2012-03-27 Polish CIA prison: Secret Service reveals files on collaboration with the CIA to prosecution [UPDATE 2]

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The former head of the Polish Secret Service, Zbigniew Siemiątkowski, is accused of false imprisonment and corporeal punishment of prisoners of war in breech of international law, Gazeta Wyborcza and Polish state broadcaster TVP report. These accusations were made by Warsaw prosecutors on the 10th of January 2012. For unknown reasons, the case was moved from Warsaw to Krakow a few days later.

Siemiątkowski remains silent, and indicated that he would do so in the future, to protect the safety of the country.

Based on three sources within the prosecution and the Secret Service, the news outlets report that these accusations were made after the Secret Service revealed their files regarding their collaboration with the CIA during the first years of the war on terror to the prosecutors at the end of 2011.

It has been alleged that the Polish Secret Service made a building on the grounds of their training camp in a remote part of Masovia available to the CIA. The existence of such a camp is supported by flight logs of a nearby airport, which are publicly available, listing CIA flights.

Siemiątkowski now is a lecturer at the institute of Political Studies and Journalism of prestigious Warsaw University. He teaches history of political thought.

For our previous extensive coverage of the case, please see this link.


The EU has now issued a press release, entitled: "US secret prisons in Europe: a 'law of silence' among governments". Today, a public hearing on the CIA rendition network was held at the European Parliament. Those responsible for public inquiries in Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Romania were unable to attend, with apologies.

Last June, the EU issued a resolution reminding member states not to cover up CIA rendition.


In early March 2012, Siemiątkowski was found guilty of false imprisonment of a politician, who was detained by a state protection agency. He is currently serving a three year suspended sentence.

This is not his first conflict with the law. In 2007, he was found guilty of keeping classified agency documents at his home. He served a three year suspended sentence.

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