2010-04: Tweets in Apr 10

Do we laugh or cry? ex-NSA Wayne Madsen on WikiLeaks

George Soros and CIA behind WikiLeaks according to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen [ha!]

NPD-Info Blog zum "Easter-Bunny-Gate" der NPD:

Australian gov confirms blacklisting some WikiLeaks articles | SBSnews

The Silent State; great new book by Heather Brooke

Classified video of killings to be released MONDAY 5 Apr US Nat' Press Club. Invitations: press-club@sunshinepress.org

Speculation about which video we are releasing on Monday is interesting, but we have not yet disclosed which event it pertains to.

Bravo! Justizministerium will Geheimnisverrat auflocker und damit auch die Presse staerken!

IMMI: Ministerin will Pressefreiheit stärken

Video showing murder of Iraqi civilians and two Reuters journalists will be released at 16:00 UTC latest.

LEAK: Cover-up of murder of civilians and journalists through US forces in Iraq. Video online at:

Video also online on Youtube: (full) and (short)

Reuters 2008 statement on the failure of the US military to respond to FOIA request for massacre video

Collateral Murder videos now available as torrent: (short) (full)

Army Accused of 'Video Game Killings' | FoxNews

Can you trust the NYT?: read does the "ensuing fight" match upto the facts on ?

Trust the NTY? read - does this match with ?

WikiLeaks editor interviewed about Collateral Murder tape

RELEASE: new background photo material on Iraq massacre leak AND

Lots of people avoiding talking murderous attack on the van/wounded; strawmanning camera/rpg confusion as the issue

US mil releases Iraq massacre investigation doc; note the tone. its junk

Family Weeps at Video of Son's Killing in US Air Strike | NYT

Video Shows US Killing of Photographer | NYT

Help WikiLeaks raise funds for Afghan massacre video investigation

The focus on the Iraq massacre response should be the cover-up and the van/missile attack.

@.de behauptet CNN habe das Collateral Murder Video veroeffentlicht -- Qualitaetsjournalismus?

Help us release more classified U.S. military footage of civilian killing in war

SZ: "Für das, was an jenem Tag an jener Kreuzung geschah, gibt es nur ein Wort: Mord."

has blocked outgoing links to (but not as yet,.com)

Iraqi journalists want probe of taped US shooting | AP

NYTimes, Weekly standard falsely imply we doctored Iraq massacre video

We are looking for a NYC based videographer to help create a short video. Please contact wl-spot@sunshinepress.org

Did US troops act illegally in Iraq massacre video? | NewYorker

Al Jazeera releases interview with children wounded in Iraq massacre

US soldiers violate rules of engagement | RT

US military can't find copy of Iraq killing video | AP

WikiLeaks is helping to create a world haven for journalism in Iceland:

US Iraq Mil Probes Questioned [note: go signal was BEFORE camera turned corner] | Al Jazeera

US mainstream media downplay WikiLeaks video | RT

Obama OKs assassination of US citizen | NYTimes

White House response to Collateral Murder (video) | CSPAN

WikiLeaks interview on Iraq massacre (video) | Democracy Now

Is WikiLeaks the Future of Journalism? | Foreign Policy

Iraq video brings notice to a web site | NYTimes

WikiLeaks better at finding classified Pentagon videos than Pentagon | Gawker

Calls for inquiry into Apache attack on Iraqi civilians | Telegraph

Tagesschau verteidigt Beitrag zum Collateral Murder Video. Mut ist ansteckend!

The focus falls on WikiLeaks | The Atlantic

Iraq Outrage at US Killings Video | Al Jazeera

Help WikiLeaks get the truth out: invest your $/time in our next disclosure:

Raised >$150K in donations since Mon. New funding model for journalism: try doing it for a change.

Wikipedia page for Collateral Murder - please expand

(fix) Wikipedia page for 'Collateral Murder' - please expand

US military 'cannot find' tape | Al Jazeera

Why WikiLeaks matters | Foreign Policy

WikiLeaks editor responds to missing pentagon video | CNN

"'Only one word to describe what happened that day, 'murder'" | DW

We have obtained important new classified information about the Iraq massacre video and will release it shortly.

