2010-05: Tweets in May 10

How safe are confidential sources? (video)

WikiLeaks Facebook page reopens

Controversial video of WikiLeaks & IMMI at Berkeley

Join us as Friends of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

WikiLeaks editor speaking on censorship, Collateral Murder - video

Today is World Press Freedom day. Make it count, back WikiLeaks

Obama OKs order forcing journalist to reveal CIA source

FAZ: "Das Collateral Murder Video": von asymmetrischer, moderner Kriegsfuehrung

Politik & Kommunikation: "Keine Gegnerschaft" -- Interview zu WikiLeaks

Kaupthing bank [threatened us with 1 year prison in Iceland] CEO arrested

Supreme Court of Canada says journalists have no right to protect sources

Victory: Australian government drops internet censorship proposal

We would like a list of as many .mil email addresses as possible. Please contact editor@wikileaks.org or submit

In Geneva, Sy Hersh said it appears Obama is slowly losing control of the military [e.g Special Forces]. We agree.

Confidentiality of sources questioned in Canada

Access denied: Solid ABC documentary on "great firewall of Australia" plans

Australia is a free-press backwater: transcript

Banqueiro demitido denuncia conta de Roseana e Jorge nas Ilhas Caymans

Soldier: Collateral Murder unit sang songs about killing women, children

WikiLeaks editor damns Western censorhip (video)

Videos of some world-class political/press heroes at the Oslo Freedom Forum

Whistleblowing 2.0: Journalism lessons from WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks now at 49,233 followers. Help us break 50k, invite your friends.

We now have 50,078 followers. That's good, because in the coming weeks, we will face our greatest challenge.

Collateral Murder, with over 6M views, removed from YouTube after unknown US copyright claim

This is the company allegedly trying to claim copyright . No warning. No details and photos are licensed.

Note that all 3 video hosters have removed the video for dif non-technical reasons. You can still download from us.

Filed a counter-claim with Youtube. People should note the broader problem: a "time-tax" on producing important material.

Collateral Murder Youtube video is back, thanks to our contacts, but what about publishers who don't have them?

SBS TV live chat interview with WikiLeaks editor and Gold Walkley winner Mark Davis

New York: Leakers two: Daniel Ellsberg & Julian Assange on stage together at June 3, NYC

Interesting 20 min TV doco on WikiLeaks / IMMI / Blacklists

Australian gov cancels, uncancels WikiLeaks editor's passport, drops blacklist case

SBS dateline videocast on WikiLeaks / Norge / Sweden

Journalists should stop slavishly promoting the iPad

Media is to blame for the Australian censorship blacklist

Next milestone completed: Website and archive are back up!

Kudos to all that help(ed) us make it! We will be announcing new releases and features soon.

WikiLeaks, les fuites en avant | Liberation

WikiLeaks works to expose government secrets | Washington Post

5 websites that could change the news: #1 WikiLeaks | NYDailyNews

WikiLeaks profile - The King of Secrets | SMH

WikiLeaks - Keeper of Secrets | The Age

Next big Iceland press haven vote is scheduled for June. Support it and keep Iceland strong!

??"? ??? ?????? ?????? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ????? | Haaretz

Through Soldiers’ Eyes, ‘The First YouTube War’ | NYT

Classified US Rules of Engagement: Why we called it 'Murder': see flowchart; no PID

We are specifically referring to the deliberate killing of a wounded, prone man in van attack.

BND Chef Uhrlau nennt BND Niederlage gegen WikiLeaks "Eine verflixt ärgerliche Angelegenheit"

Freie Version des Uhrlau-Artikles via Google News (thanks @)

Good Radio interview with WikiLeaks editor

War on Whistleblowers intensifies | Salon

The opposition is the restraining force on government. Obama in power means we must look to the GOP to restrain militarism...

GOP will not restrain militarism. It is why we see Obama engaged in "national security" escalation. Expect much, much more.

New video suggests Apache killed Iraqi farmer ploughing field

Iceland free speech haven parliamentary vote scheduled for June 17

WikiLeaks: the defining human struggle is not left vs right but individual vs institution | New Yorker

New Yorker video on WikiLeaks

Correction: IMMI vote is scheduled as early as June 7 (and late as 15th)

Some WikiLeaks documents were siphoned off of Chinese hackers' activities. WikiLeaks in The New Yorker.

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