WikiLeaks and OpenLeaks

Since the rise of WikiLeaks to global prominence a number of like-minded sites around the world styled after WikiLeaks have emerged. The imminent arrival of one organization called OpenLeaks is the only one thus far to be designed and operated by former high profile WikiLeaks dissenters, the most notable being former German spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg. A CNN Dec 12 article headline read, "WikiLeaks rival plans Monday launch after internal split, founders say". Some WikiLeaks supporters have questioned the intentions behind OpenLeaks. Yet, Julian Assange himself has stated a need for there to be many WikiLeaks type organizations. The questions surrounding OpenLeaks should be examined further from different viewpoints.

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If you had a secret to

If you had a secret to entrust, so important your life could be at stake, would you rather choose the radical believers ostracized by all or the little appeasers?

Daniel might have all the good reasons in the world, but: 1) in that chat log about his suspension, he sounds thin skinned and 2) you can't just wish yourself small and third party enough for big govt not holding you rensponsible for what you publish.


I believe that Julian Assange will be extradited since he is not a US citixen but rather he is an Autralian. The WikiLeaks inventor Julian Assange might be out on bail right now, but that does not mean his lawful team is happy. I found this here: Julian Assange police report leaked legal team enraged The British newspaper The Guardian appears to have figured that turnabout is fair play, so they published information on Assange's leaked police report. According to reports, not only was the statement meant to be confidential, but the intimately visual facts leaked are allegedly incriminating against Assange.

intimately visual facts...

You mean they have pictures of Assange in flagrante delicto? Then it's a setup for sure...

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