2012-06-14 WikiLeaks News Update: Supreme Court to decide on Assange appeal; US Gov responds to CCR petition

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded without process for 558 days.
Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 555 days.
Bradley Manning has been imprisoned without trial for 752 days.
A secret Grand Jury has been active in the U.S. without transparency for 638 days.

WikiLeaks News:

  • The Washington Post published an article on the U.S. expanding its secret intelligence operations in Africa, piecing descriptions of the surveillence network together from government documents, including those released by WikiLeaks.
  • A WikiLeaks panel entitled "Don't Shoot the Messenger" will be held at Coombs Theatre, A.M.U., Canberra on June 27 at 7PM. Speakers include Christine Assange, Scott Ludlam, David Hicks, Bernard Keane, and Humphrey McQueen.
  • A new bill is circulating in the UK Parliament which, if passed, would likely deter whistleblowers. Watch RT's report on the proposed bill below, with WikiLeaks' Kristinn Hrafnsson providing insight.
  • Accountability website ML Implode recently recieved the "WikiLeaks treatment" -- Wells Fargo froze its bank account without any warning.
  • Whistleblower Peter van Buren, a State Department employee currently in the process of being forcibly separated, was on RT discussing the Obama administration purposely and selectively leaking information. Watch the interview below.
  • Whistleblower William Binney will be giving a keynote this year's HOPE conference in New York, July 13-15. The other keynote will be given by The Yes Men, who partnered with WikiLeaks for The GI Files.

Julian Assange News:

[EDIT] BREAKING: The UK Supreme Court has rejected Julian Assange's appeal to reopen his case.

  • The UK Supreme Court met on June 13 to discuss reopening Julian Assange's case based on a submission from his legal team made the previous day. The decision, in written form, is expected within a few days.
  • Lord Kerr gave a lecture on European Arrest Warrants and "judicial authorities" in relation to Julian Assange's case, despite the fact that the case may be reopened.
  • McClatchy issued eight corrections regarding the false statement that Julian Assange has been charged with a crime.
  • Julian Burnside QC wrote on Australian PM Julia Gillard's refusal to answer whether or not she has asked the U.S. if they will try to extradite Julian Assange from Sweden. This comes after Mr Burnside asked her the question on ABC Q&A last Monday. Watch the clip below.
  • As a follow-up to his chat with Julian Assange from June 6, Phillip Adams of Late Night Live Radio will be presenting a story on the evolution of attitudes toward sex in Sweden next week.
  • Alexa O'Brien interviewed Greens Senator Scott Ludlam on the threat of Julian Assange's extradition in light of the expanding U.S. military presence in the Asia Pacific and growing military ties between the U.S. and Australia.
  • Supporters of Julian Assange rallied outside an Economic Forum in Brisbane where Australian PM Julia Gillard was speaking.
  • Blogger Jaraparilla wrote a fictional story about Australia's future invasion of Sweden in order to rescue Julian Assange.

Bradley Manning News:

  • The U.S. Government responded to The CCR's petition regarding public access to documents in Bradley Manning's case. They say that, since the public can file FOIA requests to get the information, they already have access.
  • The Bradley Manning Support Network issued a news update which covers a recap of last week, Kevin Gosztola on Democracy Now!, and a look into what leaks reveal.
  • Alexa O' Brien published a rush transcript of Bradley Manning's June 6 motion hearings.
  • An updated version of ABC Four Corner's "WikiLeaks - The Forgotten Man", a film focused on Bradley Manning, will air on June 18 at 8:30PM. The new version contains an interview with UN Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez.


Upcoming Dates & Events:

June 15: Melbourne rally for Julian Assange, UK Consulate, 3PM.

June 18: Updated version of "WikiLeaks - The Forgotten Man" airs on ABC1, 8:30PM.

June 25: Bradley Manning 39A hearing.

June 25: London vigil for Bradley Manning at the US Embassy, 3PM.

June 27: "Don't Shoot the Messenger" panel with Christine Assange, Scott Ludlam, David Hicks, Bernard Keane, Humphrey McQueen & more. Coombs Theatre, A.N.U., Australia at 7PM.

July 16-20: Bradley Manning motion hearings.

August 27-31: Bradley Manning motion hearings.

September 19-20: Bradley Manning motion hearings.

November 2012 ~ January 2013: Bradley Manning's court martial.

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