2011-01-17: Will the walls of Bank of America be strong enough?

The Swiss news organization Tages-Anzeiger reported today on the potential threat posed by Wikileaks' forthcoming release and subsequent measures which Bank of America has taken to mitigate that threat (previously covered here on WL Central).

Sie setzte im Dezember einen Krisenstab von 20 Computer- und Risikoexperten ein, zog die renommierte Beratungsfirma Booz Allen Hamilton sowie mehrere Topkanzleien bei, um sich abzusichern. (Bank of America had set up a crisis unit in December. The crisis unit of 20 computer and risk experts, pulled from the prestigious consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton has been tasked to access and defend Bank of America.)

Further, the article notes that delaying the release of the Banking information will dilute their effectiveness and potential for harm.

länger Wikileaks zuwartet, desto geringer wird die Wirkung des Lecks sein.

The article continues to delve into the possable revelations that will be leaked.

Angreifbar ist die Bank vor allem wegen der Übernahme der Countrywide Financial, dem einst grössten und übelsten Subprime-Unternehmen, das für Hunderttausende von kriminellen Hypotheken verantwortlich ist. (Bank of America is particularly vulnerable because of the takeover of Countrywide Financial, once the largest and worst subprime company, which has been responsible for creating hundreds of thousands of criminal mortgages.)

The full article in German can be read here.

A WL Central timeline of the Bank Leak story can be found here.

China and the sick dollar contra the euro.

The dollar is almost death and a little help from China comes the heeling proces.
The European Euro goes down.
Saving more money from taxpayers to save fellow Country's big banks from the Eurozone will brake down the euro as leading value.

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