Lauri Love extradition final arguments 25 July

Final arguments in Lauri Love's extradition hearing will be heard at 10am on Monday 25 July at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

The new court date follows two days of oral arguments on 28 and 29 June. Love's case is expected to form the first substantive test of the forum bar introduced in the wake of the Gary McKinnon case.

Love will be back in court on 28 July for his civil action against the National Crime Agency. In May, an attempt by the National Crime Agency to “circumvent” statutory privacy protections in a civil case brought by Love was rejected by District Judge Nina Tempia. Judge Tempia is also hearing Love's extradition case.

What: USA v Love (extradition hearing)
When: 10am on Monday 25 July
Where: Westminster Magistrates’ Court

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