2010-12-23 FireDogLake: Bradley Manning and the Convenient Memories of Adrian Lamo

FDL has great timeline of the testimony of the sole witness providing evidence against Bradley Manning.

So far every piece of evidence against Bradley Manning comes from one source, Adrian Lamo, a hacker who was institutionalized by the police three weeks before he alleges Manning contacted him and confessed he turned over materials to Wikileaks. There are many inconsistencies in Lamo’s many stories, as Marcy Wheeler has documented, yet the normally excellent Charlie Savage lets Lamo serve as sole source for a highly dubious story in the pages of the New York Times. ...

FDL has constructed a timeline of the events surrounding Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Adrian Lamo’s claims. To say that Lamo’s story does not hold water would be an understatement.

Interesting: few people still

Interesting: few people still leave it open to interpretation about Bradley Manning's being the "bradass87" deepthroat, but usually it is just played as a matter of correctness than being backed by factual reasons. They have basically buried alive a man for this supposed crime.

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