2011-01-06 WikiLeaks in today's media: Cablegate coverage

Der Spiegel: Amerikaner lästern über Chaos-Konzern Gazprom (Americans gossiped about Gazprom chaotic corporation)

"Gazprom sollte Russland wieder zur Supermacht machen, Manager träumten vom "wertvollsten Unternehmen der Welt". Doch Geheimberichte aus Moskaus US-Botschaft zeichnen ein anderes Bild: Die Amerikaner halten den Megakonzern für chaotisch organisiert - und korrupt. (Gazprom should make of Russia a superpower again, or so dreamed the manager of the "world most valuable business". Though secret reports by the American embassy in Moscow showed a different image: the Americans accused the mega-corporation of being chaotic and corruptly organized.)"

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Der Spiegel: US-Diplomaten wollten EU für Genmais-Blockade bestrafen (American diplomats wanted to punish the EU for commercial blocking of genetically modified sweetcorn)

"Die von WikiLeaks enthüllten Botschaftsdepeschen zeigen, wie die USA die Gentechnik in Europa vorantreiben wollten: Ein US-Botschafter in Europa verlangte von Washington, genmaisblockierende EU-Staaten unter Druck zu setzen - und die "schlimmsten Übeltäter" zu bestrafen. (The secret diplomatic cables exposed by Wikileaks show how the United States wanted to push forward the genetic engineering in Europe. An American diplomat in Europe requested from Washington to establish a commercial blocking against the States of the EU in order to punish the "worst offenders".)"

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Le Monde: WikiLeaks : les Etats-Unis n'avaient pas cru possible un coup d'Etat au Honduras (The United States did not believe a coup in Honduras was possible)

"L'ambassadeur des Etats-Unis au Honduras, Hugo Llorens, ne croyait pas aux "rumeurs" sur un coup d'Etat qui circulaient à Tegucigalpa, dix jours avant le putsch de 2009. C'est ce que révèlent les télégrammes diplomatiques obtenus par WikiLeaks et examinés par Le Monde. (The American ambassador in Honduras, Hugo Llorens, did not believe the "rumors" about the coup that were circulating in Tegucigalpa, said days after the 2009 takeover. This has been revealed by the telegrams obtained by Wikileaks and examined by Le Monde.)"

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Aftenposten: Cable Detailing Economic Strategy of Israeli-Gaza Blockade

"Since the Hamas takeover, Israel has designated Gaza as a &hostile entity," and maintained an economic embargo against the territory. Under this designation, decisions on shekels in circulation in Gaza and the territorys economy in general are treated by the GOI as security matters, and therefore are subject to the same high levesl of uncertainty that the GOI uses to keep potential sources of security threat off-balance. Israeli officials have confirmed to Embassy officials on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis."

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CBS News: Israel Intentionally Kept Gaza on Brink of Economic Collapse

Der Spiegel: The Gazprom Cables - 'Not a Competitive Global Company'

"Gas giant Gazprom was meant to catapult Russia back into its role as a global superpower. Executives dreamed of the "most valuable company in the world." But secret cables from the US Embassy in Moscow provide a different picture: The Americans consider the mega firm to be chaotically organized and corrupt."

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The Irish Times: Dwyer 'second in command' of group, says cable

"A BOLIVIAN government minister told foreign diplomats that Irishman Michael Dwyer was the “second in command” of a group of alleged mercenaries, days after he and two colleagues were shot dead by police on April 16th, 2009."

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El País: EE UU sospecha que el Gobierno de Bolivia simuló una trama terrorista

Please pay a bit more

Please pay a bit more attention to the translations from German:
"US-Diplomaten wollten EU für Genmais-Blockade bestrafen" means "American diplomats wanted to punish the EU for commercial blocking of genetically modified sweetcorn". Likewise, the article never mentions any commercial blockings against the EU.

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