Hospital records for children wounded in US iraq attack video AND

NOTE: "permission to engage" (kill) Reuters journalists was given BEFORE Namir took up his camera.

What are the rules of engagement? | Al Jazeera

We can't state this strongly enough: Permission to kill Reuters journos was given BEFORE camera man went around corner.

Important new footage from DAY AFTER Iraq journo attack | Democracy Now

Facebook has disabled the WikiLeaks user-account "sunshinepress". We'd like to move to a fan account. Anyone can take care?

Join our Facebook Fanclub at ! (owner of fanclub please contact wl-supporters@sunshinepress.org)

Reuters staff unhappy by Reuters coverage of killings. | Gawkers

Families demand US troops stand trial over shooting | AFP

Right wingers should know we originated Climate Gate, ACORN censorship and docs on Tony Rezko/Blagoyevich corruption.

10 Questions on WikiLeaks | CPJ

Iraqi family grieves again as they see killing video | CNN

Who are WikiLeaks really? (video) | BBC

Who is behind WikiLeaks? | NPR

Swedish law gives shelter to WikiLeaks | EurActive also

WL opponents seem to have created Julian's Wikipedia page. For ethical reasons we can't edit. Please fix

Stop spinning about RPGs; permission to kill everyone was given BEFORE the word was mentioned.

What is WikiLeaks? | ABC

Two military cover-ups that exploded | Counterpunch

"Collateral Murder" company veteran speaks out | Press Release

Witness describe US attacks the day after: film |

The Iraqi video: reading the report | New Yorker

HuffPo article on Collateral Murder gets >10,000 comments in about 24 hours

Arabic Collateral Murder (translation unconfirmed) | Youtube

US must deliver justice on friendly fire | Guardian

US must deliver justice on friendly fire | Guardian

The CM Baghdad film team {lead: Kristinn Hrafnsson} is available at +354 821 7121 (Reykjavik time-same as UK}

(fix) WikiLeaks editor available in NYC for interviews until 15th at USA: +1 (202) 422 1511

Out of one nation's catastrophe comes a clarion call for honesty | Guardian

Profile on WikiLeaks editor (mostly, not entirely, correct) | Sunday Times

Robert Gates is a liar. Records show "firing on troops" hit no-one, was 28 mins before, location and person UNIDENTIFIED.

Collateral Murder was produced in Iceland. Why? The move towards

Afghanistan: banking on apathy | ABC

Thank you for the truth, WikiLeaks | MND

"WikiLeaks" world's top search term this week, according to google | Independent

removed Collateral Murder from our paid account: "no videos depicting unlawful acts or extreme violence".

We are having email problems. You can use "sunshinepress@this.is" as an alternative.

We are having email problems. You can use 'sunshinepress@this.is' as an alternative.

STOP SPINNING. Permission to kill everyone in iraq attack was asked for, and given, BEFORE apache crew saw reuters camera.

STOP SPINNING. Permission to kill everyone in Iraq vid was asked for,and granted,BEFORE any mention of "RPG".

Former "Collateral Murder company" soldier speaks out | Democracy Now

Direct from Baghdad, footage of Iraq vid children, family victims | Democracy now

WikiLeaks on Colbert Report in a few minutes.

Good interview with WikiLeaks editior about Collateral Murder | PressTV

Full Colbert video interview with WikiLeaks editor (video)

(fix) WikiLeaks editor on Colbert (full video)

WikiLeaks Interview mit Frontal21 --

El Pais on WikiLeaks: "Recibimos muchas filtraciones del Ejército de EE UU"

Spiegel TV (11.04.10): "Toeten wie im Videospiel" zum Collateral Murder Video:

Frontal21 heute (13.04.10) 21:00h u.a. zum Collateral Murder Video

Iceland: The world's first free speech haven? | RNW

Iraq vet from Collateral Murder company calls for change | AlterNet

Der Spiegel TV special on Collateral Murder

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates assails WikiLeaks | Reuters

2nd Iraq vet in "Collateral Murder" speaks out | CivSol

"They killed the wounded and drove over their bodies" -Gates' missing context | AlterNet

Has Mother Jones gone completely nuts? Magazine accuses us of rigging their comments system!

