2010-12-30 Updated New Whistleblowing Sites and Games

Updated from the December 19th post.

BalkanLeaks "The Balkans are not keeping secrets anymore." According to an article in Sofia Echo this site is set up by a Paris-based Bulgarian, Atanas Chobanov and seeks confidential documents related to political, criminal or financial topics.

BrusselsLeaks This site is seeking corporation, consultancy, institution or NGO information in "Brussels – the European Capital and the place where decisions are made which impact the globe".

Many of these decisions happen behind closed doors and we have been working to make it more transparent for many years. Journalists, activists and communications professionals have now come together to form Brussels Leaks, a place to centralise intelligence gathered on the inner-workings of the EU.

IndoLeaks Jakarta Globe says this appeared on December 10.

israeliLeaks "Requesting information on WikiLeaks Organization, Events, and Content, WikiLeaks/Israel Connection, Palestine/Israel history and current events, Hacktivism. Nothing is off limits. Linkage between otherwise divergent topics / regions / organizations / movements is highly valued. Please send any and all information that would be of interest to the public, including journalism, education, and research."

OpenLeaks Started by ex-Wikileaks member Daniel Domscheit-Berg, this site is still "Coming Soon!" It will serve only as a conduit between whistleblowers and their media destinations without being involved in the publishing.

Pinoy Leaks is dedicated to exposing corruption in the Philippine national and local governments.

PinoyLeaks is similar to Wikileaks, except the mission is specifically focused on exposing corruption only, the scope is limited to the Philippines, and PinoyLeaks works with bloggers instead of traditional media. It is up to the bloggers whether to spread news about a leak.
This site is launching on Rizal Day, 2010. Our goal is to start publishing leaks by February 1, 2011. Please help us reach this goal by spreading the word about PinoyLeaks.

Pirate Leaks Started by the Czech Pirate Party to offer a service similar to Wikileaks but focusing on the Czech Republic and with transparent accounting, they want to tackle the network of political corruption and organized crime in the Czech Republic and are looking for classified materials related to crime or finance.

Rospil An extension of popular Russian blogger Alexei Navalny's website, he is actively seeking documentation of corruption in the higher echelons of the national government and economy.

thaicables is trying to combat the Thai government's censorship of over 300,000 websites.

We do not believe in censorship and think that everyone in Thailand should get access to any information available on the internet, which also includes Wikileaks. This is the reason for this blog.

Thaileaks makes all Thai-related content from the Wikileaks website available for direct download and provides magnet links to Wikileaks material.

TuniLeaks This seems, at least at present, to serve as a forum to post and discuss Wikileaks state cable releases as they relate to Tunisia, along with the Twitter hashtag #tunileaks . According to Global Voices Advocacy they have been under heavy censorship threats and actions since they were started.

For Fun:

Haïkuleaks provides Haïku poetry based on the US State Dept cables.

Leaky World is a Wikileaks based game.

Wikileaks: The Game is another.

Note: Listing a site on WL Central in no way constitutes a recommendation of the site by WL Central or Wikileaks.


Here's another for your list.

Went live May 2010 - and we mirror Cablegate and the old site torrents too.

There is also a banner link to the live Wikileaks site on the main page.


Wikileaks and its supporters will also be interested in this article:



I'd suggest some of these new 'leaking sites' are just a front for Intel agencies and such or at the very least infected unwittingly. Does Wikileaks endorse any others?

No, neither Wikileaks nor WL

No, neither Wikileaks nor WL Central endorses any of these sites. And if they are not intel sites, you can bet intel sites will be attempting to monitor them or discredit them. As always, put your faith in your own brain and look carefully at the data they are releasing.

Find out the hard way.

You said, "As always, put your faith in your own brain and look carefully at the data they are releasing."

There is risk involved, no matter what your brain or guts or whatever may say. There is absolutely no way of knowing who you are leaking to on the internet without physically meeting the publishers in person (and even then you can't be 100% sure). The only way to be sure is to remove the middle man and post the info yourself.


On the subject of trust Georgie and without sounding negative to the philosophy of wikileaks (WL)

(1) How can the public be assured WL does not hold or trade material in their possession that may advance WL own agenda?

(2) Will a high profile group be established to monitor the operations of WL and provide transparent vetting of material received and released? and how does WL plan to develop and validate their claims as a secure house for intelliegence sources moving forward?

great work Georgie, have a safe New Years.



Daniel Domscheit Berg, founder of Openleaks, was married in July this year (right before he deserted and backstabbed WikiLeaks). This is his new wife Anke:


So you can see (from the link) he is now intimately tied to the German government and Microsoft. Also, he has stated as part of his reasons for attacking and then quitting WikiLeaks that he would not be releasing the documents that WL and Julian Assange are releasing. I do not believe Openleaks is to be trusted, at the very least not for anything government or Microsoft related.

dom scheit

strange name, sorry, it means in english "stupid shit" appropriate I would say.

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