2010-12-22 Australian journalists' union affirms Julian Assange's membership

"WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange is set to become a member in good standing of the Australian journalists' union, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA).

"ACTU president Ged Kearney will present a membership card to Mr Assange's Australian lawyer, Rob Stary, at a ceremony in Melbourne this morning.


'Julian Assange has been a member of the Media Alliance for several years. Clearly, with banking corporations freezing his accounts, his situation is quite extraordinary,' [Victorian MEAA branch secretary Louise Connor] said in a statement.

'We've drawn up a new union card for him and offer him the full support of his union and professional association.'"

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he IS a journalist

This is a simple fact that was happily ignored, by all those wondering whether what Assange does is journalism or not.

WL Central ... Thank You for Your great work !

I dont know on which place to say this
BUT it makes me happy to see the efforts of WL Central and the people behind
and all the great work You do
and confirms that there are people with whom I share values

Keep it up ....

Personally I dont think thers so much I can contribute with
except for talking about the whole thing and voicing
my support for WIKILEAKS and Mr Assange in particular
wherever i get a chance ..and to all my ability
( I have donated )

Merry Christmas n Happy New Year to You all !

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