PoliFact on the RPG issue and permission to engage. Whatever is going on here, it is not logic. Proof:

Töten wie im Videospiel Wikileak Video im Tv | ZDF

Sehr guter NDR ZAPP Beitrag ueber WikiLeaks:

WikiLeaks radio interview about Collateral Murder | AntiWar

Former NSA official charged with leaking to media | Washington Post

ZDF "heute nacht" zu WikiLeaks (Beginn 11m38s) --

Die Zeit: "Genial gefährlich"

Frankfurter Rundschau: "Wir wollen Druck ausüben"

ARD Tagesschau: "Geheime CIA-PR-Strategie für Deutschland" -- endlich wachen deutsche Medien auf!

Media bias in reporting WikiLeaks video | Al Jazeera

Amy Goodman interviewed about Collateral Murder

The man behind the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, invests in WikiLeaks. What about you?

(fix) Amy Goodman on WikiLeaks

Geheime CIA-PR-Strategie für Deutschland

Wer ist Wikileaks? Die Rache der Nerds - TAZ

Wie die CIA die Medien manipulieren will - MEEDIA

What NSA whistleblower prosecution says about Department of Justice - Salon

US soldiers do what Pentagon will not: Apologise for massacre in WikiLeaks video

U.S. Soldier comes out over WikiLeaks video: What I saw | Wired

WikiLeaks facebook page deleted together with 30,000 fans... boiler plate response includes "..promotes illegal acts..."

Centralized control over social networks and communications is inherently dangerous.

Apple's iPad publishing scheme is another dangerous centralization.

Facebook deletes WikiLeaks fanclub with 30k fans | Gawker

Collateral Murder: WikiLeaks and military analyst go head-to-head | Al Jazeera

Facebook pulls WikiLeaks fan page for being "inauthentic", but we never complained about it.

Reuters chief says Pentagon hid van attack from him, demands transparency | Guardian

WikiLeaks, injunctions and the Icelandic financial volcano | NPR

The most extraordinary collection of truth seekers gathering in Oslo, April 26-29.

Good essay on the full Collateral Murder tape | Dispaches

Facebook says it will restore WikiLeaks fan page. Says someone posing as us asked for it to be deleted.

Video of recent WikiLeaks talk (Schmitt) in Berlin

New York radio show on WikiLeaks with CJR, Nation

Der Westen: "Die Furcht der CIA vor den Toten des Kriegs in Afghanistan" zum Red Cell Papier

BBC: US vetrans read letter of apology to Iraqis

Merkel () folgt CIA Tipps (): "Terror", "Frauen", "Obama". Opfer oder Taeterin?

Why Soldiers Get a Kick Out of Killing | Scientific American

Internetvärldens egen James Bond | Aftenbladet

ZAPP und WikiLeaks | Youtube

More UK secret gag orders | London Free Press

Correction: those secret gag orders in London, CANADA.

Spiegel TV heute nacht zur Afghanistan-Propaganda der CIA Red Cell () und deren Bedeutung fuer Deutschland.

Iraqi families react to apology letter (note US press is AWOL) | Times

There is something strange happening in the sky over the Iran-Iraq border. Unlikely to be an exercise.

Possibly jets/drones straying over border as part of today's Iran war games.

Pres Medvedev&co staying at hotel in Oslo where we are with Kasparov&rus/caucaus dissidents,Walesa,Anwar.. bizarre.

Freedom Forum flags taken down, russian flags up, sharpshooters everywhere.

More from Oslo Freedom Forum

hotel gets a DMZ between us/Freedom Forum and the 200+ Medvedev entourage. Worst hotel booking faux-pas in history...

Thai censorship victims support Iceland Modern Media Initiative

CPJ calls for Pentagon to investigate Iraq deaths

Wikileaks editor in top 10 most infuential in new media

Russian intrigue at Oslo Freedom Forum: Lidia Yusupova USB missing from hotel room

Spiegel TV special on CIA Red Cell Afghan doc

WikiLeaks and Iceland battle for internet freedoms

Queremos convertir Islandia en el paraíso de la transparencia | ABC

US soldier “I relive this every day” [just incredible that it is left to WSWS to do this]

WikiLeaks vs. German intelligence (get past the stupid part of this article)

Australian TV interviews US soldier. US TV still AWOL

ABC lateline interviews US soldier on Collateral Murder (video)

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