2011-01-16 Swiss Whistleblower to leak bank documents to WikiLeaks two days before trial

Rudolf Elmer, the founder of Swiss Whistleblower who we wrote about here is in the news again. He will return to Switzerland to appear in court on January 19, where he will face charges of stealing banking information. Two days earlier he will be at the Frontline Club in London to present Wikileaks with CD's containing the offshore bank account details of 2,000 "high net worth individuals" and corporations.

Elmer told the Observer that the details on the CD's will include information on business people, approximately 40 politicians, people who have made their living in the arts and multinational conglomerates, from US, Britain, Germany, Austria, Asia, and all over.

Elmer, says he is releasing the information "in order to educate society". He is concerned about the wealthy individuals and multinationals who use banking secrecy to hide possibly criminal activities such as tax evasion.

"What I am objecting to is not one particular bank, but a system of structures, I have worked for major banks other than Julius Baer, and the one thing on which I am absolutely clear is that the banks know, and the big boys know, that money is being secreted away for tax-evasion purposes, and other things such as money-laundering – although these cases involve tax evasion."

"I agree with privacy in banking for the person in the street, and legitimate activity, but in these instances privacy is being abused so that big people can get big banking organisations to service them. The normal, hard-working taxpayer is being abused also.

"Once you become part of senior management, and gain international experience, as I did, then you are part of the inner circle – and things become much clearer. You are part of the plot. You know what the real products and service are, and why they are so expensive. It should be no surprise that the main product is secrecy … Crimes are committed and lies spread in order to protect this secrecy."

In 2008, Wikileaks published data released to them by Elmer on fifteen Julius Baer clients that had their names redacted (as the next release will also have). Following that leak, Wikileaks was briefly shut down by a US court order. Elmer says the current charges against him of violating Swiss banking secrecy laws do not apply since he was working in the Cayman Islands and the data was from the Cayman Islands.

Why are the names redacted!

In 2008, Wikileaks published data released to them by Elmer on fifteen Julius Baer clients that had their names redacted (as the next release will also have).

Releasing this information without any names to go along with the crimes will have absolutely no effect on anything. The population on this planet does not need anyone to tell them their politicians and business leaders are thoroughly corrupt!

What we need are the names of the people committing these so called crimes so appropriate action can be taken to stop it from happening anymore. If i wanted to hear more conspiracy bs i can tune into any of the rabid american radio or news stations for that!

Absolutely useless information from another bs-ing banker. There's enough conspiracy shows starting up in north america, why not add one from europe: The Conspiracy Show staring Julian Assange and Wikileaks!

I don't understand why

I don't understand why Wikileaks should release this. How about he uploads a torrent himself?

tax evader's names redacted

What a pity that names of these 2,000 Julius Baer clients will be redacted. Hopefully, some investigative journalists will be able to eventually identify a minimum of all 40 politicians.

Runaway Train

Remember the 1985 film with Jon Voigt, Eric Roberts, Rebecca Demornay? Prison warden dares lifer to escape and when he does the manhunt is on. Lifer ensures the innocent are spared but also that if he goes down, the warden will too.

We may see this drama replayed again and again over time.

Are the original 2008 leaked

Are the original 2008 leaked documents still available from Wikileaks?

The files seem to be down.

Find the old Bank Julius Baer Leaks here

The old BJB leaks are on the mirror site here:


Regards, Sandra

Go to wikileaks.ch, then

Go to wikileaks.ch, then click on "All released leaks archived" - you'll have to download files through torrent, but you can find the files there.

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