2010-12-23 AolNews: Feds Seek Computer Firewall to Block WikiLeaks 'Pollution'

AolNews reports that US government agencies have requested a firewall to block Wikileaks' data from entering their systems regardless of its origin.

Fidelis Security, a Boston-based network security company that works with the military and other government agencies, says it's being asked to set up a firewall against WikiLeaks document traffic, regardless of whether it flows from a website, e-mail or other source. ...

The Air Force, for example, has started blocking news media sites such as The New York Times that have re-posted some of the documents.

But Bertone said that the Air Force approach wouldn't prevent someone from being e-mailed a leaked document, or accessing a website that hasn't been specifically blocked by the Air Force.

Military Gag

The US Military has been ordered to act like Iran. What is next, gagging the New York times in a court of law?

If it's true a militarization

If it's true a militarization process is undergoing, consider the military as a mirror of what is yet to come and you'll find full censorship of the NYT already integrated and working.

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