I remember

I sit and look out the office window.

The snow is falling. My mind drifts back in time, in space. In a humble 37 years, the world has been turned upside down, inside out. I remember the Iran hostage crisis, and how odd it seemed. I remember Germans being captured for "war crimes" whatever they were, said the mind of a 9 year old. I remember the terror years under President Reagan, how nuclear war with the Russians was a matter of time. I remember watching Mad Max, and learning to love the idea of Armageddon. I remember the fall of the Berlin wall, and the end of the cold war. I remember the promise of peace dividends and no new taxes. I remember a thousand points of light and the day operation desert shield became a storm. I remember "you're no Kennedy' and misspelled potatoes. I remember.

I remember sex scandals and Haiti. The bombing of Serbia and wag the dog I remember all too well; I was 20 something. I remember hanging chads and Enron. I remember waking up at 6am one morning to what looked like a Hollywood movie. I remember hoping that we would keep our cool, though with the "decider" in office I had had a sinking feeling. I remember operation infinite justice, and the debate of naming rights. I remember the bread and bombs we sent to Afghanistan. I remember thinking, this is no longer my country. I remember the blood thirst in even the closest for friends. I remember feeling isolated. I remember how on the 11th, the people who i had worked for being mad, because we all took the day off. I remember thinking they were crazy. I remember.

I remember needing to leave, as the blood thirst and screams of vengeance were growing far too loud. I remember leaving, in the hopes that some day every one would get back to normal, the rage would subside. I remember not long after the laughable connections being made between Iraq and new york. I remember thinking no one would believe this. I remember watching the world wide protests and thinking, now they can't have their little war. I remember being shocked and awed by Bush, Rumsfeld and the penguin. I remember thinking, now they will stop.

They didn't.

I remember.

And now, the snow is still falling, and I am thinking what will i remember tomorrow. Will have wikileaks changed the world? Perhaps, a little. Will the US recant some of its more dubious polices? maybe, some.

The world changed, 10 years ago: that time is lost. Some have taken the past decade and trampled liberty, pushing her face down in the mud. They have killed the innocent and innocence. They have sinned.

No, none of these things will I ever forget. I will remember. And as I remember those past events, I will also remember, how a distributed, group, cared enough to help liberty stand back up: and to look those in the eye; who unceremoniously pushed her down; speaking softly, but resolute: you will stop now.

This would be perfect

as your 'About Us' ... well done!

Standing ovation

OA, you've brought tears to my eyes. Well done.

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