2010-12-23 The Age: Media union waives Assange's fees

The Age reports that the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance in Australia have waived Julian Assnge's fees for a year.

Australia's media union has waived Julian Assange's fees for a year after MasterCard cancelled his credit card. ...

Louise Connor, the union's Victorian secretary, said Assange had been a union member since 1997. She said Assange had not breached the journalists' code of ethics and that he continued to protect his sources and publish in the public interest.

New Post: Assange Sex Charges Are A Charade

Can someone with editor access please add this article to the WL Central queue?


Excerpt follows:

Claes Borgström - Defence Attorney?
Sweden's #1 legal clown puts foot in mouth again for WaPo.

STOCKHOLM/WASHINGTON (Rixstep) — Disgraced Thomas Quick solicitor Claes Borgström: he's repeatedly told the media he doesn't want to talk about the Assange case and then goes live with outrageous claims - he's done it again. And this time he's worse (better) than ever before and may possibly have ended his clients' case against Julian Assange once and for all.

Speaking without thinking - his strong suit - Borgström inadvertently admitted Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén had not contacted him to try to reopen the Assange case - they hadn't known such a thing was possible.

And that leaves only one remaining explanation: they retained him as a defence attorney, afraid they'd be charged with bringing false accusations, a very serious crime in Sweden.

It's not every day plaintiffs privately retain counsel in criminal cases in Sweden - in fact it's unheard of. Something that's made students of the ongoing legal circus scratch their heads again and again.

But now there's finally an explanation.


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