2011-01-19 Bulgarians trapped by EC conspiracy on corruption scandal appeal to EU employees to leak classified report

Bulgarian citizens concerned about a corruption scandal involving the country’s prime minister sent through the media today an appeal to EU employees to leak the report submitted by the Bulgarian Justice Ministry to the authorities in Brussels, because this report has been kept secret from the media and Bulgarian society.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from the European institutions,

A huge corruption scandal is raging in Bulgaria. Secret recordings, which leaked through the media, revealed our Prime Minister and Members of the Parliament from his ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party are providing political cover-up for corruption practices at the Customs Agency and for individuals evading taxes through excise duty scams.

Bulgarian people demand to know the truth about the authenticity of these recordings. They also want to know if the spying had been done legally and if Bulgarian authorities are violating basic privacy laws.

Those within the Bulgarian justice system know the truth, but have chosen the cynical silence. “I know plenty, but I am not saying,” Chief Prosecutor, Boris Velchev, stated.

Also from the media, we found out that the Bulgarian Justice Ministry, under the request of the European Commission, has sent information to Brussels about the scandalous recordings.

The situation is, indeed, outrageous. It looks like Bulgarian and EU authorities are plotting against Bulgarian citizens.

We appeal to you, EU employees, if you have access to the above said document, to please send a copy anonymously to Bulgarian media or to the specialized whistle-blowing sites www.brusselsleaks.com and/or www.balkanleaks.eu.

We do realize this plea is a call for you to violate your job duties related to safeguarding classified information.

But are extending it because we value more your civil duty before the citizens from the European Union’s poorest country, who in times of crisis, also scape their pockets to pay your salaries.


The members of the Facebook group "EC Must Reveal Bulgaria's Tanovgate Response"

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