these explicit threat domain names. At the moment it lists 6 domains of the "kill Assange" variety.

Here's a summary of coverage:


From the above HuffPo item:

Go Daddy, the site which registered both killjulianassange.com and julianassangemustdie.com said there is nothing that can be done about either site while they are contentless. Go Daddy registers a domain name every .8 seconds -- any domain name can be registered and there is no human intervention.


Cablegate Video Recap - What We've Learned So Far

Once in a while You find really dense information sources, concentrating a whole lot in just a small amount of space or time. This is one of those cases.

Normally in this space I would hold forth my lofty opinions or offer news and analysis, but this calls for an exception...

Joe Lieberman, Senator, DHS Committee Chair, Terms of Service Policeman

Joe Lieberman, Senator, DHS Committee Chair, Terms of Service Policeman

Monday afternoon I spoke with Leslie Phillips, Press Secretary for Senator Joseph Liebermans' DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Oversight Committee. Ms. Phillips was crisp, professional, and on message, as one might expect.  I would like to Thank her for taking the time to engage my questions, and her patience in the face of my persistent questioning. She generously gave me 15 minutes of her time at a moment when she was headed for a meeting, and I appreciate it.

I had been trying to reach Leslie since Friday...

Julian Assange - Summer School 2010: Document Forensics & Scientific Journalism

A Seminar on  Document Forensics and Empirical Journalism
Julian Assange

The Rule of Custom Emerges

The Rule of Law is falling away (and the Rule of Custom is emerging).

At least, as We have understood the Rule of Law, in the context of the formal administrative systems of Nation States.

It seems to be happening at different rates in different parts of the World, depending on media, especially social media, saturation.

There is a Singularity at Hand. It is a confluence of events. Global economic collapse. Exposure of the United States as the New Nazi madmen. The US regime's petulant, and delusional response.

When War Crimes happen, My United States is in the Front Row to Prosecute, not to Perpetrate them.

I am in a unique position. I was a dissident military journalist and my stridence followed me for years, during which I patiently took notes.

I published my findings in December 2005 http://bit.ly/PAearth .

So I don't really feel constrained or chilled in any way by the Obama administration's policies, myopic though they may be, as a normal 9-5, or especially an embedded journalist might.

Who am I?

I publish the dcmDaily and a group of other newspapers http://bit.ly/dcmDailyGroup .

My backstory is at http://bit.ly/PAearth .

I've done reporting, analysis, and curation of source materials at http://bit.ly/dcmNSA .

I was trained in Journalism at the Department of Defense Information School in 1975.

I wrote an opinion column for OsOpinion from 2000-2002.

I was recently ignored by the White House when I asked a simple question http://bit.ly/WLdr3d .

I just released a documentary film Collateral War Crimes http://bit.ly/CWCShort and I publish the dcmDaily Group of newspapers http://bit.ly/dcmDailyGroup

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