2010-12-29 Pirate Parties condemn violence against employees of WikiLeaks

The following Pirate Parties of Europe have issued a joint statement condemning all attacks on the infrastructure of Wikileaks and employees of Wikileaks.

- Pirate Party of Germany
- Pirate Party of France
- Pirate Party of Italy
- Pirate Party of Austria
- Pirate Party of Russia
- Pirate Party of Switzerland
- Pirate Party of Luxembourg
- Pirate Party of the United Kingdom

does the 'Maverickian Party'

does the 'Maverickian Party' sound any betetr to you...? Any such party needs to encompass a lot more than just one issue/ policy.....Freeman movement...?

all bit of a moot point, people that really know know that there is no real democracy in any of the western powers, just the illusion/ delusion....so what is it going to take to change that? what are you prepared to do....?



Is it possible that we are seeing something new here? Could what we're seeing be the birth of a pan-national party? I used to say "Globalization? Hell yes! Just not your kind...". But a pan-national party working within their own nations systems to gain (earn) power? Two nations could vote for peace by both electing Pirate Partys into power, for instance. That's a kind of globalization I can live with. A serious blow to 'sovereignty' though.

But... 'Pirate Party'? I don't know... as a name for a world spanning political movement it leaves something to be desired. But it does contain the phrase "I rate" within it so I guess I could get used to it.

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