2011-01-05: NewsInEnglish.no: Wikileaks & Cablegate Coverage

newsinenglish.no has been providing English coverage of the Norwegian Aftenposten stories. Aftenposten (Evening Post) is reported to have received the full complement of Cablegate documents, by unknown means. Nina Berglund's coverage at NewsInEnglish.no provides an overview of many of the Aftenposten stories thus far, and supplies some context as to how those stories are received in the Norwegian media.

Highlights From WikiLeaks : Views and News from Norway:

NewsInEnglish.no : Wikileaks has turned into a torrent
An overview of assorted stories in Aftenposten:

  • French officials accused of industrial espionage in Europe.
  • German intelligence agents developing spy satellites with US
  • Sri Lanka reportedly involved in illegal weapons purchases during war with LTTE
  • Top Israeli military officials report to US Congressional delegation on Iranian armaments.

NewsInEnglish.no : Chinese relations in deep freeze

Norway’s relations with China were chilly even before the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded last year’s Peace Prize to a Chinese human rights activist. More WikiLeaks documents reveal strains in 2009 and earlier, and there’s also international alarm over a Chinese space project that has destroyed satellites. Now relations between China and Norway seem frozen.

NewsInEnglish.no : Fighter jet price seems to soar

The Norwegian government’s controversial but arguably predictable decision to buy new fighter jets from its most important ally, the US, has been hit with another major cost issue. Documents leaked to WikiLeaks and reported in newspaper Aftenposten indicate the price tag has jumped by 66 percent and may cost Norwegian taxpayers another NOK 12 billion.

F-35 perspective

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