Bradley Manning in Quantico: A Call with Public Affairs Officer Villiard by Dennis Leahy

I spoke for about 20 minutes with Lt. Brian Villiard, from the Public Affairs Office at Quantico Prison. He had returned my call from the voice mail message I had left regarding Bradley Manning’s ‘detainment’ conditions, and Lt. Villiard was also contacted by Quantico Base Commander Colonel Daniel Choike’ s office where I had left a voicemail message.

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I have already been watching just being a lurker for quite some time now.
I elected that I might as well get involved and communicate with the folks here.
I'm expecting to hook up with plenty of enlightening men and women and learn some good stuff.

I'm hoping this did not end up in a bad section. Please forgive me if "Bradley Manning in Quantico: A Call with Public Affairs Officer Villiard by Dennis Leahy" is incorrect.


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Manning Detention, Psych Evaluation and POI

A Google Search for “Quantico Marine Base psychiatrist” returned the following on December 28, 2010:


Publish Date: May-20-2010

The Adobe PDF file can be “Downloaded” to either Open or Save. [10 pages total]


MCBO 6520.1C

B 103

20 May 2010

Marine Corps Base Order 6520.1C

SUBJECT: Command-Directed Referrals for Psychological/Psychiatric Evaluations and Treatment

1. Purpose. Behavioral health evaluations and treatment at the Behavioral Health Department, Naval Health Department, Quantico.

4. Types of Behavioral Health Referrals. a. Self-referral. b. Medical referral. c. Command-Directed Referral d. Emergency Referral e. Competency to Stand Trial Referral

5. Background Information. References (a) through (d) establish safeguards … to protect servicemembers from referrals that are made for reprisals for “whistleblowing”…

7. Servicemember’s Rights. c. The right to have a second behavioral health evaluation of the servicemember’s own choosing…

8. Behavioral Health Professional Responsibilities. The Head, Behavioral Health Department, NHC Quantico shall ensure the following actions are taken by staff members.

/s/ D. J. Choike

Sample Notification of Behavioral Health Evaluation and Patient Rights (Command-Directed Referral) [2 pages]

6. If you feel this behavioral health evaluation is being used as a punishment or retaliation, you are advised that assistance is available from the attorney at … from local command inspector … or from the Navy Inspector General Hotline, 800-522-3451.

Sample Notification of Behavioral Health Evaluation and Patient Rights (Servicemember Acknowledgment) [2 pages]

Note: There appears to be no mention of any Prevention of Injury (POI) order.


That is the way to go. You did an excellent job showing sense in your approach and it gained good results.
People prefer to be treated well and thereby are likely to respond well. Who knows where it may lead?

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