2011-01-07 High Exposure Relocation for 'Potential Cablegate Victims'

The Seattle Times reports that "hundreds of human-rights activists, foreign government officials and businesspeople" were relocated by the U.S. State Department yesterday out of fear that their identities may be compromised in the leaked cables that have yet to appear. They have apparently "moved a handful to safer locations".

The New York Times and The Boston Globe are also reporting this news.

The U.S. State Department might instead have taken a more economical route and assisted in the redaction of names when contacted by Wikileaks prior to the release of The Afghan War Logs, or when asked to do the same for the Cablegate release. Previously, "Administration officials said they were not aware of anyone who has been attacked or imprisoned as a direct result of information in the 2,700 cables that have been made public to date by WikiLeaks." (Source)

It might have been safer for any potential victims to have been relocated silently and outside the glare of the mainstream media.

investigative journalism please

Has anyone actually got proof of this or is it just a smear to make the Wikileaks Diplomatic Cable release look damaging?

Where's the investigative journalism on this?

Obligatory CamelF*ck


This is an obligatory camelf*ck operation designed to simulate damage where none has occured.  It is to lay the foundation for later claims that the leaks cost x dollars in relocation and "protection".

It is a policy purveyed by idiots, in pursuit of the preservation of venality.

-Dave Manchester, Publisher

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